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"And it's not just your neck on the line! You two are the leaders of your schools. To the rest of the world, this looks like a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono."
—Sugimaru to Haruto[src]

Sugimaru Eibi (栄美 杉丸 (えいび すぎまる) Eibi Sugimaru) was a student at Eitoku Academy. He was a member of the Correct 5 with Haruto Kaguragi, Kaito Taira, Airi Maya, and Issa Narumiya. Sugimaru was a skilled martial artist, having practiced since he was a child. A fitness fanatic in general, he spent atleast two hours everyday working out.


Early life[]


The Correct 5 as children


The Correct 5 with Amei

Sugimaru was born on November 17.[1] He came from a family of martial arts practitioners who owned atleast one dojo in Kyoto.[2] His childhood hero was the famous martial artist, Bruce Lee.[3] In elementary school, he met Haruto Kaguragi, Kaito Taira, Issa Narumiya, and Airi Maya at one of their parents' dinner parties.[4][5] They were also friends with Amei Hanawa for about two years, before she moved away to Kyushu during the fourth grade.[6]

High school[]

Sugimaru joined Haruto's Correct 5 with Kaito, Issa, and Airi. Soon after, he began attending Eitoku Senior High. The Correct conducted "peasant hunts," during which they forced the poor students, who could no longer pay tuition, to quit. Their goal was to restore Eitoku's back to its glory days.[7]

Meeting Oto[]


Sugimaru and Haruto dressed as Momonozono students

"If we're gonna defeat the enemy, we need to know all about them first. So that's why, I got us these. They'll help us infiltrate Momonozono Academy."
—Sugimaru and Haruto prepare to sneak into Momonozono[src]

One day after school, the Correct 5 met Oto Edogawa when she accidentally ran in front of their car on their way home. She ran off after speaking to them briefly. Sugimaru stated "She's fast."[7] Later, Haruto asked his friends for advice about a girl blackmailing him. Sugimaru was against Haruto following Issa's advice since he the school's "biggest flirt".[8] He "looked into" Momonozono Academy to figure out why the school was more popular than Eitoku. From his research, he learned about the student president Tenma Hase and reported his findings to Haruto.[9] Sugimaru devised a way to "infiltrate" Momonozono. He and Haruto entered disguised as students. However, they were quickly spotted. Tenma protected the other students from beating them up. They left, when Haruto became irritated by Tenma.[10]

Later, Sugimaru, Kaito, and Issa discovered fliers exposing Oto as a "commoner." He was surprised by the large amount of fliers spread all over campus.[11] The Correct 5 collectively decided to give Oto a withdrawal notice. At the last second, Haruto declared that he could not bring himself to do it, much to everyone's surprise. Airi promptly left to go do it herself. Haruto followed after her, but the others remained behind.[12] After Tenma paid Oto's donation, they learned that he was her fiancé which Sugimaru commented was "amazing."[13] Sometime later, they went to one of Issa's flower arranging performances. There Sugimaru was astonished that Haruto was unaware of Airi's feelings for him.[14] An hour later, he was shocked to see Oto with Airi, because of her earlier antagonism towards Oto.[15]

Enter Megumi[]


Everyone surprised when Megumi comes to see Haruto

Sugimaru: "I knew he wouldn't be able to do it. Faking a romance is beyond him."
Issa: "True, but that's what I like about Haruto. He's so genuine he can't lie"
— Sugimaru and Issa discuss Haruto and Megumi[src]

Like the other Correct 5 members, Sugimaru was shocked to see Megumi Nishidome, a famous model nicknamed "Megurin," at Eitoku when she came to return Haruto's wallet.[16] They were reluctant to believe his story that he just accidentally met her in the resort's bath, finding it very suspicious. After the initial shock was over, the Correct 5 brought her to their salon. There they were taken aback when Megumi compared Haruto to a character from High Guardians, an otome app.[17] Several days later, Airi became annoyed with Sugimaru and Issa when they appeared unconcerned about Haruto, who had been absent for two days. The same day, Sugimaru was indifferent about Megumi transferring to Eitoku stating "Our initial aim was to get more students anyhow."[18]

Later, Eitoku students were being targeted in attacks called "Eitoku hunts" which concerned the Correct 5. The guys met with Haruto to speak about the matter. Sugimaru agreed with Haruto about becoming more powerful to protect the school. Not long after, Eitoku's gates were vandalized.[19] Everyone stared in shock for a few minutes, before Oto spurred them on to help clean it off.[20] Sugimaru was impressed by Oto's actions.[21] Later, Kaito confirmed that Haruto and Megumi were "over." Sugimaru commented "Faking a romance is beyond him."[22] Later, Haruto revealed that someone from Momonozono was behind the attacks on Eitoku attacks. Sugimaru reacted angrily, saying "I'm gonna thrash 'em". One of them then predicted that this would lead to "a battle between [Eitoku] and Momonozono."[23]

