"As for me, I may be good-looking but I'm not a good guy."
—Sojiro Nishikado[src]

Sojiro Nishikado (西門 総二郎 (にしかど そうじろう) Nishikado Sōjirō) was a member of the Nishikado family and the current head of their tea school. He was a part of the F4 with his childhood friends, Akira Mimasaka, Tsukasa Domyoji and Rui Hanazawa. After graduating from Eitoku Senior High, he enrolled at Eitoku University though he rarely attended classes.


Early life

Sojiro was born on December 3[2] as a member of the sixteenth generation of his family to practice the "Nishikado Style" of tea ceremony.[10] He had an older brother named Shoichiro, and a younger brother.[11] In his childhood, he met Sara Hinata, who often visited his home where her mother took tea lessons.[10]

He became friends with Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, and Akira Mimasaka during kindergarten at Eitoku Academy. They met Shizuka Todo around this time as well.[12]

Middle school

High school

Sojiro and his friends were known as the F4 by the time they entered Eitoku Senior High. Using their fathers' influence, they were able to break numerous rules, including wearing street clothes instead of a uniform. They basically controlled the school, manipulating the students and staff through fear. Partly to amuse themselves, they gave out red cards, signifying their "declaration of war," to those who stood up to them or otherwise annoyed them. Students would usually quit Eitoku shortly after receiving a red card.[13]

Meeting Tsukushi

Sojiro and Rui see Tsukushi at her job

Sojiro: "She reminds me of Tsukasa's big sister, before she got married."
Tsukasa: "What are you talking about?! As if my sister could ever look like her!"
— Sojiro compares Tsukushi to Tsubaki[src]

The F4 first met Tsukushi Makino, when her friend fell down some stairs and landed on Tsukasa. Tsukushi defended her and then accidentally insulted the F4. She was given a red card the next day, but withstood the bullying and challenged the F4 by giving them her own red cards.[13] Sojiro and Akira were impressed by her, thinking her "spunky." They still mused that she would not last long. Later, Sojiro irritated Tsukasa by comparing her to his sister.[14] Some days later, he heard about Tsukasa ordering some guys to attack Tsukushi. Therefore, he was not surprised when Tsukushi kicked him in front of the entire school.[15] Sojiro and Akira later decided to stop bullying Tsukushi, believing it to be Tsukasa's vendetta not theirs. The same day, Sojiro and Rui saw Tsukushi at her job. Sojiro teased her a bit then left with Rui to go to a party.[16]

A day later, Sojiro was eating lunch with Akira when Tsukushi walked by. He invited her to join them. The two guys then began talking about Shizuka. Tsukushi asked about her relationship to Rui. They revealed that she was Rui's first love.[12] The next day, Shizuka arrived at Eitoku after returning from France. She greeted the F4 with kisses. They then took her to eat and dance.[17] Later, Tsukushi's friend Kazuya Aoike transferred to Eitoku. Tsukasa gave him a red card without asking the others. Tsukushi and Kazuya ran into the university's cafeteria, where The F4 was eating lunch with Shizuka. The two were chased there by bullies.[18] When Rui protected Tsukushi, Tsukasa became angry at him and declared "We're through." Storming out, he yelled for Sojiro and Akira to follow him. A few days later, Tsukasa told the two that they were going to Atami for the summer.[19]

They traveled to Atami on Tsukasa's yacht. Upon arriving on the beach, Sojiro was surprised to see Tsukushi and Kazuya there. Shizuka brought Tsukushi onto the yacht to give her a makeover for that night's party. Sojiro was impressed with Tsukushi's transformation, saying "I knew she'd shine with a little polish!"[20] The next morning, Akira teased Tsukushi and Tsukasa for staring at each other. Sojiro then said "Didn't you see 'em kissing last night?" That night, Tsukushi accidentally walked in on Sojiro and Akira in a room with three girls. She promptly left.[21] They were interrupted again, instead by Tsukasa inviting them to eat. The two guys were exasperated by Tsukasa, who had been fishing all night. Sojiro told him "No wonder you're a virgin." Tsukasa then asked them to take some grilled fish to Rui. Sojiro refused, saying "Will you go make up with already?"[22]

Start of fall term

Sojiro impressed and shocked by Shizuka's decision

Sojiro: "You should go to Aoyama or Tokyo Bay. A twilight cruise on the bay always works. Then you can go nightclubbing..."
Akira: "Have gimlets at a hotel cocktail bar, then spend a night in a suite upstairs. That ought to satisfy her."
— Sojiro and Akira offer dating advice to Tsukasa[src]

