"I like to believe... if I wear great shoes, they'll take me to great places."
—Shizuka Todo[src]

Shizuka Todo (藤堂 静 (とうどう しずか) Tōdō Shizuka) was the former heiress of Todo Trading. She was a student at Eitoku Academy, and studied abroad in France where she began working as a model. Shizuka briefly returned to Japan and befriended Tsukushi Makino. She later renounced her family name to become a lawyer in France.


Early life


Young Shizuka and Rui

Shizuka was born on October 4[2] in Tokyo, Japan as the heiress of Todo Trading. She studied ballet and piano from age three.[3] Shizuka befriended Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka, who were about two years younger. She was especially close to Rui who was a depressed, sullen child until she "drew [him] out".[8] Early in her childhood, Shizuka felt suffocated by her environment, comparing herself to a flower growing in a hothouse.[9]

In high school, Shizuka represented Eitoku Academy at Teen of Japan and won.[10]


When she decided to study aboard, Rui begged her to stay in Japan.[11] She ultimately went anyway, taking a leave of absence from Eitoku University to attend the Sorbonne in Paris, France. While abroad, Shizuka began her modelling career and became the first Japanese woman to win the title, "Miss Teen of France".[3]

Return to Japan


Shizuka embraces Rui

Shizuka: "Rui! I've missed you so much! Let me see your face. You've grown into such a handsome man."
Rui: "All this time for so long. I've wanted to see you again."
— Shizuka and Rui are reunited[src]

After finishing her studies, Shizuka returned to Japan. She was greeted first by Rui, whom she embraced.[8] The rest of the F4 arrived shortly and invited her to go drinking. At a night club, Shizuka was happily chatting with the others, when Sojiro noticed Rui was being "moody." He admitted that one of Shizuka's modelling photos was bothering him. She thought it was "sweet" for him to worry.[4] The following day, the F4 joined Shizuka for lunch at Eitoku University. A few minutes later, two high school students, Tsukushi Makino and Kazuya Aoike, suddenly ran in, followed by a retinue of bullies.[12] Rui surprised Shizuka by protecting Tsukushi against Tsukasa's wishes. Afterwards, she took Tsukushi to the ladies' room, where she helped her clean herself up. Shizuka mused about whether Rui had feelings for Tsukushi, though she already knew that he was in love with her.[11]

Shizuka accompanied the F4 on their trip to Atami during summer vacation. Upon arrival, they happened to meet Tsukushi on the beach. Shizuka invited her to the party that Tsukasa was holding later. She tried to refuse until Shizuka had Rui encourage her to come. Before the party, Shizuka fixed Tsukushi's hair and makeup and also lent her a dress. The F4 in particular were impressed with Shizuka's work.[13] The next night, Shizuka asked Rui if he liked Tsukushi and admitted to being "a bit jealous." He was hurt by her statement, feeling that she was "playing with [his] feelings." Rui then dragged her into an empty cabin.[14] They kissed, but Rui stopped and asked her, "How can you be so... placid?" Shizuka was okay, telling him "We're a man and woman." She reached out to kiss him again, just as Tsukasa interrupted to invite them to dinner.[15]

Pursuing her dreams


Shizuka cuts off her long hair after deciding to return to France

"To me, decision-making is like shopping overseas. If I hop on the plane and return to Japan without buying something I want, I may never get the chance to buy it again. People often think back and say, "I should have done this or that." But I don't to do that. That's why I'm going."
—Shizuka explains her reason for leaving to Tsukushi[src]

That fall, Shizuka returned to college at Eitoku University for the new term. She went looking for Rui on the high school campus, finding him speaking to Tsukushi. Shizuka asked him to accompany her to a photo shoot. She wanted to deter a producer who was constantly asking her out. Shizuka then invited Tsukushi to her birthday party.[16] At the party, Shizuka made a huge announcement on stage in front of all of her guests. She revealed her plans to return to France, where she would study to become a lawyer for the less fortunate. Shizuka asked her parents to forgive her since she hade decided to "give up the Todo name." To show her resolve, she took a pair of scissors and cut off her long hair as it would not serve her in her new life.[17] Following her announcement, the press surrounded Shizuka, asking her questions and taking numerous photos.[18]

