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"Tsukasa's really fallen for Tsukushi Makino. I'm a little envious. I've never fallen so hard for one girl."
—Sojiro to Akira[src]

Sojiro Nishikado (西門 総二郎 (にしかど そうじろう) Nishikado Sōjirō) was a student at Eitoku Academy. He was a member of the F4 with Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, and Akira Mimasaka. Sojiro came from a family that operated a tea ceremony school. In high school, he supported Tsukasa's relationship with a normal girl, Tsukushi Makino.


Early life

Young Sojiro surrounded by girls

His father was the head of a tea ceremony school.[3] In elementary school, Sojiro became best friends with Tsukasa Domyoji, Akira Mimasaka, and Rui Hanazawa.[4] The four also befriended Shizuka Todo, who was two years older, around the same time.[5]

High school

Sojiro and his friends were called the F4 by the time they began attending Eitoku Academy's high school. The four of them were generally allowed to do whatever they wished. They would also hand out red cards to students who annoyed them, causing that individual to be bullied by their classmates.[6]

Meeting Tsukushi

Sojiro and Rui walk into Tsukushi's job

Tsukushi: "What's the relationship between Hanazawa and this Shizuka?"
Sojiro: "Shizuka is Rui's first love. That was back when he started elementary school."
— Sojiro tells Tsukushi about Shizuka[src]

The F4 first met Tsukushi Makino when her friend landed on Tsukasa after tripping down the stairs. Tsukushi stood up for her friend, insulting the F4 in the process. They issued her a red card the following day. Tsukushi was bullied for a whole day, before declaring war on the F4.[6] A couple days later, Tsukushi made a surprising outburst to Tsukasa by telling him she was a virgin. The same day, Sojiro and Rui happened to be passing by a shop, where Tsukushi worked. Sojiro teased Tsukushi by calling her a "working virgin."[4] The next day, Tsukushi passed by while Sojiro and Akira were having lunch. Sojiro invited her to join them. They talked about Shizuka returning soon. Tsukushi asked them about her relationship to Rui. Sojiro told her all about Rui's childhood.[7]

The next day, the F4 were greeted warmly by Shizuka, whom had returned from France. They brought her to a restaurant later that night. Sojiro asked Rui why he was so "glum." Rui admitted that Shizuka's modelling photos had been bothering him. The three guys laughed at his bashful confession. The next day, Tsukasa gave a red card to Kazuya Aoike without asking the others.[5] The F4 and Shizuka were in the university's cafeteria, when Tsukushi and Kazuya burst in. Rui stunned his friends by protecting Tsukushi from the bullies. Tsukasa became angry with Rui and stormed off. Sojiro and Akira followed confused. The two later sort-of sided with Tsukasa, though they made an apologetic gesture towards Rui. Tsukasa later announced that they were going to Atami instead of Hawaii for summer vacation.[8]

Sojiro accompanied his friends to Atami on Tsukasa's yacht. He, Shizuka, and Akira brought Rui with them without telling Tsukasa, whom was still angry. When they arrived in Atami, Sojiro immediately recognized Tsukushi on the beach. That night, Sojiro attended Tsukasa's yacht party. Tsukushi was given a makeover by Shizuka. Sojiro commented "I thought she'd clean up pretty good!"[9] The next morning, the F4 were relaxing on the beach with Shizuka when Tsukushi walked up to Tsukasa. Akira teased the pair, before Sojiro announced that he saw them kiss each other the previous night. That night, Sojiro went into a room with an unnamed girl. They were interrupted later by Tsukasa, who invited everyone to eat squid on deck. Tsukasa asked Akira and Sojiro to give Rui some squid. They refused and told him to do it himself.[10]

Start of fall term

Sojiro tries and fails to calm down Tsukasa

Sojiro: "Didn't we meet at that sweets shop?"
Yuki: "Huh? You remember that?"
Sojiro: "Of course! Never forget a pretty face. That's me. What do you say? After the party, why don't the two of us..."
Tsukushi: "Quit hitting on my friend! Yuki, don't get hooked by him. He'll chew you up and spit you out!"
— Tsukushi interrupts Sojiro's attempts to flirt with Yuki[src]