Tsukasa woke up Sojiro and Akira early for the first day of the fall term. After pulling a childish prank on Tsukushi, he claimed to his friends that she was "hot for [him]." Sojiro and Akira did not really believe him. Later, Tsukasa asked them if they knew Rui met in the emergency stairwell which neither of them did. Yuriko Asai and her friends came up and said "Tsukushi's in love with Rui," before showing Tsukasa a video of her confessing her feelings to Rui.[23] Angry, Tsukasa hit Yuriko when she touched him. Sojiro chastised him for hitting a girl and slowly tried to defuse the situation. When Sojiro put his arm on Tsukasa's shoulder, he said in a low voice "Get your arm off me." Seeing the look in his eyes, Sojiro quickly complied. Later on, he and Akira tried to stop from hurting another student. They shortly realized that he had "snapped" and could not be stopped.[24]

Several days later, Sojiro attended Shizuka's birthday. He quickly noticed Tsukushi when she arrived and recognized her friend, Yuki Matsuoka, who worked at the same sweets shop. Sojiro asked Yuki if she wanted to go out after. Tsukushi quickly steered her away and told him not to hit on her best friend. After Tsukushi beat up a producer, Sojiro commented on her and Tsukasa being "so violent."[25] Following Shizuka's shocking decision to leave her family, Sojiro was impressed by her resolve stating "These other girls are nothing like her."[26] Before her departure for France, he and Akira attempted to call Rui several times but he never answered. He finally arrived shortly after Shizuka left and revealed that he was going after her. Watching Rui's plane leave, Sojiro said "It's going to be lonely without Rui." Akira assured him that they would see him again.[27]

At school the next day, he and Akira found Tsukasa researching dating from a book. Assuming he was going on a date with a model from Shizuka's party, Sojiro happily exclaimed "So you've finally come around!" He then tore the book in half and they gave him their own, what they thought was better, advice.[28] A couple days later, they heard he went on an "all-nighter" date with Tsukushi which led them to believe they had had sex. When they asked him about it, the two were surprised and impressed by his answers. In actuality, Tsukasa had no idea what they were talking about.[29] The next day, Sojiro spotted Sakurako Sanjo in the cafeteria. She hid behind Tsukushi, when he attempted to flirt with her. Sojiro was perplexed by this reaction, saying "She doesn't want me? Well, there's something new..."[30]

Rui returns

Sojiro and Akira question Rui about Shizuka's engagement

Sojiro: "That Rui... He's a changed man since he got back from France. Every night, he's in with a different chick."
Akira: "I wonder if something happened with Shizuka."
— Sojiro and Akira comment on Rui's changes[src]

The next day, Tsukushi officially introduced Sakurako to him and the others. Sojiro thanked her, saying "She's adorable!" He and Akira were quickly charmed by Sakurako's supposed innocence.[31] Within a day, she became comfortable around the guys despite claiming to be afraid of men. Sojiro particularly doted on her. He was also quick to defend her when she began crying saying "Tsukushi's angry" at her.[32] Sojiro later had sex with Sakurako, after she told him "You're the only one." He was shocked when he learned she had slept with Akira as well and told him the same thing.[8] The next morning, he and Akira discovered Tsukasa torturing some students by hanging them from the roof. Sojiro told him not to cut their ropes or they would die.[33] Rui then arrived unannounced, surprising his friends. The F4 decided to skip class to hang out together.[34]

The F4 heard about Sakurako's past the next day. Sojiro kind of remembered her from back then. That night, they went clubbing. Sojiro commented on Rui, saying "He's a changed man since he got back from France."[35] The next day, the F4 left to go on a trip to Tsukasa's island.[36] Sojiro brought along Hiroko and Noriko, two girls he had picked up at a club. Hiroko stayed with him in his room, while Noriko went with Rui.[7] Later that night, Tsukasa woke up him and Akira when Tsukushi disappeared. She told them she was only taking a walk.[37] The next morning, they were at the beach when Kazuya, Sakurako and Thomas showed up. They told them about Shizuka's engagement. Akira and Sojiro voiced concern, but Rui only said "It's all over."[38] The next day, Tsukasa left everyone in the lurch. They were forced to take Kazuya's boat home, which was a two day trip.[39]

Rift in the F4

Sojiro, Tsukasa, and Akira get ready to play

Sojiro: "I'll admit I've slept with a lot of girls who had boyfriends, but I'd never do it to a friend! Never!"
Rui: "I feel bad about what I did to Tsukasa..."
Akira: "If you feel bad about it, don't do it!"
— Sojiro and Akira confront Rui about kissing Tsukushi[src]

