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"I don't like this either, but we're a family. The four of us!"
—Susumu Makino[src]

Susumu Makino (牧野 進 (まきの すすむ) Makino Susumu) was the only son of Chieko and Yasukichi, and the younger brother of Tsukushi Makino. He was a normal, easy-going teenager. Susumu attended middle school during the same time that Tsukushi was enrolled at Eitoku Academy. He later moved to a fishing village with his parents.


Early life[]

Susumu was born into the Makino family. He was the only son of his parents, Chieko and Yasukichi. His older sister was Tsukushi Makino.[2] His grandmother used to live by his sea when he was young. When the family visited her, they often went clamming at the beach.[1]

Middle school[]

While Tsukushi attended the elite Eitoku Academy, Susumu enrolled at a normal junior high school.[3]

Hard times[]


Makino family at their new apartment

Susumu: "Dad... He borrowed a million yen from some loan sharks and lost everything at the horse races!"
Yasukichi: "I was sure I would win. I was sure. Then we wouldn't have to worry about living expenses."
— Makino family falls on hard times[src]

During Tsukushi's second year at Eitoku, her appetite kept surprising Susumu. One day, she wanted several extra helpings of rice for breakfast.[2] On another day, she left her breakfast unfinished which Susumu then commented on as "unusual." He and his parents were left unaware of the reason for her appetite changing.[3] Sometime later, Chieko yelled at Susumu to finish eating his dinner, particularly the costly fish. He declined, saying he was "full."[4] A couple days later, Tsukushi stayed home from school with a high fever. Susumu remarked that it was odd for her to develop a fever like that. That night, he checked on his sister and told her dinner was ready. Tsukasa Domyoji then visited the apartment to see Tsukushi. He ended up staying for dinner once their parents learned his family was rich.[5]

That fall, Tsukushi came home one day with her clothing and hair disheveled. Susumu commented "You look awful, Sis." She told them that she had fell, so their father demonstrated on how to fall "properly." Tsukushi walked past them to her room.[6] Several weeks later, his father was laid-off from his job. The family was forced to move into a smaller apartment. Later, Susumu was disappointed by their measly dinner. His mother told him not to complain. A couple days later, they was visited by loan sharks. It came to light that Susumu's father borrowed a million yen from them and then lost it all betting at the race track. His mother threatened to get a divorce from his father. Susumu then started to cry and said "I don't like this either, but we're a family." Tsukushi later borrowed the money from Tsukasa.[7]

Leaving Tokyo[]


Susumu with his new friends

Susumu: "It's so unfair! I want to stay in Tokyo, too."
Chieko: "You're still in junior high. You'll go to school out there until you graduate!"
— Susumu is mad about having to move[src]

Several weeks later, Shigeru Okawahara joined the Makinos' for dinner when she came to visit Tsukushi. The family found her perplexing.[8] The following day during dinner, Susumu learned that his father had been fired from his latest job. He was distressed that he would not be able to go on his school trip. Tsukushi assured him that they would have enough money with her wages. Susumu thanked her happily.[9] Not long after, Susumu's parents decided that they were moving to a fishing village. Susumu was upset that their parents were not letting him stay in Tokyo with Tsukushi. Their mother chastised him saying he could return after graduating middle school. On the morning they left, he told Tsukushi "I swear I'll be back to enter high school."[10] Susumu ended up adapting well to the country and quickly made new friends.[11]

Physical appearance[]

He was a young boy in his early teens with an average appearance. Susumu had dark brown hair, of a similar shade to his mother's, as well as brown eyes. His usual wardrobe consisted of comfortable T-shirts and loose pants.

Personality and traits[]

Susumu was a normal teenage boy with an even-tempered personality. He usually went along with his family's way of thinking, such as his parents' hopes for Tsukushi to marry rich. On rare occasions, Susumu voiced his emotions such as when his family nearly fell apart or when his parents decided to move away from Tokyo.


His first name, Susumu (進; すすむ) contains one kanji. It means "advance," "proceed," and "progress."[12] Makino (牧野; まきの), his surname, has two kanji. The characters mean "to herd" (牧)[13] or "plains," "field" (野) when separated.[14] Together the kanji can mean either "pasture" or "ranch."[15]

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