The first day of the fall term, Tsukasa picked up Sojiro and Akira early to go to school. There Tsukasa pulled a childish prank on Tsukushi, leading Sojiro to exclaim "You woke up early for this?" Tsukasa then told them that Tsukushi was "crazy" about him. Sojiro was left puzzled. That afternoon, Tsukasa saw Rui with Tsukushi which he reported to Sojiro and Akira. Yuriko Asai then showed him a video of them. Sojiro and Akira tried to deescalate the situation. Tsukasa's anger frightened them both. Sojiro recalled a previous incident when Tsukasa got the same look in his eyes.[11] Later on, Tsukasa began hurting another student. Sojiro attempted to stop him, saying "Tsukasa, that's enough." He told him "Like anyone'll miss him when he's gone," leading Sojiro say "He's lost it." A teacher was finally able to stop Tsukasa.[12]

Sojiro later attended Shizuka's birthday party with the rest of the F4. Upon noticing Tsukushi, he went up to her and her friend Yuki Matsuoka, whom he remembered from the sweets shop. He flirted with Yuki, but Tsukushi stopped him. She also told Yuki "He'll chew you up and spit you out!," much to Sojiro's annoyance. Later, Shizuka made her announcement about returning to France and renouncing her family name. Sojiro was impressed by her declaration, saying "She's nothing like those other girls. I got the chills."[13] The day of Shizuka's departure, Sojiro and Akira attempted to contact to Rui several times. They and the others saw off Shizuka at the airport without him. Shortly after Shizuka left, Rui arrived and revealed he was going after her. Sojiro was happy about the revelation and wished Rui good luck.[14]

The next day, Sojiro and Akira were talking about Rui when, to their surprise, they found Tsukasa reading a magazine on dating. Sojiro was ecstatic, guessing Tsukasa was going with a model from Shizuka's party. He then tore up the magazine and began giving Tsukasa detailed advice on what to do for his date. Tsukasa hit both guys when they expressed happiness for him to finally lose his virginity.[15] A couple days later, Sojiro saw a photo of Tsukasa and Tsukushi on Eitoku's notice board, which stated that the couple went on a overnight date. He and Akira assumed the pair had had sex and asked Tsukasa "How was it?" Tsukasa was unsure about what they meant. His answers impressed the two guys, neither realizing he was not speaking about sex. Tsukushi joined the guys at lunch the following day.[16]

Rui returns

Sojiro and Akira playing volleyball during the island vacation

Sojiro: "You knew that Tsukasa was in love with Makino, right?"
Rui: "Yeah, I did."
Sojiro: "What do you mean "Yeah, I did?""
— Sojiro confronts Rui about betraying Tsukasa[src]

Some days later, Tsukushi introduced Sakurako Sanjo to the guys. Sojiro was charmed by her cute face and innocent personality. He found it odd that she was afraid of boys and later commented that it was rare for a sixteen-year-old to be so inexperienced. Sakurako became comfortable around them within a couple of days, even spending lunch with them without Tsukushi being there.[17] The next day, Tsukasa yelled at Sakurako and asked the guys "What's she doing hovering around us?" He also accused them of "drool[ing] over her."[18] A couple days later, Tsukasa had some students hanged by their ankles from the school's roof. Sojiro told him "I don't know why you're doing this, but enough already." Tsukasa finally agreed to stop when Tsukushi told him it was enough. A minute later, Rui surprised everyone by his return.[19]

Happy to see Rui again, Sojiro declared "Since the F4's reunited after so long, let's blow off the rest of our afternoon classes." The next day, they learned about Sakurako having had plastic surgery. Sojiro said "Perfect people like us are rare." The F4 later went clubbing. Seeing Rui with a girl, Sojiro made a comment about him changing.[20] The day after, Sojiro joined his friends on a trip to an island owned by Tsukasa's family. He brought along two girls, Hiroko and Noriko. Sojiro shared a room with Hiroko, and Rui with Noriko.[3] That night, Tsukasa woke up Sojiro and Akira saying that Tsukushi was missing. She only went for a walk. The next morning, they were greeted by Kazuya and Sakurako. He informed everyone about Shizuka's reported engagement. Sojiro asked "Are you okay with it?," to which Rui said "It's over."[21]

The next day, Tsukasa suddenly left the island on his jet. The others had to take Kazuya's boat home. Tsukasa later told Sojiro and Akira about Rui kissing Tsukushi. The two guys confronted him at school. Sojiro asked Rui "You knew that Tsukasa was in love with Makino, right?" to which he answered "Yeah, I did." Eventually Tsukasa interrupted the guys and declared "Rui's out of the F4."[22] A few days later, Tsukasa declared his plan to have Rui and Tsukushi expelled from school. Sojiro and Akira were both opposed to it, but were unable to sway Tsukasa. The next day, Tsukasa attempted to carry out his plan. Sojiro became upset and told him "If you make Rui quit, I'll quit too." Tsubaki Domyoji then suggested they find a solution through sports. A basketball match was agreed upon to determine their fate.[23]