When they returned home, Tsukasa told him and Akira about Rui kissing Tsukushi. They subsequently confronted him at school. Sojiro admitted to sleeping with girls who had boyfriends before, but told Rui "I'd never do it to a friend!" Tsukasa eventually stopped his friends to declare that Rui was not in the F4 anymore.[40] Some days later, Sojiro and Akira were a bit annoyed when Sakurako "tagged along" with Tsukasa to hang out. They lost track of the two at some point and headed home on their own.[41] The next school day, Tsukasa announced that Kazuya was replacing Rui in the F4. Sojiro and Akira were not ecstatic about it, but went along at the time.[42] Tsukasa then revealed his intention to have Tsukushi and Rui expelled. Sojiro and Akira tried to talk him out of it at his house, though they were unable to.[43]

The next day, Tsukasa attempted to implement his plan to expel Tsukushi and Rui, but was stopped by his sister Tsubaki. Tsukushi then offered to leave Eitoku, and Rui said the same thing. Akira also threatened to leave. Tsubaki interrupted the bickering, prompting them to settle the matter with "sports." Rui proposed a three-on-three basketball match.[44] Prior to it, Sojiro and Akira decided to win and "talk Tsukasa out of this idiocy later."[45] The following day, Sojiro had gotten the word out about the "F4 Showdown," admitting to Tsukushi that he needed "an audience" to "work up any enthusiasm."[46] During the match, Tsukasa, Sojiro, and Akira had an obvious advantage over Rui, Tsukushi, and Kazuya. They were doing well until Tsukasa's jealously got the better of him. Sojiro told him "Don't let 'em push your buttons," which Tsukasa ignored.[47]

At the last second, Tsukasa decided to quit the match. Sojiro and Akira were irritated by his sudden decision. He then left, disregarding their protests. They eventually calmed down since they still got the outcome they wanted, which Tsubaki pointed out to them.[45] That night, Sojiro went with the others to Tsukasa's house in hopes of cheering him up once he came home. While waiting, Sojiro and Akira learned that Tsukushi and Rui had not slept together yet. They then locked the two in a guest room, promising to unlock it in the morning.[48] Sojiro, Akira, and Tsubaki were discussing the couple when Tsukasa finally arrived home. He and Akira nervously tried to cover up what was said. Tsubaki, however, honestly explained the situation to Tsukasa. To the guys' surprise, he took the news well. They were happy that he had "finally grown up."[49]

Teen of Japan

Sojiro, Akira, and Tsukasa at TOJ

Tsukasa: "I guess you did pretty well. For a pauper."
Rui: "Congratulations on the special prize."
Sojiro: "Amazing! You're the first runner-up!"
Akira: "Good job! You really hung in there!"
— The F4 each congratulate Tsukushi[src]

The following morning, Tsukasa talked with Sojiro about Rui and Tsukushi. He told him that he was going to stop fighting over Tsukushi. At school, Sojiro congratulated Tsukasa on "sound[ing] like [his] usual self" when he spoke to Tsukushi.[50] Later that day, Sojiro and Akira asked Rui about his night with Tsukushi. He told them that nothing had happened with Tsukushi, admitting that he could not betray Tsukasa.[51] The next day, Tsukasa revealed to his friends that he was going to New York. They were upset with him, questioning how he would "survive" there because of his weak English.[52] When Tsukushi walked up, Sojiro asked her to convince him to stay. She too became upset, eventually slapping Tsukasa.[53] That night, they held a farewell party for Tsukasa before saying goodbye to him and Tsubaki at the airport the next day.[54]

Four days later, Tsukasa showed up at school unexpectedly. The three guys ran to greet him, voicing their surprise at his quick return. Tsukasa began squabbling with Rui, leading Sojiro to state "Right back to old times" to a laughing Akira.[55] The F4 later decided to cut the rest of the day and went out on the town.[56] A couple days later, Tsukushi's house was shown on television after Tsukasa's fight with Seinosuke Amakusa made the news. Sojiro and Akira were surprised that she lived there. Tsukasa suddenly announced that Tsukushi was "too poor" and that he wanted to enter her in the Teen of Japan contest in hopes of making her a better match for him.[57] Sojiro later ran over to Tsukasa's house after hearing about Tsukushi's top competition. He told him "There's no way [Tsukushi] can win." Tsukasa, however, was still confident about Tsukushi being able to win.[58]

Sojiro went to watch Teen of Japan with his friends and Tsubaki on Christmas. He said "Not good" upon seeing the outfit Tsukushi picked during the first round, though a judge felt differently.[59] She ended up passing to the next, leading Sojiro to suggest giving her a "pep talk" backstage. Akira saw through him, knowing he really wanted to meet Ayano Kurimaki. He did not get the chance to talk to her though.[60] During the second round, the F4 were kept on pins-and-needles throughout Tsukushi's turn. Towards the end, Sojiro commented "It's a miracle she's come this far."[61] Tsukushi made it the final round, at which point the audience became indignant. Sojiro and the others took up for her, eventually silencing the crowd.[62] At the end of the contest, the F4 congratulated Tsukushi on being the runner-up and winning a special prize.[63]

