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"To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about you. But, there have been times that I thought you were sweet. Sojiro and Akira said I was going after you because I couldn't have Shizuka. True, I may have felt somewhere in my heart that I could use you to forget Shizuka. But I still..."
Rui to Tsukushi

"Sleepless Night!" (眠れない二人の夜! (ねむれないふたりのよる) Nemurenai Futari no Yoru!) is the twenty-sixth episode of the Boys Over Flowers anime adaptation. The episode first aired on March 9, 1997 in Japan. It was followed by "Tsukasa Goes to New York!!" on March 16.

Tsukushi Makino and Rui Hanazawa are locked into a room together by his friends. He reveals to her that he has still not gotten over Shizuka Todo. Meanwhile, Tsukasa Domyoji wanders around the city thinking of Tsukushi.


As Tsukasa Domyoji walks away, Tsukushi Makino says to herself "I guess it's better this way. I can't have both him and Rui Hanazawa." Tsukasa thinks the same thing as he wanders around the city aimlessly. A group of three guys watch him and one of them says "He may be an easy mark." They follow him for a short time before making their move. One of them comments "He's got this stupid look on his face." They make fun of him for a bit and then pull out his wallet, which is full of cash and gold cards. As they talk amongst themselves, they say several words that sound like "Rui." This finally wakes up Tsukasa from his daze. He grabs one of the guys by the collar and angrily asks "What did you say?"

At Tsukasa's house, a drunk Tsubaki Domyoji asks everyone "Why do you all look so depressed?" and shouts at them to have fun. She begins to reminisce about the F4 as children and then says "Now you're old enough to be fighting over girls." Tsukushi thinks about Rui "He's never told me he loves me," but then remembers him on the basketball court. Her heart pounds, leading her to think "My heart never lies." Akira Mimasaka then mentions Tsukasa's name, which also causes her heart to pound. Tsukasa, meanwhile, is letting out his anger by beating up the guys. Tsukushi's words ring in his ear as he is about to hit the last guy. He stops himself, saying "What am I doing?"

Kazuya Aoike shows Sojiro Nishikado and Akira how Tsukushi's fortunetelling toy works. Akira suggests they use it to "see how far Makino and Rui have gone." Sojiro outright poses the question to the couple. Rui, confused, answers "To Omotesando." Akira and Sojiro then use the toy on Tsukushi and Rui. It answers "Had sex." Tsukushi admits "We haven't gone any farther than kissing," surprising the two guys. Tsubaki says "So that's it," mentioning that she had noticed something "unnatural" about the couple. She offers for them to use one of the mansion's bedrooms. With Sojiro and Akira's help, Tsubaki locks the two of them into a room. Tsukushi says "How can they all...?" and Rui responds "It's okay with me."

Tsukushi is taken aback by Rui's response and attempts to deflect by saying "Doesn't this remind you of your school trips?" Rui scoots closer to her and comments "Up close, you aren't very pretty at all," before going on to say how "cool" she looked out on the court. He admits "To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about you" as well as that a part of him may have been using her to forget Shizuka Todo and apologizes to her. Tsukushi insists that she has "no regrets," when he tells her "If I hadn't come back, you and Tsukasa..." Meanwhile, Tsukasa wanders around thinking about Tsukushi. He overhears a young girl tell her sibling "You're a boy, aren't you? Don't cry because you fell!" He then pictures Tsukushi's face.

Tsukasa finally goes home and finds Sojiro, Akira, and his sister talking about Tsukushi and Rui. The two guys are wondering about the couple's progress. Akira is the first one to notice Tsukasa. He and Sojiro quickly try to smooth over everything. Tsubaki, however, interrupts and tells him honestly about what is happening, concluding "If you're a man, you should take it like a man." Tsukasa calmly sits down and says "Well, good for Rui." The other three are happy about his reaction, though he is really hiding his true feelings. In the morning, Tsukushi sneaks out of the mansion. She is thankful that Rui told her the truth, though still a little hurt. Meanwhile, Tsukasa reveals to Akira and Sojiro his plans to go to New York.

Cast and characters[]

Character Voice Notes
Akira Mimasaka Yuta Mochizuki
Kazuya Aoike Yoji Ietomi
Rui Hanazawa Koji Yamamoto
Sojiro Nishikado Yoshihiko Akaida
Tsubaki Domyoji Chiho Okawa
Tsukasa Domyoji Naoki Miyashita
Tsukushi Makino Maki Mochida


Additional voices


  • Script: Reiko Yoshida
  • Director: Yasuo Yamayoshi
  • Animation director: Toshie Kawamura
  • Art directors: Shinzo Yuki, Tomoko Ide


Chapters covered:
Arc: F4 - Three on Three
50, 51, 52, 53


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