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"You act all innocent but I bet you actually like to play around, don't you?"
—Maeno grabs Oto's arm[src]

Tadashi Maeno (前野 正 (まえの ただし) Maeno Tadashi) was a former part-time employee at Dowson. He almost assaulted his co-worker, Oto Edogawa. Haruto Kaguragi saved her and later forced Maeno to resign from his job.


Maeno was a part-timer at the convenience store, Dowson where he worked with Oto Edogawa. When Oto went to the back of the store to restock, Maeno often followed her to help her. He was apparently unaware that this made her uncomfortable. One day after work, he followed Oto as she walked through a park on her way home. He briefly spoke to her and grabbed her arm, when she tried to get away from him. Haruto Kaguragi appeared and kicked Maeno in the back. He promptly fled the scene.[1] Haruto later forced Maeno to resign from his job and move far away. He also had Maeno write an apologetic note to Oto.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Maeno had short and spiky black hair. His eyebrows were also short and pointed upwards, which went along with his dark, beady eyes. Maeno was of an average build and height.

Personality and traits[]

He was a rude and aggressive person, who was prone to making blind assumptions about others. Maeno often "badmouth[ed] the customers" which bothered Oto. He also made her uncomfortable when he helped her restock. Nevertheless, she tried to think he was not a "bad person", but was later proven wrong when he attempted to assault her.

Behind the scenes[]

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Junki Tozuka as Maeno

  • Junki Tozuka portrays Maeno in one episode of Hana Nochi Hare (2018). He makes several attempts to flirt with Oto, which she does not reciprocate. Later, he finds her alone in a park. He nearly assaults her until Haruto stops him. Haruto forces him to quit his job, so he can never bother Oto again.



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