Canada trip

Sojiro and Akira watch Tsukasa and Tsukushi snowboard

Sojiro: "I have a good idea."
Akira: "What's this good idea?"
Sojiro: "Are you as sick of watching those two as I am? So why don't we make Tsukasa into a man. Listen..."
— Sojiro begins to devise a plan[src]

After Teen of Japan, the F4 took Tsukushi out to celebrate. Sojiro encouraged her to say a few words. Tsukushi described being "so happy" when the F4 applauded her. Once she left, Sojiro asked Tsukasa if he had arranged a date with Tsukushi for Christmas. He and Akira then began offering their advice, which only annoyed Tsukasa.[64] The following night, the three guys waited for Tsukasa at his house. From his expression, they guessed that he and Tsukushi had fought again. Sojiro later came up with an idea to bring the couple together. The next day, he, Akira, and Rui went to Tsukushi's job where they helped sell out the store. She offered them her commission, but Sojiro declined and asked her to go to Canada instead.[65] Though Tsukushi had not yet accepted, Sojiro went ahead and told her family. Tsukasa refused to go if she went, but Sojiro knew he would go anyway.[66]

Yuriko Asai and her friends tagged along on the trip. Sojiro told the girls to "get lost," to which they said "Tsukushi invited us." At Tsukasa's family's villa, Sojiro and Akira had to stop him and Tsukushi from bickering again. The next day, the two guys watched Tsukasa showing Tsukushi how to snowboard.[67] That night, Tsukushi went out into a blizzard after being tricked by Yuriko. Tsukasa went after her an hour later. Yuriko and her friends started crying and Sojiro yelled at them to stop. He and Akira then comforted Yuki.[68] The following morning, Tsukushi and Tsukasa returned to the villa. When Tsukushi allowed the girls to stay, Sojiro said "Too soft-hearted for her own good." She later asked the F4 for help in getting back at them. Sojiro was in charge of telling them a scary story and then Akira was suppose to jump out. However, it was interrupted by noises from the front door.[69]

The intruder turned out to be Shizuka, whom Tsukasa mistook for a burglar and attacked. She was knocked-out until the following day. After Shizuka woke up, she chatted with the F4 and Tsukushi. Tsukasa brought up the guy she was supposedly engaged to. She informed him "Oh, I turned him down," leading Sojiro to tell Rui "Isn't that great?" He and Akira soon left the room to give Shizuka and Rui some time alone.[70] After the trip, Sojiro asked Tsukasa if he and Tsukushi had sex during the blizzard. He told him "Is that any way to talk about love?" Sojiro then said "So you didn't do it." The guys were later hanging out at a restaurant, where Tsukushi also happened to be. Tsukasa ended up attacking one of her friends.[71] Sojiro stated "This looks bad..." as Tsukasa and Tsukushi started to argue. She eventually ran out of the restaurant.[72]

Junpei incident

Sojiro rehearses how Tsukasa should apologize to Tsukushi

"You modeled for Treasures, didn't you? I hear that guy, Jun, is a student here. You'd better be careful. There's no way Tsukasa's going to take it quietly."
—Sojiro warns Tsukushi after Tsukasa disappears[src]

The next day, Sojiro rehearsed what Tsukasa should say in his apology to Tsukushi. He refused to apologize. Sojiro then told him "Listen, Tsukasa. You're really in big trouble this time." He and Akira recounted what happened during their fight, including Tsukushi saying "I detest you!" They then pushed Tsukasa to apologize. Tsukushi ignored him, leading Sojiro to say "She really is mad."[73] Later, Sojiro commented on Tsukasa being in shock from being ignored. He told him and Akira to shut up, saying "You expect me to apologize to trash?" Sojiro then said "Well, it's true she's not in our league," followed by several insulting remarks. Someone shouted "Fool!" at them, but they never caught the perpetrator.[74] A few days later, Sojiro and Akira became concerned after Tsukasa disappeared. He warned Tsukushi about him being a "loose cannon," before going to find him.[75]