The next day, Shizuka went to Eitoku to turn in her withdrawal notice. She ran into Tsukushi on her way out. Tsukushi asked Shizuka to stay in Japan "for Rui Hanazawa's sake." She replied "I can't," leading Tsukushi to get down on her hands and knees. She reiterated "I beg you!"[9] Calmly, Shizuka explained to her that she did not want to live her life with regrets. She compared it to shopping overseas, saying "I may never get the chance to buy it again." Tsukushi apologized, but Shizuka assured her that it was okay. She then kissed Tsukushi on the cheek, saying "I like you very much." Sometime later, Shizuka was seen off at the airport by a large crowd of friends and classmates, including Tsukushi, Tsukasa, Sojiro, and Akira. She asked them to "give [her] best to Rui," whom did not show up. Shizuka waved goodbye with a smile as she boarded the plane.[19]

Life in France

Shizuka was pleased when Rui showed up on her doorstep in France. The two spent many happy days together, talking about their childhoods and walking around Paris. Shizuka soon became extremely busy when she started attending college and working as a secretary to an attorney. She spent the rest of her time studying.[20] Meanwhile, rumors of Shizuka's engagement to French politician Jean P. Mayol began spreading around France as well as Japan.[21] She had actually only met Jean once when he proposed to her, though she did not take him seriously. Rui later questioned her about the rumors. Shizuka told him that she had turned Jean down and then reminded Rui that she loved him.[6] Despite her assurances, Rui, who was often left alone in Shizuka's apartment, eventually returned by himself to Japan.[20]

In late December, Shizuka was sent on a business trip to Toronto, Canada. She went to Vancouver first on the off chance that the F4 were staying at Tsukasa's villa. There she was mistaken for a burglar by Tsukasa, whom attacked her. Shizuka was unconscious for the rest of the night and much of the next day. When she woke up, Shizuka was delighted to see her old friends again saying "I haven't seen you all in such a long time." She chatted with the F4 and Tsukushi near the fireplace that night. Tsukasa, Sojiro, Akira, and Sojiro eventually left in order to gave Shizuka and Rui some time alone.[22]

Physical appearance

Having a "doll"-like appearance, Shizuka was scouted by modelling agencies from early in her childhood. Tsukushi described Shizuka's features as "huge eyes," "flowing chestnut hair," "eyelashes like a doll's," and "translucent skin." She also commented that she had "never seen such a beautiful woman" as Shizuka. This opinion was widely held by others, considering Shizuka worked as a model and won the beauty contests, Teen of Japan and Miss Teen of France. Shizuka later cut her long hair as a symbol of her resolve. She then styled it in a short, curly bob.

Personality and traits

Tsubaki Domyoji described Shizuka as "strong-willed but feminine."[23] From early on, she felt suffocated by her privileged life, comparing herself to a flower in a hothouse. Shizuka long wanted to break free in favor of making her own life. She had high aspirations for herself, deciding to become a lawyer for the poor. Determined, Shizuka could not be strayed from her path once she made up her mind. Love and relationships took a backseat to her ambitions.

Called an "angel" by Tsukushi, Shizuka was an incredibly open and good-natured person. She was indiscriminately kind to everyone no matter their background. As such, Shizuka was a popular person and easily made friends with others.

Behind the scenes

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Marie Eguro as Shizuka

  • She is played by Japanese-American actress Marie Eguro in the 1995 film, Hana Yori Dango.[25] Possibly due to Eguro's heritage, Boston is switched with France as the place Shizuka studied aboard. She returns to Japan after two years. At her birthday party, she announces that she will go to New York, where she will start from the "very beginning." Tsukushi later begs her to stay for Rui's sake. Shizuka then gives her some advice that is vital to the film's resolution.

Shizuka in the anime



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