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So Yi-jung (Hangul: 소이정) was a popular ceramic artist and student at Shinhwa School. He was a member of the F4 with his friends Gu Jun-pyo, Yoon Ji-hoo, and Song Woo-bin.


Early life[]

His grandfather was So Yoon-hee, a former independence fighter and owner of Woo Song Museum. Yi-jung displayed a gift with pottery at a young age.[2] In kindergarten, he became friends with Gu Jun-pyo, Yoon Ji-hoo, and Song Woo-bin. They met Min Seo-hyun around the same time.[3]

High school[]

Yi-jung's pottery became popular by his teens. In fact, at sixteen, his work was shown at the Biennale. Also, by this time, Yi-jung and his friends became known as the F4. They were able to use their influence to control the school, allowing them to do whatever they wanted. Students who opposed them would receive a red card and be bullied by the others students until they dropped out.[2]

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