Sojiro searched Tsukasa's house with Akira and Rui. He then received a phone call from Sakurako about Tsukushi's red card. Sojiro immediately suspected Tsukasa was at school.[76] They instead found him just outside the front door of his house. He had no idea about the red card. Seconds later, a message was left for Tsukasa to go to the old gym alone.[77] They allowed him to go, though it made Akira anxious. The three of them vowed to get payback.[78] Later at the hospital, the F4 played a trick on Tsukushi by pretending Tsukasa was dead. Sojiro and Akira laughed a lot at the joke. They left shortly to "take care" of the guys whom hurt Tsukasa.[79] The next day, they showed Tsukasa a photo of his attackers beat up with their heads shaved. Sojiro and Akira then started talking about how much Tsukasa loved Tsukushi to let himself get beat up.[80]

The guys later went to Tsukasa's house after he was released from the hospital. He was still annoyed about Tsukushi comparing him to a dog. Sojiro said "That Tsukushi's a hard nut to crack."[81] Later at Tsukasa's birthday party, Sojiro and the guys were unimpressed by Tsukushi's dress choice. They took her to Tsubaki to find something suitable for Tsukasa's mother, Kaede Domyoji. Sojiro explained that while Tsukasa's mother would view her as a potential fiancée, they would "never be able to get married to each other anyway." He asked her to "act the part for today."[82] Tsukushi ended up accidentally causing a scene. Sojiro and Akira tried to cover for her, but Tsukasa's mother silenced them. Rui lied about Tsukushi's father being a company president. Sojiro and Akira backed up the lie which did not last for long. Eventually, Tsukasa and Tsukushi were able to escape the party.[83]

Enter Shigeru

Sojiro and Akira hold Tsukasa to stop him from hitting Shigeru

Tsukushi: "Why did you have to do that for Tsukasa?"
Sojiro: "It's because you're taking your sweet time! Listen, I know we said Tsukasa had a fiancee. But you can break that up if you want to. You could elope, or something."
— Sojiro's attempt to help Tsukasa fails[src]

After the party, Sojiro and the others went out to a bar. He wondered aloud about what Tsukasa and Tsukushi were doing. They then began talking about Tsukasa's mother. Sojiro made the comment, "She's liable to do anything."[84] The next morning, Tsukasa was acting extremely happy. Sojiro and Akira only cared about if he and Tsukushi had had sex. He admitted that nothing happened, leading the two guys to say things like "Are you a man or aren't you?!" Tsukasa then hit both of them.[85] The next day, Tsukushi and Tsukasa had a fight in front of Sojiro and Akira. After she stormed off, Tsukasa explained to the guys about his mother arranging his engagement with Shigeru Okawahara. They found Tsukushi, who happened to be with Shigeru.[86] The girl angered Tsukasa, which necessitated Sojiro and Akira holding him back. She eventually left with a still mad Tsukushi.[87]

That night at Tsukasa's house, Sojiro declared "I think it's up to us to do something about this," to which Akira agreed. Tsukasa then arrived home, soaking wet from the rain. He walked by without saying anything. The next day, Sojiro and Akira asked Shigeru on a date, which was a bad experience for the guys. They eventually ran into Tsukushi. At that point, Shigeru revealed that she was aware of their plan. Afterwards, Sojiro and Akira sat down with Tsukushi. They became upset when she told them "I broke it off with Tsukasa." However, they understood after she told them what happened with Tsukasa's mother.[88] The next day, Tsukushi told Sojiro and Akira about Tsukasa asking Shigeru out. They both had a hard time believing it. When Tsukushi told them "You should be happy for him," Sojiro said "Wasn't it a shock to you?" She did not answer since Kazuya arrived.[89]

Some days later, Sojiro and Akira learned that Tsukushi was now living on her own. Sojiro then made a comment "I like the apartments of girls living alone." The guys then invited themselves over to Tsukushi's place, along with Rui. There they were surprised by the appearance of Tsukasa's mother. She was there to confront Tsukushi about the engagement being called off. Sojiro felt her insulting words went "too far" and took up for Tsukushi. She stood up for herself and forced Kaede to leave. The guys then all cheered for her.[90] They all sat to talk about what Tsukushi could do to fight Kaede. The idea of Tsukushi and Tsukasa having a child was brought up, but Sojiro dismissed it thinking Kaede might kill her and the baby. Tsukushi slowly realized the impact of what she said. Though she was now nervous, the three guys all promised to support her.[91]

Supporting Tsukasa

Sojiro and Akira happy about Tsukushi and Tsukasa dating

Tsukushi: "Don't tell anyone, Sojiro! You can never keep a secret."
Sojiro: "So what are you doing there? I swear I won't tell anyone."
— Sojiro learns Tsukushi is working as a live-in maid at Tsukasa's[src]