Supporting Tsukasa

Sojiro realizes Tsukasa did not send the red card to Tsukushi

Sojiro: "Be careful. Tsukasa's not going to take this lying down."
Akira: "He can be pretty vicious, you know."
— Akira and Sojiro warn Tsukushi after Tsukasa disappears[src]

At the match, Sojiro, Tsukasa, and Akira quickly racked up points for the better part of the game. Tsukasa began getting fouls for hurting with Rui. Sojiro and Akira then realized Rui's strategy and yelled at Tsukasa "This is no time for jealously!" At ten seconds left, Sojiro threw the ball to Tsukasa, who slapped it away and declared "I quit!" Once Tsukasa had left, Sojiro commented "He's always been like that."[24] Following the match, Sojiro went to wait for Tsukasa at his house. He and Akira found out that Rui and Tsukushi had not slept together. Tsubaki ordered Sojiro and Akira lock the couple in one of the bedrooms. They were talking about it when Tsukasa finally arrived home. The two guys were instantly, but Tsubaki calmly told him what was happening. The guys were relieved that he acted mature about it.[25]

The next day, Tsukasa revealed to the others that he was going to New York for two years. Sojiro was worried about how he would survive there with his poor English skills. A couple days later, he and the others went to see him off at the airport.[26] The next day, Tsukushi told him and Akira about Tsukasa ending up in Canada by accident and promised to lend her money if she came to get him. Sojiro decided to go and suggested for Tsukushi to bring a friend. On the plane, Tsukushi accused Sojiro of inviting Yuriko and her friends but he thought she invited them. They arrived at Tsukasa's villa, before going snowboarding. That night, Yuriko tricked Tsukushi into going out during a blizzard.[27] In the morning, Tsukasa returned to the villa with Tsukushi. Their friends were relieved, having worried all night.[28]

Back in Japan, Sojiro teased Tsukasa and Tsukushi at school. The guys then had to stop the two from fighting. Later during lunch, Sojiro teased Tsukasa by saying "He's probably dreaming about that night with Makino." Irritated, Tsukasa said some unflattering things about her which Sojiro and Akira concurred.[29] A few days later, Tsukasa had seemingly vanished and the guys could not find him. Sojiro warned Tsukushi "Tsukasa's not going to take this laying down," referring to her modelling with Jun.[30] After a red card was sent to Tsukushi, the guys went to Tsukasa's house again. Sojiro asked him "What are you planning to do about Makino?" Tsukasa had no idea about the red card. Then a message arrived telling Tsukasa to go to the old gym. Sojiro and the others waited anxiously.[31]

Tsukasa's mother

Sojiro and Akira hold Tsukasa to stop him hitting Shigeru

Tsukushi: "I'm only here for his birthday. I didn't sign up for this!"
Sojiro: "Just listen, will you? We've all had it pounded into us since we were little. We'll never be able to marry someone we choose. So, please act like a lady today, for Tsukasa's sake."
— Sojiro gives Tsukushi a warning about Tsukasa's future[src]

Tsukasa was sent to the hospital where the guys visited him. They played a joke on Tsukushi by pretending Tsukasa had died. She was extremely angry when she found out. The guys left to find Tsukasa's attackers. Later, they returned with photos of them getting revenge for Tsukasa. Sojiro and Akira then cornered Tsukushi, putting pressure on her to start dating Tsukasa. She answered "Domyoji's sort of like a dog" and ran off.[32] Tsukasa was released from the hospital a few days later. On his birthday, Sojiro, Akira, and Rui greeted Tsukushi when she arrived at the party. The guys brought her to Tsubaki to have her borrow a different dress. Sojiro explained to her that Tsukasa's mother would "appraise [her] as a potential fiancée." He asked Tsukushi to play along for now since she and Tsukasa would not be able to marry anyway.[33]

During the party, Sojiro and Akira tried to cover for Tsukushi by telling Tsukasa's mother she was a friend. She told them to "stay out of this." Rui then made up a lie about Tsukushi's father being a company president, which the other guys went along with. In the end, the lie was found out and Tsukasa ran off with Tsukushi in tow. That night, Sojiro and the others went out to a bar. Their conversation turned to Tsukasa's mother, leading Sojiro to say "She might hire a hit man to kill Makino."[34] The following morning, the guys met at Sojiro's house. Tsukasa was showing them some cookies Tsukushi had baked for him. However, Sojiro and Akira only cared about whether he had slept with her. He informed that nothing happened, to which Sojiro shouted "And you call yourself a man?!" Tsukasa then hit the two guys.[2]