Haruto vs. Tenma[]


Sugimaru helps Haruto train for the festival

"And it's not just your neck on the line! You two are the leaders of your schools. To the rest of the world, this looks like a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono."
—Sugimaru to Haruto[src]

Haruto came to Sugimaru, revealing that Tenma had challenged him to compete in the "Manly Man Festival." He asked Sugimaru for help. First, Sugimaru attempted to convince Haruto to back out of it, describing Tenma as being "out of [his] league". When Haruto refused to quit, he told him that it was a huge risk since this was like "a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono." Now fully agreeing to help, Sugimaru brought Haruto to his family's dojo in Kyoto, where they began training vigorously for several days.[2] On the day of the competition, Sugimaru was surprised to see the stadium filled with students from both Eitoku and Momonozono. Hitoshi Konoe, a Momonozono student, also revealed to him and Haruto that the festival was going to be broadcast on television.[24]

In the first round, Sugimaru advised Haruto to follow a particular strategy he had taught him earlier. Haruto, however, was unable to implement the move and was quickly taken down by Tenma.[25] Before the second portion, Sugimaru reminded Haruto that he had to pass this round in order to win. Like the others, he displayed a lack of faith in Haruto. They were all shocked when he actually managed to best Tenma. Haruto ended up winning the whole contest after Tenma did not show up for the final round.[26] Afterwards, Sugimaru stated to Airi, Kaito, and Issa "It could've ended really bad" if Tenma had not quit.[27] The next morning, he went with Kaito and Issa to pick up Haruto at a bridge. He had been waiting there for an entire day for Oto. Sugimaru and the others then helped Haruto get back to Tokyo.[28]

Changes at Eitoku[]


Sugimaru and Issa at Haruto's festival

"I just found out something important! The tour operators didn't do a head count at the start of the tour. And they never took roll call when moving to the next spot. This is bad! Haruto and Oto Edogawa, if they're not here then they may have been left behind in the ocean."
—Sugimaru when Haruto and Oto go missing[src]

During Christmas break, Sugimaru competed in a judo competition in Hokkaido. He returned to Tokyo to spend New Years' Eve with his friends. When Haruto revealed that he had stopped training, Sugimaru said "what a waste after you trained so hard." Kaito then interrupted the reverie to make an announcement about joining forces with Momonozono. Sugimaru readily agreed to the proposal. Tenma entered the room and the agreement was solidified.[29] After the partnership was formed, the two schools began having joint classes. Sugimaru gained some fans among the martial arts enthusiasts of Momonozono. During this time, he and the others noticed a change in Haruto.[30] Months later, Sugimaru attended the joint summer school between the schools. He and some of the others went on Megumi's yacht the first day.[31]

Back at the resort, Sugimaru announced that he was "starving." The group soon noticed that Haruto was not back yet. Sugimaru learned that the tour operators failed to do a head count or take a roll call. He surmised that Haruto and Oto had been "left behind in the ocean."[32] Thankfully, the two were rescued and brought back by Airi and Tenma. Haruto decided to return to Tokyo that night.[33] About two days later, Oto left the resort. On the tarmac, Sugimaru noticed that Airi, who was talking to Tenma, was turning red and made a comment about it. She yelled at him.[34] The next day, Sugimaru, Kaito, and Issa went to Hawaii. He recalled that Airi had suggested it for Haruto's birthday party, though neither ended up going. Issa decided to find some girls, but Sugimaru declined and went to train instead.[35]

After their vacation was over, Sugimaru and Issa visited Haruto. He surprised them by revealing that he was dating Oto and asked them for advice. They began asking for details on how it happened. Haruto's answers were not exactly convincing, especially after he stated that she had not told him her feelings. Sugimaru exclaimed "That's not dating!"[36] Later, Sugimaru was helping Haruto work out, when the latter revealed he was planning a festival for Oto. He and Issa teased him. Haruto then told them about some of his problems with Oto, to which they shouted "That's not dating" again.[37] He and Issa attended Haruto's festival. Sugimaru let slip Haruto's worries to Oto, which made him embarrassed.[38] Later that night, Sugimaru accidentally interrupted Haruto and Oto while they were alone together.[39]

Amei's return[]


Sugimaru challenges Tenma and the others to basketball

Sugimaru: "Amei, you seem so different! You used to be so sickly and weak."
Issa: "Sugimaru, you need to get that image out of your head."
— Sugimaru is surprised by Amei's changes[src]