One day, Sojiro was walking to school with Rui when they met Tsukushi, who was coming from the direction of Tsukasa's house. She admitted that she was working there as a live-in maid and asked Sojiro not to tell anyone. Despite promising not to tell, the entire school knew by the end of the day.[92] That night, Sojiro and Akira went over to Rui's house where they role-played Tsukushi and Tsukasa being affectionate. Akira then went on about how this was a "one-in-a-million chance" for Tsukasa, leading Sojiro to ask if he was "bored." He revealed to Sojiro and Rui that his married lover had left him, before deciding that they should go to Tsukasa's place.[93] There they found the room the couple was in and eavesdropped on Tsukasa asking Tsukushi to date him. Once they were discovered, Sojiro stated "I never thought Tsukasa could make himself so clear."[94]

In the morning, Sojiro and Akira heard Tsukasa shout "I did it!" They realized Tsukushi agreed to date him and were elated. At school, they went to Tsukushi's classroom with Tsukasa to pick her up for lunch. Once in the cafeteria, they left the couple alone and spoke to Kazuya, who said that Tsukushi looked "strained." Sojiro asked "She's forcing herself?"[95] That night, Sojiro and Akira warned Tsukasa about Tsukushi's behavior. He dismissed their concerns. Then Tsukushi came into the room and asked Tsukasa on a double date. He refused to go and stormed off. Sojiro was not surprised and even laughed when Tsukushi said "Doesn't he know the meaning of the word compromise?!"[96] Later, Sojiro and the other guys watched Tsukushi and Tsukasa fight after coming back from their date. To no avail, Sojiro held her back in an attempt to calm her down.[97]

Helping Yuki

Sojiro takes Yuki on a date as per his plan

Yuki: "I-I'm not pretty. The girl he was with was really pretty."
Sojiro: "Don't say that. There's no reason for you to humble yourself over a guy like that. Don't say, "I'm not..." You should say, "I am just as pretty as she is. I am going to become even prettier." Don't you thinks those words make a girl seem a lot prettier?"
— Sojiro gives Yuki a confidence boost[src]

The following day, Sojiro represented his father at a tea ceremony. On his way home, he saw a crying girl and had his driver pull over. He discovered that the girl was Yuki and brought her back to his house, where she told him about her cheating boyfriend, Nakatsuka. To cheer her up, Sojiro prepared some tea for her. He compared its bitter taste to love, telling her "A difficult and bitter relationship helps a person to mature." Sojiro then decided that they needed to go "get revenge," explaining "As a fellow playboy, I can't let him get away with it."[98] Yuki directed Sojiro to a night club that Nakatsuka frequented. Once there, Yuki pointed him out to Sojiro who then approached the girl he was with. She quickly dumped Nakatsuka, causing him embarrassment. At that point, Sojiro grabbed Yuki and said that he loved her. Driving the nail into the coffin, Yuki claimed that she did not know Nakatsuka.[99]

In the middle of this confrontation, Tsukushi and Tsukasa arrived. Sojiro grabbed Nakatsuka's collar, threatening "If you ever make my girl cry again, I'm gonna pull out your guts through your butt." Tsukasa then knocked him out using a sleeper hold. Afterwards, the four went out to get drinks. Yuki was considerably cheered up, telling them "He won't hurt me again." On their way home, Tsukushi and Tsukasa began arguing so Sojiro slipped away with Yuki. He voiced his frustrations about the couple, before getting an idea. Sojiro then grabbed Yuki's hands, saying "Please do it to help me."[100] The next day, Sojiro and Akira greeted Tsukushi. He mentioned Yuki, calling her "really cute." Tsukushi became angry, telling him "If you get your fangs into, she'll never be able to get back onto her feet." He then revealed that he already had a date with her for the following day.[101]

The next day, Sojiro picked up Yuki and explained his plan about having Tsukushi and Tsukasa follow them on their date "so they [could] enjoy the romantic mood." At a nice restaurant, Sojiro and Yuki discussed the couple. He called Tsukasa a "good guy" since he "[took] good care of Tsukushi." Yuki then asked him "Don't you take good care of the girl you like?" Surprised for a second, Sojiro answered "I may be good-looking but I'm not a good guy."[102] Afterwards, Sojiro and Yuki went to a hotel where they met up with Akira and Rui. They waited for Tsukushi and Tsukasa to come to their room. When they finally arrived, Sojiro smiled and declared "I guess it's better that you're late."[103] Tsukasa soon revealed that his mother had returned. Sojiro and Akira were both concerned, but their attention quickly shifted. It took several moments for Sojiro to notice the girls had left.[104]

Troubles with Tsukasa

Sojiro and Tsukasa get into a physical fight

Sakurako: "How's Tsukasa?"
Tsukasa: "He's giving me a headache. That guy is a lost cause without Tsukushi."
— Sojiro concerned for Tsukasa when Tsukushi leaves[src]