The following day, Sojiro and Akira were shocked when Tsukushi congratulated Tsukasa on his engagement. The guys then watched the two argue until Tsukushi stormed off. Afterwards, Tsukasa explained that his mother had arranged for him to marry Shigeru Okawahara. Sojiro said "Your mother's just as scary as ever," referring to her using her son for her business. They then found Tsukushi in the courtyard with the aforementioned Shigeru. Sojiro and Akira watched as Tsukasa argued with Shigeru, who even punched him.[35] The guys sensed Tsukasa's anger boiling over and grabbed him to stop him from hitting her. He claimed that he would not hit a girl, but they did not believe him. They then asked Tsukushi to take Shigeru away. She ignored their request, though Shigeru left anyway.[36]

Problems with Shigeru

Sojiro and Akira talk about Rui leaving

Sojiro: "I think it's up to us to do something about this."
Akira: "She's not my type, but I guess I've got to do it."
— Sojiro and Akira decide to get Shigeru away from Tsukasa[src]

That night, Sojiro told Akira that they had to do something about Shigeru. Akira agreed, but Rui refused to be involved. The next day, Sojiro and Akira asked Shigeru out on a date. She made the guys miserable since she realized their intentions. Afterwards, the two guys went to a café with Tsukushi. She revealed that she "broke things off with Tsukasa," upsetting the guys though they eventually understood her situation.[37] The next day, Tsukushi told them about Tsukasa asking out Shigeru. Sojiro was annoyed at Tsukushi's cheerful attitude towards the news. They were soon joined by Tsukasa, who confirmed the news.[38] Some days later, Rui told Sojiro and Akira about what happened at Shigeru's villa. The two guys teased Tsukushi first, before turning to Tsukasa. Sojiro and Akira then followed him when he walked away annoyed.[39]

Some days later, Sojiro learned about a new club opening, but Tsukasa and Rui were uninterested in going. Sojiro and Akira later asked Tsukushi if something happened at Shigeru's villa, explaining that Tsukasa and Rui had been "weird" ever since. Annoyed, she shouted "It's got nothing to do with me!"[40] The following day, Sojiro was shocked when Shigeru easily transferred to Eitoku. He commented "That's a rich young lady for you," leading Tsukasa to say she was not a "lady."[41] Later, the guys learned that Rui was going to return to France. Sojiro told Akira that they should hold a party for him. Shigeru then ran up to Tsukasa, asking him to stop Tsukushi from taking the exchange program exam. Tsukushi overheard Tsukasa saying she would not pass anyway. Sojiro sighed in exasperation as she stormed away.[42]

The F4 later saw Tsukushi's exam results posted on the notice board. Sojiro expressed how impressed he was, saying "She really is something, to pass that exam."[43] The following day, Tsukushi asked Sojiro and the others if they had seen Tsukasa. None of them had, but they were not worried until later. After school, they all went to Tsukasa's house where Tsukushi had a confrontation with his mother. Ultimately, she left after ending her relationship Tsukasa.[44] Over the next three months, Sojiro and Akira continued on as normal though perhaps lonely without Tsukasa and Rui at Eitoku. After Tsukasa's and Shigeru's wedding, Sojiro and Akira were there to help Shigeru onto Kazuya's boat once Tsukushi scaled the cruise ship. Wondering whether the couple would be okay, Sojiro stated "It all depends on Tsukasa now."[45]

Physical appearance

Sojiro was noted for his physical good-looks, which he evidently took pride in. His friends were also handsome, leading to their peers to call them F4 (Flower Four). He had short dark brown hair that was parted in the middle. Sojiro favored trendy, casual clothing, which consisted of a lot of long-sleeve shirts and jackets.

Personality and traits

Sojiro was best known for being a playboy, like his friend Akira. However, unlike Akira, Sojiro did not have a preference for any type of woman. He flirted with and went after any girl he found cute. His relationships were usually purely physical. He once commented that he was "envious" of Tsukasa's feelings for Tsukushi because he had never felt like that about a girl. His attitude towards girls likely stemmed from the fact that he knew his parents would arrange his marriage, instead of letting him choose someone.

Behind the scenes

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Sojiro (black) in the film

  • Akaida also voices him in Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997).[48] In it Sojiro has a small part. He works as a dancer at a studio in New York since the film is set in an alternate universe. His friends work there as well.



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