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"In order to keep living, it has to be done on your own feet and strength. That's why I decided to go back to France. For the sake of my dream of becoming an international lawyer. Not as the daughter of the Todo Group, but as a human being, I want to start a life from scratch in France."
—Shizuka to Rui[src]

Shizuka Todo (藤堂 静 (とうどう しずか) Tōdō Shizuka) was a graduate of Eitoku Academy and the heiress of Todo Trading. She gave up her family's financial support to follow her dreams of becoming an international lawyer in France. Shizuka was good friends with the F4, especially Rui Hanazawa.


Early life[]

Shizuka was born the heiress of Todo Group. In her childhood, she became friends with the F4, who were about six years younger. She was particularly close to Rui Hanazawa.[5]

She graduated from Eitoku Academy in 2000.[6] Shizuka later became a popular model and worked overseas in France.[7]

Return to Japan[]


Shizuka and Rui at her party

"In Paris, there's a saying that goes, "a girl should wear nice shoes." Because the shoes will take her to a calm and beautiful place. Don't you think it's a grand story?"
—Shizuka to Tsukushi[src]

She worked overseas as a model. Shizuka returned to Japan after a particularly long stint in France. She was greeted by the F4 at Narita Airport. That night, a homecoming party for her was held at her family's home. She helped Tsukushi Makino, who was being bullied by three girls. Shizuka sprayed champagne on the girls, which caused them to fall into the pool. She then lent Tsukushi a dress to wear for the rest of party.[7] Some days later, Shizuka told Rui about her plan to return to France to become an international lawyer. Rui was upset about it, but supported her anyway. Before leaving, Rui brought Tsukushi over to see Shizuka. She begged Shizuka to stay for Rui's sake. However, Shizuka was able reason to with her. At the airport, Shizuka said goodbye to friends, including the F4 and Tsukushi.[5]

Life in France[]


Shizuka and Rui reunite in January 2007

Rui: "I could've protected you back then if I was the person I am now."
Shizuka: "Back in those days and forever after, you'll always be a very precious person to me, Rui."
— Rui to Shizuka in 2007[src]

Rui joined Shizuka in France. At first, they spent everyday together and had a nice time reminiscing about their childhood. Shizuka became busy with schooling, leaving Rui alone for most of the day. Rui eventually decided to return to Japan.[8] Rumors of her engagement to Frenchman, Jean P. Mayol, were spread during this time.[9] Shizuka later went back to Japan to spend Christmas with Rui.[10]

In January 2007, she visited Japan and was greeted at the airport by Rui. Shizuka was still pursuing her dream of being an international lawyer, calling it "a matter of time." Rui and Shizuka spent the night talking, before he dropped her off at her parents' home. She encouraged Rui to "make [Tsukushi] happy."[11] Tsukasa invited Shizuka to Eitoku's prom that March. Upon arriving, Shizuka asked Rui to escort her inside. After Tsukasa proposed to Tsukushi, Shizuka told her that she was "beautiful."[12]

Shizuka married her husband in a small ceremony in January 2011.[13] The F4 and Tsukushi were not invited, and Rui was the only one who knew about the wedding. Rui called Shizuka on that day to congratulate her. A few months later, Shizuka attended Tsukushi's and Tsukasa's wedding at Yebisu Garden Place.

Physical appearance[]

A popular overseas model, Shizuka was generally considered beautiful by everyone. She had long, wavy brown hair, which she usually wore down. Her rich, brown eyes were of a similar shade to her hair. Shizuka's skin tone was slightly tanned. Her wardrobe was extensive due to her love of clothes, especially shoes. Shizuka was always seen wearing stylish, name-brand garments.

Personality and traits[]

Despite growing up in a wealthy household, Shizuka was not a selfish, snobby person like some of her peers. She was actually extremely kind and caring. Shizuka was popular and had many friends due to her warm personality. She was also an ambitious person, who knew what she wanted from life and went after it.


Shizuka's given name (静; しずか) contains a single kanji and means "quiet".[14] Her last name Todo (藤堂; とうどう) is made up of two kanji. The first meaning "wisteria," specifically the Japanese wisteria. It also uses the on'yomi pronunciation.[15] The second kanji means "temple," "shrine," and "hall."[16]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • In episode one of Returns, her address in Paris is revealed to be 161 Avenue de Malakoff.



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