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Shooting Star Asia Tour was a series of nine fan meetings in Asia. Some merchandise was produced and sold for the tour at a select number of venues.


A small number of merchandise from Shooting Star Concert was available to purchase at the Jakarta venue.[1]

  • T-shirt - IDR 295,000
  • Notebook - IDR 60,000
  • Griptok - IDR 95,000 each



Four new items were created specifically for the Manila concert.[2]

  • Tote bag - Php 350
  • Photocard - Php 150
  • Postcard - Php 250
  • T-shirt - Php 650

Hong Kong[]


Hong Kong also created a few items for sale at the venue.[3]

  • Folder - HKD 40
  • Keychains - HKD 50 each
  • Standees - HKD 50 each
  • Tote bag - HKD 120
  • Memopad - HKD 40




For the Yokohama concert, several items were made to sell. The merchandise was available at the venue and on the official goods website, starting on March 18.[4] Items shipped around late April to early May.[5] Additionally, all attendees received an exclusive photo card set at the venue.[6] Some ticket holders received a poster and neck strap,[7] and a photobook was given to customers who spend over 10,000 yen.[8]

TV Asahi[]

To promote the live broadcast on TV Asahi, new subscribers were eligible to win a T-shirt or notebook. Sixty-five were selected.[9]

Café collaboration[]


From March 17 to 20, 2023, Club 38 at Pia Arena MM, served a Thai course along with drinks inspired by the concert. Customers also received a souvenir sticker with their purchase. The Blue Bell also served the same drinks for the same time period.[10][11]

  • Thai course: ¥3,300 (no drink) / ¥3,800 (regular) / ¥4,800 (with mango parfait)
    • Main dish choicecs: Gapao, massaman curry, or grilled chicken.
    • Side dish choices: green papaya salad, fried shrimp chips, jasmine rice, coconut milk with shiratama, yam som o, yam woon sen, fried rice, Thai shrimp toast, and tod man pla.
    • Tom yum kung (free refills)
    • Desert and alcohol were available for an additional fee.
  • Drinks: ¥800 each
    • Shooting Star Butterfly Ginger Lemonade (Shooting Star バタフライピージンジャーレモネード () )
    • Oriental Flower Tea (オリエンタルフラワーティー () )
    • Melting Mango Lassi (とろけるマンゴーラッシー () )
  • Mango Parfait: ¥1,000

South Korea[]

From March 22, 2023, customers were able to pre-order a "KiT Video" which contains the live performance of the concert. It also came with some mystery photo cards and cost 27,900 won.[12][13] The KiT Video was no longer available to purchase after April 9.[14] It shipped out on May 4.[13]

Post-concert, Tonz Entertainment sold perfume patches inspired by the four performers on their social media. The scents are called "Happy Bright Memory," "Lovely Win Moment," "Blooming Dew Time," and "Sweet Nani Dream."[15]


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