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"They had put so much on your shoulder until now, and he wants you to be true to yourself. Yukie may be a worrywart but I'm sure she feels the same way."
—Taeko to Oto[src]

Taeko (妙子 (たえこ) ) was the older sister of Yukie and aunt of Oto Edogawa. She owned an apartment building in Tokyo, Japan, but lived in a different town nearby. Taeko allowed her niece to stay in one of her vacant apartments.


Taeko was elder sister of Yukie Edogawa, whom she thought of as a "nag."[2] When Yukie decided to join her husband Makoto in Kyushu, the couple asked Taeko to look after their daughter Oto. She agreed to have Oto stay in a vacant apartment of the building she owned in Tokyo.[3] Once Oto moved in, Taeko stopped by to check on her. There she met Haruto Kaguragi, whom she deemed a "lovely young man." She then asked him to visit Oto a lot since she lived in the next town over and would not be able to stop by often. Taeko left soon after.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Taeko was an older women with long, wavy her. She did not bear much resemblance to Yukie, despite the two being sisters. For example, her eyes were usually open, except when she smiled, while his sister's were always closed. Taeko also wore glasses.

Personality and traits[]

Her personality was also opposite that of her sister's. Unlike Yukie, Taeko was easy-going and understanding. She thought her sister was a "nag" and "too straitlaced for her own good." Nevertheless, she seemed to care for Yukie and understood her worries. Taeko was a kind aunt to her niece.

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