Tsukasa invited Sojiro and Akira to a café the next day. The guys were surprised when he suddenly told him to "stop fooling around" and fall in love with a girl instead. They asked him if something happened, but he refused to tell them the details. Annoyed, Sojiro said "You just called us out so you could crow about it?"[105] The next morning, Sojiro was hanging out at school with Akira and Rui when Kazuya walked up. He revealed that Tsukushi was "gone" and had submitted a temporary absence from school. They all went to Tsukasa's house to ask him about it. Sojiro became particularly annoyed with his indifferent attitude. Tsukasa ended up throwing Kazuya across the room and threatening them all to leave. On their way out, Sojiro reflected on Tsukasa's eyes saying "That's how he looked when he was at his worst." Rui replied "It's worse than that."[106]

The next day, Sojiro asked Kazuya and Sakurako if they had found Tsukushi. They both confirmed that they heard nothing. Sakurako then asked about Tsukasa. He responded "That guy is a lost cause without Tsukushi."[1] A couple days later, Sojiro organized a party to "cheer up" Tsukasa. He invited many of their friends, including Sakurako, Shigeru, and Kazuya Shortly after he arrived, Tsukasa asked Sojiro "Is this why you called me here?" and called the whole thing "irritating." Sojiro became angry with him, saying "You're the one who's irritating!" Tsukasa then punched him, leading to full-out fight.[107] The following morning, Sojiro was covered in bandages. He declared to Akira and Rui that he was "not letting him get off so easily." Akira tried to calm him down, while Rui found it amusing and wished he had been there to see it.[108]

Sometime after Tsukushi returned, Sojiro was informed about a guy who was posing as Tsukasa's cousin. He found this "so interesting, [he] just had to join in." As the F4 were telling Tsukushi about the imposter, the guy himself walked up.[109] Sojiro and the others were surprised when he revealed he was hired by Kaede. There was a brief scuffle as Sojiro and Akira stopped Tsukasa from going after her. The guy eventually confessed that he liked Tsukushi and now wanted to cancel his contract. After a few moments, Tsukushi yelled at everyone to "shut up." She left shortly with the guy.[110] Later, the F4 went to a restaurant with Sakurako and Shigeru. The girls started talking about older men, leading Sojiro to joke "Maybe he's already got Tsukushi swept up." An agitated Tsukasa left. Akira attempted to chastise to Sojiro, who said "He needs to be told."[111]

Tsukasa dating Tsukushi

Later, Sojiro and Akira greeted Tsukasa when he arrived at school. They were joined by Tsukushi and Kazuya, whom nagged the guys for not attending classes. Once they left, Sojiro wondered about her and the "fake Kiyonaga." Tsukasa's answer lead Sojiro to say "What, have you finally given up?" After punching the wall, Tsukasa stated that he would "storm [his] old lady's place" if Tsukushi liked him. Sojiro said "I wish he would."[112] Two days later, Tsukasa asked the guys if they had seen Tsukushi. He then called the police to aid his search, shocking Sojiro and the others.[113] The next day, Sojiro asked Tsukasa if he found Tsukushi. He replied with three different facial expressions. Sojiro and Akira tried to give him girl advice, but he ignored them.[114] Afterwards, the two guys were discussing Tsukasa and Tsukushi. Sojiro stated "All they need to do is spend a night together."[115]

The next day, Sojiro and Akira arranged for Rui to bring Tsukushi over to Akira's house. Before her arrival, they tied Tsukasa up and locked him in Akira's summer house. The two guys coaxed Tsukushi into the summer house by telling her that wanted to show her a black rose. They then shut the door and left.[11] Later that night, Sojiro went to visit Yuki at her job. He bought everything in the store to get her off work early. At a café, he revealed that he had Tsukushi and Tsukasa trapped together and asked if their being together that would be a problem. Yuki told him that she would "back up" Tsukushi if she loved Tsukasa even if it effected her family. Sojiro commented that she had became stronger, to which she gave him credit. Realizing her implication, he told her to find a "great boyfriend." Sojiro's date then arrived and he left with her.[116]


After graduating high school, Sojiro began to attend Eitoku University with Akira and Rui. During his second year, he attended Shizuka's wedding in France.[117] While continuing his education,[118] Sojiro became the Grand Master of his family's tea school.[9]

Meeting Haruto and Oto

Sojiro offers his help to Haruto

Haruto: "To be honest, there's a girl I like. I don't want to lose for her sake."
Sojiro: "That's more like it. If it were just for Eitoku, I was about to tell you to give up and run away. But if that's the case, that changes things. I'm not against it, if it's for a girl."
— Sojiro agrees to help Haruto[src]