The second semester of school started and the Correct 5, except Airi, gave a greeting to the student body. Afterwards, Kaito confessed his feelings to Airi. Sugimaru and Issa were both struck speechless.[40] Several days later, a welcome back party for their old friend Amei was held at Issa's house. Sugimaru was struck by how "different" Amei was, compared to her former "sickly and weak" self.[6] By the end of the night, Amei, Haruto, and Airi had disappeared from the party. Sugimaru insisted on a rematch at pool, despite already losing several times to Issa.[41] The next morning, the Correct 5 arrived at school with Amei. While showing her their salon, Haruto received a text from Oto about her father wanting to meet him. Sugimaru's advice was for Haruto to say "Please let me have Oto's hand in marriage."[42]

Later, Haruto reported to his friends that the meeting went badly.[43] Sometime later, the guys asked Haruto about Oto's father. Issa commented that he had not seen Oto lately. That night, the four guys went out together when they noticed her with Tenma on a news program. Sugimaru, Issa, and Kaito stood in shock, while Haruto rushed off.[44] They later followed Haruto to Los Angeles, deciding on a whim when Airi declared she was going. That morning, Tenma gave them a tour of Momonozono's Los Angeles campus.[45] Sugimaru later proposed a game of basketball, forcing Issa to play on his side.[46] That night, Haruto told them about meeting Tsukushi Makino. Sugimaru commented that something major was happening with their friend group, looking towards the lovey-dovey Airi and Kaito.[47]

Meeting the F4[]


Sugimaru and his friends at Konno's wedding

Sugimaru: "Maybe it's mistaken identity? Is this really Tsukushi Makino?"
Kaito: "It is. Like I said, she was able to board this plane with just this pass."
— Sugimaru about Tsukushi after she sneaks onto Haruto's plane[src]

The next day, Tenma brought them to Tsubaki Domyoji's house. She made a speech about destiny and friends, stating "It's a miracle to be spending the same time and space with someone." Sugimaru agreed.[48] That night, on their way back home, they discovered that Tsukushi had stowed away on their plane. Sugimaru questioned if she was really Tsukushi, though Kaito confirmed her identity.[49] The day after returning home, they went to see off Tsukushi, who was returning to Los Angeles. Kaito told her about Haruto's admiration of Tsukasa Domyoji and his dedication to Eitoku. Sugimaru added "He used to be such a wuss, but now he's become a really cool guy."[50] He and the others watched in shock when Haruto arrived with the F4. Afterwards, they were all overjoyed from meeting their heroes.[51]

A couple days later, he, Issa, Kaito, and Airi decided not to go to Oto's housewarming in order to give her and Haruto some time alone. Sugimaru asked about Amei, who Issa reported was making friends already. He said to Airi "Amei was always a people person, unlike you." Airi then became annoyed with him.[52] After Issa left to meet Sojiro Nishikado, Sugimaru found himself with just Kaito and Airi. He quickly made up an excuse about training so they could be alone together.[53] On Christmas, he and the others attended Arisa Konno's and Mi-tan's wedding. At the reception, Sugimaru was impressed with Mi-tan's guitar playing skills. He asked Oto and Haruto about the other day. They blushed and said "Nothing happened," which the others thought was pretty obvious. Later, life at Eitoku went on as usual for the group.[54]

Physical appearance[]

Sugimaru had a "nice body", as described by an envious Haruto, and well-toned muscles from working out constantly. He was also described as a "shonen manga-type." Sugimaru had spiky, black hair which he presumably held up with gel. His down-turned eyes were a noticeable trait of his. Sugimaru was frequently seen wearing work-out clothes, when he was not at school in his Correct 5 uniform.

Personality and traits[]

He was an avid athlete and began practicing martial arts when he was a child. His idol was the famous martial artist Bruce Lee. He was particularly adept at kendo and judo. Sugimaru worked out daily for two hours, reporting that he felt "gross" if he did not work out. He was simple-minded, usually not thinking above surface-level of problems. Unlike his close friend Issa, Sugimaru had no interest in dating or romance, even saying "Brawn before babes" one time. This occasionally made him oblivious to his friends' romances though not always so.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Sugimaru first appears in chapter one of Boys Over Flowers Season 2.
  • Viz misspelled his name as "Sugimaru Ebisu" in their first release of chapter one. His name was corrected in the following chapters and the volume release.
  • In volume one, his character profile describes his daily routine as "Eats 2kg of chicken breast. Works out for two hours every day." Sugimaru's favorite word is "muscles."[1]


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Keisuke Nakata as Sugimaru

  • Keisuke Nakata portrays Sugimaru in the 2018 drama, Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season.[55] A man of few words, he often quotes famous sports figures at opportune times. Sugimaru and Issa are also occasionally used as comic relief. Like his manga counterpart, he is obsessed with physical fitness and has little interest in romance.



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