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Sonny (サニー () Sanī) was an employee of the mysterious gentleman. He stole a tiara from Tsukushi Makino's hotel room, instigating a global search for her and her fiancé, Tsukasa Domyoji.


At some point, he was employed by the mysterious gentleman, who lived in Kyoto. His employer was tasked with creating a trial for Tsukushi Makino and Tsukasa Domyoji to test their relationship. The first part was for Sonny to steal "The Smile of Venus" tiara from their hotel. He was chased by Tsukasa to the roof, where he jumped into a helicopter. A few days later, Sonny followed the couple to Las Vegas and alluded them again. In Hong Kong, him and his employer sold the tiara at a black market auction to Tsukushi and Tsukasa. Sonny was confronted by their friend Rui Hanazawa, who agreed to help when he explained the plan. A few months later, Sonny retrieved the couple from a deserted island, which was the third stage of the trial. He later apologized to them. Expecting that Tsukasa would hit him, he actually thanked him for the adventure.[1]

Physical appearance[]

He was a tall, relatively good-looking man. Sonny had curly, black hair was bushy and unruly, unless he used hair gel to keep it in place. He also had a thin, whispy mustache. His wardrobe primarily consisted of black clothing, which was probably related to his job.

Personality and traits[]

Sonny was considerably skilled at martial arts, which he demonstrated when he fought Tsukasa. He definitely had some courage since he jumped off a building without a second thought. Sonny was also loyal to his employer and carried out all of his tasks willingly. However, he felt some guilt for what he did to Tsukasa and Tsukushi and later apologized to the pair.

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