Sojiro was asked to participate in an annual horseback archery competition held in Kyoto. While practicing with an instructor, Sojiro met Haruto Kaguragi, a student at Eitoku. Haruto told Sojiro that he was entering the "Manly Man Festival" against Tenma Hase and was worried he would "sully" Eitoku's reputation. Sojiro thought his reasons for entering were "lame" until he confessed "There's a girl I like." He then answered "I'm not against it if it's for a girl."[119] Sojiro began helping Haruto with archery. Haruto's skills improved considerably. Later, Haruto told him that Tsukasa had "entrusted the care of Eitoku" to him. Sojiro laughed and said that Tsukasa would never say anything like that.[120] Later, Haruto informed him that he won the festival by default, which he was a little depressed about. Sojiro, however, told him "A win's a win." He then advised him to go meet the girl he liked.[121]

The following summer, Sojiro ran into Haruto and Oto Edogawa while at the airport with Akira. They were there to see off Akira's sisters. After introductions, they offered them a ride home.[122] In the car, Sojiro asked if they were dating which they both denied with Haruto saying "That's in the past." He then invited them over to Akira's house. In the guesthouse, Sojiro and Akira reminisced about locking Tsukasa and Tsukushi there. Sojiro suddenly declared "Looks like you're overthinking things again" to Haruto and then locked the door.[123] They returned to let them out several minutes later. Sojiro commented "Something about these two seems different," and teased them by asking if they wanted to spend the night there.[124] After saying goodbye to Haruto and Oto, Sojiro agreed with Akira about them reminding them of the past. Sojiro jokingly said "Those were some annoying times."[125]

Several months later, Rui had Tsukasa come to Japan to see Tsukushi who was briefly back from Los Angeles. The F4 rushed in order to catch Tsukushi but were stuck in traffic. They then overheard Haruto, who happened to pass by, calling Oto to hold the plane. Sojiro was surprised to Haruto but held off introductions.[126] After the couple had reunited, Tsukushi told Tsukasa about Haruto. Sojiro introduced Haruto's girlfriend Oto, adding "They had a rough time too." The F4 and Tsukushi then walked off before parting ways.[127] Later, Sojiro became acquainted with Correct 5 member Issa Narumiya with whom he shared the "same taste in women." The two exchanged numbers and began hanging out.[128] On one occasion, they went out with Akira. As they walked together, Sojiro asked Issa "Do you think true love really exists?" They then went off to possibly find it.[129]

Physical appearance

Sojiro was handsome, much like his friends as they were all called F4 (Flower Four). His natural good-looks attracted women to him. He had short, brown hair that was parted in the middle with little to no styling. His round-shaped eyes were of a slightly darker shade of brown.

Personality and traits

Sojiro was known for being a playboy. He date often and sought out purely physical relationships with woman. The girls he dated were never more than short-term flings. His attitude towards relationship stemmed from his parents' failed marriage. He became afraid of true love and hurt Sara, whom he truly cared for. After settling things with Sara, Sojiro went back to dating around but had a different view of love. He was also naturally charming to women, which he often used to his advantage.

He was loyal to his friends, which he considered one of his core values. Sojiro spent a lot of his time with Akira, with whom he had the most in common. Sojiro and his friends were all athletic, excelling at basketball in particular. He, Akira, and Tsukasa were even scouted in junior high. They stopped playing because "It's not cool to sweat."[44]

Financial strength

Behind the scenes

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Character notes

  • First appearing in chapter one of Boys Over Flowers, Sojiro is a major supporting character of the series.
  • Sojiro's allowance is revealed to be 400,000 yen, which he uses "mostly for dates."[6]
  • Fitting his playboy reputation, Sojiro has the most named romantic partners of the F4.
  • Yoko Kamio wrote "Story of an Encounter" from Sojiro's point-of-view. She later wrote that she had "always wanted to write about the life of this playboy."[131]
  • Sojiro appears in three arcs of Boys Over Flowers Season 2 and has the most appearances of any of the returning characters.
  • He frequently appears in the web spin-off, Cafe de Hanadan.


Kensaku Saeki as Sojiro (left)

  • In Hana Yori Dango (1995), Sojiro is portrayed by Kensaku Saeki.[133] It was Saeki's film debut and remains his sole acting credit. His personality is stripped down for the film, not even showing him as a playboy. He and Akira are always shown in each other's company. They first help Tsukasa bully Tsukushi and later tease him about her. Sojiro is the first to compare her to his sister Tsubaki.

Sojiro in the anime


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