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Star Ritz International Entertainment Co., Ltd. (群星瑞智国际艺能股份有限公司), formerly known as Comic Ritz (可米瑞智) until 2013, is a Taiwanese media production and talent management company. It was founded by Angie Chai, who remains the chairman of the company. Star Ritz produced the hit drama Meteor Garden and its two sequels, Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden II.

History with Boys Over Flowers[]

Star Ritz was officially established on June 28, 2001.[1] It was founded by Angie Chai and Jerry Feng (馮家瑞). The pair later had a falling out and Feng went on to establish his own media company, Comic Communication (可米国际影视).[2] Star Ritz produced its first television series, Meteor Garden, in 2001. It was based on the Japanese manga Boys Over Flowers and became a global hit.[3] In response, the four male actors of the series, Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu, formed F4. Star Ritz subsequently produced a miniseries, Meteor Rain (2001), starring the four actors.[4] The following year, the company produced a sequel, Meteor Garden II.[5]


The following are or were Star Ritz artists featured in Boys Over Flowers properties:



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