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Shueisha, Inc. (株式会社集英社 (しゅうえいしゃ) Kabushiki Kaisha Shūeisha, lit. "Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd.") is a major publisher in Japan. The company was originally founded in 1925 as the entertainment-related publishing division of Shogakukan. Shueisha became a separate company from Shogakukan the following year.

Yoko Kamio's Boys Over Flowers began serialization in Margaret, a manga magazine published by Shueisha, in 1992. It continued being published until August 2003.[1] Shueisha published all thirty-six volumes of the series as well as the thirty-seventh in 2008. The company has also published many books related to Boys Over Flowers.

History with Yoko Kamio[]

Yoko Kamio made her debut as a manga artist in the Shueisha manga magazine, The Margaret, 1986[2] She moved to Weekly Margaret with her following story.[3] Margaret became a biweekly publication in 1988.[4] In 1992, Kamio's hit series Boys Over Flowers began serialization in Margaret. The manga was published for twelve years until 2003. Shueisha collected the entire series into thirty-six volumes. A thirty-seventh volume was released in 2008.[1]

Kamio's works have all been published by Shueisha. Cat Street, Tora to Okami, and Crown of Thorns were serialized in Bessatsu Margaret, a sister magazine of Margaret. Matsuri Special was released in the shonen magazine, Jump Square.[5] In 2015, Boys Over Flowers Season 2 launched on Shueisha's online publication, Shonen Jump+. It was released simultaneously in English with Shueisha's subsidiary, Viz Media.[6] Boys Over Flowers Season 2 concluded in December 2019.[7]


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