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"Taku Komatsubara. Submit your withdrawal with 24 hours and leave Eitoku Academy immediately."
Correct 5 conduct a "peasant hunt" on Taku[src]

Taku Komatsubara (小松原 折 (こまつばら たく) Komatsubara Taku) was a former student of Eitoku Academy's Senior High division. The Correct 5 forced him to quit school during his senior year, after his family could no longer make donations.


In his second year of high school at Eitoku Academy, Taku's family stopped donating to the school as they were financially unable to do so. He was subsequently given a withdrawal notice by the Correct 5 during his senior year. Taku was upset that he was forced to leave Eitoku since he would have graduated in just six months.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Taku's overall appearance could be described as plain or normal. He was only pictured wearing the school's regular student uniform, including a pull-over sweater, plain pants and shoes. His hair was short and parted to the left.

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