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"When I see an opportunity, I have to take it. It's like shopping in a foreign country. If I get on an airplane without buying something, I may never be able to purchase it. Some spend their likes thinking of what they should have done. I don't want to end up that way."
—Shizuka Todo[src]

Shizuka Todo (藤堂 静 (とうどう しずか) Tōdō Shizuka) was a childhood friend of the F4. She was particularly close to Rui Hanazawa, whom she developed deep feelings for. Shizuka was the heiress to Todo Trading until she relinquished her family name. She moved to Paris permanently to pursue her dreams of becoming a lawyer for the less fortunate.


Early life[]


A young Shizuka with Rui

Shizuka was born the heiress of Todo Trading. During her early childhood, Shizuka met Rui Hanazawa, Tsukasa Domyoji, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka. She was the only one able to help Rui, whom had become extremely "withdrawn." Through her efforts, he finally smiled.[1] From early in her childhood, Shizuka disliked the special treatment she received because of her family name. She compared it to being a "hothouse flower."[2]


Though Rui begged her not to go,[6] Shizuka decided to take a sabbatical from Eitoku University and went to study abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. There she became the first Japanese woman to win "Miss Teen of France." At some point, Shizuka began working as a model and took part in All Japan Airlines' Tahiti campaign.[1]

Return to Japan[]


Shizuka offers her hand to Tsukushi

Shizuka: "It's all right with me. I'm happy about it. That you would need me so badly... I'd nearly forgotten that you were a man."
Rui: "No! I don't just want your body!"
Shizuka: "Don't be afraid. We are a man and woman, and this is completely natural."
— Shizuka leans in to kiss Rui[src]

When Shizuka returned to Japan, she embraced Rui and declared "I missed you so much!" The rest of F4 then walked up and she greeted each with a kiss. That night, they took Shizuka out to a night club. Sojiro and Tsukasa pointed out that Rui was being "moody." He admitted that Shizuka's modelling pictures had been bothering him. Shizuka thanked him for "thinking about [her]" and kissed his forehead. The next day, she and the F4 were having lunch at Eitoku University, when Tsukushi Makino and Kazuya Aoike stumbled in with a group of bullies.[4] Rui protected Tsukushi, incurring Tsukasa's anger and shocking Shizuka. Afterwards, Shizuka took Tsukushi to the girls' room to clean up. She wondered aloud whether Rui liked her. Tsukushi denied it saying he loved Shizuka, who then replied "Maybe so."[6]

That summer, Shizuka accompanied the F4 on their trip to Atami on Tsukasa's yacht. She, Akira, and Sojiro brought Rui along without asking Tsukasa. Upon arriving, they met Tsukushi on the beach. Shizuka invited her to that night's party and lent her a dress as well. She then escorted Tsukushi into the party, where everyone marveled at her makeover. Shizuka danced her first dance with Rui.[7] She spent the next day at the beach with the F4. That night, Shizuka insinuated that Rui liked Tsukushi. Rui became angry and accused her of "toying" with his feelings. He then dragged her into a room, where he proceeded to kiss her. Rui stopped because she was being so calm. She assured him "We are a man and a woman, and this is completely natural." Shizuka leaned in to kiss him again, but Tsukasa interrupted them.[8]

Pursuing her dreams[]


Shizuka says goodbye to the F3 at the airport

"I, Shizuka Todo, will be returning to Paris next month. As for plans to return here, I have none. Father, Mother, please forgive my selfish behavior. Think of me as married and gone. I want to become a lawyer and help the poor. My glamorous wardrobe and long hair, I don't need them anymore."
—Shizuka's announcement at her birthday party[src]

Following summer vacation, Shizuka returned to Eitoku University for the fall semester. On the first day, she went to see Rui over at the high school. She asked him to go with her to a photo shoot in order to avoid being asked out by her colleagues. Shizuka then turned to Tsukushi and invited her to her birthday party. She assured her that it would be casual and promised not to invite any of Tsukushi's classmates.[3] At her party, Shizuka ascended the stage and began her lengthy speech. She first announced that she was returning to France soon, before revealing that she was renouncing her family name. Addressing her parents, Shizuka apologized and told them her plans for becoming a lawyer for poor. She then proceeded to cut her hair short, cementing her decision.[2]

The next day, Shizuka informed her school about her leaving. Once she had that taken care of, she ran into Tsukushi. Shizuka was taken aback when Tsukushi begged her not to go to France. She found herself unable to reply for several moments. Tsukushi continued on, adding that she had to stay for "Rui Hanazawa's sake." When Shizuka replied "I just can't," Tsukushi got down on her knees and pleaded with her again. Having found her words, Shizuka explained her reason for leaving. She informed Tsukushi that she did not want to miss any opportunities, comparing it to shopping overseas. Afterwards, Shizuka shook Tsukushi's hand and told her "I really do like you." Some days later, she was seen off at the airport by her friends, excluding Rui. She asked Tsukasa, Akira, and Sojiro to give him her regards.[9]

Life in France[]


Shizuka hugs Rui when he comes to France

Shizuka: "I want you to come back. While you were gone, I kept thinking of you. Always, when I was sad, when I was happy, I'd wish you were with me."
Rui: "I can't do anything for you."
Shizuka: "Yes, you can. You can play your violin for me."
— Shizuka comes back to Japan for Rui[src]

Rui later showed up at Shizuka's apartment in Paris. Tears filled her eyes as she jumped into his arms. Many happy days followed for the couple. They had long talks during the night and often went for strolls together. Shizuka became busy when she started attending college again. She also worked as a secretary for a lawyer at night, which left Rui alone for most of the day. At some point, Shizuka was proposed to by the politician, Jean P. Mayol. Rui later returned home to Japan after hearing the news.[5] However, after some months, Shizuka went to Japan to see Rui. She approached him at Eitoku, telling him that she wanted him to come back to France with her. He told her "I can't do anything for you," to which she said "You can play your violin for me." Rui then embraced her and promised "I won't run away again."[10]

Physical appearance[]

Shizuka was particularly noted for her beauty, leading to a successful modelling career. Tsukushi said of her, "I've never seen such a beautiful woman." Shizuka's eyes, a forest green color, were described as "large" and her hair as "flowing chestnut brown."[4] She later cut her long hair to show her determination in leaving her family. Being a model, Shizuka had an affinity with fashion.

Personality and traits[]

She was fiercely independent, wanting to live her life on her own terms. Shizuka hated the special treatment she received from being a Todo as it made her feel like a "hothouse flower." She ultimately renounced her family name, giving up her whole life in order to pursue her dreams. Shizuka could not be swayed from her decisions once she made her made her mind up. She was also known for kindness and fair treatment of others. People, such as Tsukushi, found it hard not to like Shizuka after meeting her.


Shizuka (静; しずか) is made up of a single kanji, which means "quiet".[11] Her surname Todo (藤堂; とうどう) contains two kanji. The first means "wisteria," referring particularly to the Japanese wisteria. It uses the on'yomi pronunciation of the kanji.[12] The second kanji means "temple," "shrine," and "hall."[13]

Behind the scenes[]

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Shizuka and Rui in the film

  • Shizuka has a minor role in Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997), in which she is also voiced by Imamura.[15] She is a prima donna of a ballet company based in Paris due to it being set in a different universe. Shizuka comes to New York to bring Rui back with her. He kisses her, though whether he goes with her or not is left ambiguous.



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