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The following location is primarily featured in: Meteor Garden (2001), Meteor Rain, and Meteor Garden II.

Taipei (Chinese: 臺北市; pinyin: Táiběi Shì) is the capital city of Taiwan. It is located in northern Taiwan and is an enclave of New Taipei City. The city is the home of a large number of cultural landmarks. It is the home of a number of people, including Dong Shan Cai, Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo.




Amusement park


Au Bon Pain


Italian Tomato


The Maple Hotel


Restaurant where Si and Shan Cai go on a date

  • Amusement park — where Dong Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si went on a double date with Xiao You and Zhong Ze.[1]
  • Arcadia — a café where Si and He Yuan Zi met for one of their dates.[2]
  • Au Bon Pain — a restaurant that Mei Zuo brought Aisa to at least twice.[3]
  • Bookstore — where Bai He and Qian Hui see Shan Cai's photo with Xiao Shun in a magazine.[4]
  • Burger King — a fast food restaurant where Xiao Shun works. He helped Shan Cai obtain a part-time job there.[4]
  • Café — where Xiao Zi set up several double dates for her and Shan Cai. One of the guys, Ya Men, acted rudely towards Shan Cai, resulting in both girls leaving.[5]
  • Casa Pollo — where Si met up with his friends, who warned him that about his mother trying to separate him and Shan Cai.[6]
  • Club V.S. — where Xi Men helped Xiao You get revenge on her ex-boyfriend Zhong Ze.[7] Ya Men also worked there as a bartender. Si came to the bar to confront him about Shan Cai.[8]
  • Hotel — where Thomas brought Shan Cai when she was drunk. She woke up the next morning with no memory of how she got there.[9]
  • Italian Tomato — a shop where Shan Cai works part-time.[10] Her friend Xiao You also worked there until she moved away.[11]
  • Lagerfeld Boutique — a clothing store that Si brought to Shan Cai to help him buy something to wear that day.[4]
  • The Maple Hotel — the Taipei location of a string of hotels owned by Dao Ming Feng.[6]
  • Restaurant — a large, fancy, and probably expensive restaurant. On their first "date," Si and Shan Cai argued here and then ended up being trapped in the stairwell.[12]
  • Restaurant — a themed restaurant which uses cars as tables. Shan Cai and Si went on a date here.[7] Si later returned to the restaurant after being broken up with by Shan Cai.[13]
  • Yap! — a clothing store that Mei Zuo helped Aisa get a job at. She was later accused of stealing and likely fired.[3]



Dao Ming home


Dong family's first home


He family's villa


Xi Men's house

  • Dao Ming home — a large mansion that is the primary residence of Dao Ming Si.[10] His mother Feng and older sister Zhuang stay here whenever they are in Taipei.
  • Dong home — the first residence of the Dong family. They were forced to move after Dong Shan Cai's father lost his job.[14]
  • Dong second home — the second residence of the Dong family, where they moved after Shan Cai's father was laid off.[14] Her parents later left to move to a village.[2] Shan Cai was forced to leave by the landlord not long after. She then went to Si's home.[1]
  • Dong third home — a place Hua Ze Lei found for Shan Cai when she returned from the village.[13] Si later lived next door for a brief time.[8]
  • He family villa — a villa owned by He Yuan Zi's family. It features a hot spring bath. Xiao Zi brought Si, Shan Cai, and Lei there once.[2]
  • Hua Ze home — the residence of Lei and his family.[6]
  • Li Zhen's home — where Li Zhen lives, likely with her family.[15]
  • Mai's apartment — where Mai lives after moving from Japan. Aisa stayed with her during part of her time in Taiwan.[3]
  • Qing Yong's apartment — a small apartment where Qing Yong lives. He was once visited by his cousin Si and Ms. Yu.[5]
  • Xi Men home — where Xi Men lives with his father and mother. His older brother used to live there until he left the family.[16]
  • Xiao You's home — the residence of Xiao You and her parents.[7] They later move out of the house and immigrate to Canada.[11]
  • Xiao You's aunt's home — where Xiao You's aunt lives. When she briefly returned from Canada, Xiao You stayed here with her aunt.[16]
  • Ya Men's apartment — where Ya Men lives by himself. When he was sick, Ya Men asked Shan Cai to come over.[8]



Ying De Academy






  • Airport — frequented by the F4 to go on trips or otherwise say goodbye to friends. Teng Tang Jing left Taipei for France from this airport and Lei followed her.[12] Si later went to New York from here, while his friends said goodbye.[14]
  • Building — where Xiao Geng asked Xi Men to meet her, but he stood her up. Later, Xiao You located the building and brought Xi Men there to show him what Xiao Geng wanted him to know.[16]
  • Hospital — Shan Cai and Si were treated here after being hurt by Xiao Shun and his associates.[17]
  • Zoo — where Shan Cai went with Si and Wang Xiao Long. She and Si ended up arguing and storming away from the place.[4]



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