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Boys Over Flowers Season 2 page from September 2015

Shonen Jump+ (少年ジャンプ+ (しょうねんジャンププラス) Shōnen Janpu+) is an online publication owned and operated by Shueisha. It is also available as a mobile phone app on Google Play and Apple's App Store.[1] The website was launched on September 22, 2014.[2] Shonen Jump+ began serializing Boys Over Flowers Season 2 biweekly on February 15, 2015. The series was also published simultaneously in North America by Viz Media.[3] It ended on December 22, 2019.[4]

Digital magazine[]

The publication launched a free to read digital magazine, also titled Shonen Jump+, on November 5, 2019. Boys Over Flowers Season 2 was serialized in it.[5][6] In late 2020, it was announced that the magazine would change to a monthly publication. Additionally, all of the series ceased serialization in the magazine.[7]



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