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Shooting Star Asia Tour: The First Asia Tour of Bright-Win-Dew-Nani was a series of fan meetings featuring Vachirawit Chivaaree, Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, Jirawat Sutivanichsak, and Hirunkit Changkham. It is an offshoot of a previous F4 Thailand related event, Shooting Star Concert. The tour visited a total of nine cities in Asia.


Indonesian promoter Lumina Entertainment first teased an iteration of Shooting Star Concert on their social media accounts on August 26, 2022.[1] GMMTV revealed further details on September 4, confirming a concert tour expected to perform in nine cities.[2] The first stop was in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 15. Tickets went on sale on September 12.[3] A press conference was held with Indonesian media outlets before the concert.[4] On October 6, Aco Media and AMM confirmed the concert's second stop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 5.[5] Tickets went on sale on October 12.[6] Before the Kuala Lumpur concert, Vachirawit Chivaaree, Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, Hirunkit Changkham, and Jirawat Sutivanichsak were interviewed by Malaysian outlets on October 29.[7]

GMMTV announced the November 19 date for the Manila concert on October 9.[8] The event was promoted by Rise Media Philippines and Globe Telecom. Tickets went on sale on October 15.[9] On November 5, Globe announced a second exclusive fan meeting, Reach 4 the Stars.[10] A press conference was also held the day of Reach 4 the Stars.[11] On December 4, iMe Taiwan released a teaser poster for Shooting Star Asia Tour in Taipei.[12] The February 5, 2023 date was announced on December 13. Tickets went on sale a few days later on December 18[13] and sold out within the day.[14] A press conference was held with on February 4.[15] The Taiwanese media accused Chivaaree, Opas-iamkajorn, Sutivanichsak, and Changkham of being rude, leading GMMTV to release a statement on the situation the next day.[16]

The Hong Kong concert, taking place on February 18, 2023, was revealed on December 16. It was organized by iMe and Asia Music Group. Tickets went on sale on December 22.[17] Chivaaree, Opas-iamkajorn, Sutivanichsak, and Changkham were interviewed by the press the day of the concert.[18] JS Media announced the Ho Chi Minh City date on December 10 after teasing it on their social media the previous day. It was held on March 4.[19] Tickets went on sale on December 25.[20] A press conference occurred just before the Vietnamese concert.[21] On January 31, 2023, GMMTV announced the remaining two unknown dates for Singapore and South Korea. Shooting Star Asia Tour visited Singapore on March 11.[22] The concert was handled by Live Nation and tickets went on sale on February 3.[23]

On January 30, 2023, the Japan concert was announced. It was held for two days on March 18 and 19 in Yokohama at Pia Arena MM. Tickets went on sale on January 31.[24] It was organized by Pia and TV Asahi.[25] Approximately fifteen thousand fans attended the concert over both days.[26] The Seoul concert was announced on January 31 to take place on April 2. It was the final concert of the tour.[22] The concert was organized by Koko Media and Tonz Entertainment.[27] Tickets first went on sale on February 15.[28] On March 8, Tonz Entertainment announced that the venue had changed from the Peace Hall at Kyung Hee University to Yes24 Live Hall. Customers were given full refunds and had to re-purchase tickets for the new venue.[29] Additionally, consumers had the option to buy a streaming ticket for the Seoul concert.[30]


The exact details of Shooting Star Asia Tour vary by country, but each fan meeting follows a similar pattern. Chivaaree, Opas-iamkajorn, Sutivanichsak, and Changkham typically open with "Who am I." There are usually one or more interview portions throughout the concert. The four always express their feelings about visiting the country and sometimes say a few words in another language. Occasionally, they are asked questions sent in by fans. The four each perform a solo song. Chivaaree and Opas-iamkajorn changed their solo several times, while Changkham and Sutivanichsak have always performed "Best Life" and "In the Wind" There is also one or two games organized by the concert promoters. The concert concludes with a performance of "Shooting Star."


Venue City Country Date
The Kasablanka Hall Jakarta Indonesia-flag Indonesia October 15, 2022
Tropicana Gardens Mall Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur Malaysia-flag Malaysia November 5, 2022
World Trade Center Metro Manila Manila Philippines-flag Philippines November 19, 2022
Taipei International Convention Center Taipei Taiwan-flag Taiwan February 5, 2023
AsiaWorld–Summit Hong-Kong-flag Hong Kong February 18, 2023
Military Zone 7 Indoor Sports Complex Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam-flag Vietnam March 4, 2023
The Star Theatre Singapore-flag Singapore March 11, 2023
Pia Arena MM Yokohama Japan-flag Japan March 18—19, 2023
Yes24 Live Hall Seoul South-Korea-flag South Korea April 2, 2023


Interpreter and/or host

  • Christian Saragih (Indonesia)[31]
  • Nadia Annuar (Malaysia, Singapore)[32][33]
  • MJ Felipe (Philippines)[34]
  • "Nicky" Hao Phong Tran (Vietnam)[35]
  • Kazuki Kusanagi (Japan)[36]


All "Who am I," "Shooting Star"
Bright "Lost and Found" "With a Smile" "My Ecstasy" "Saturday Night" "Saturday Night,"
"Kan Goo"
"My Ecstasy"
Win "Silhouette" "That Person Must be You" "One More Chance" "One More Chance,"
"That Person Must be You"
"That Person Must be You"
Dew "In the Wind" "In the Wind,"
"You Mean the World"
"In the Wind"
Nani "Best Life" "Best Life,"
"Good Time"
"Good Time"


In Japan, the concert was broadcast live on March 19 on TV Asahi Channel 1.[37] It was rebroadcast on May 20 with interviews and behind the scenes footage.[38] An "encore" broadcast aired on July 30.[39]


Main article: Shooting Star Asia Tour/Merchandise

A select number of venues sold and produced merchandise for Shooting Asia Tour. This included the Filipino,[40] Hong Kong,[41] and Japanese concerts.[42] At the Indonesian concert, a few pieces of merchandise from Shooting Star Concert was available to purchase.[43]


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  • Jirawat Sutivanichsak and Hirunkit Changkham, whose birthdays are on October 31, were both given cakes at the Indonesian and Malaysian concerts.
  • Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, whose birthday is on February 21, was given a cake at the Hong Kong concert.
  • Filipino host MJ Felipe previously interviewed the F4 Thailand stars over video in March 2022.[44] Felipe also partnered with artist Jef Albea to gift Vachirawit Chivaaree and Opas-iamkajorn sculptures of their 2gether: The Series characters on the day of the concert.[45]
  • On February 4, 2023, Chivaaree, Opas-iamkajorn, Sutivanichsak, and Changkham were accused of being rude by the Taiwanese media, citing their lateness and one of them snacking during the interview.[46] GMMTV issued a statement, explaining that the four were late due a flight delay and that there was miscommunication about the interview.[16]
  • Chivaaree, Opas-iamkajorn, Sutivanichsak, and Changkham previously performed at Pia Arena MM for GMMTV Fan Fest in August 2022.[47]
  • The outfits worn by the four in Japan were put on display at the GMMTV Exhibition from April 29 to May 28, 2023.[48]


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