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"I guess I did gain something from getting hurt. I never thought you'd be coming to see me. Do you remember, back in middle school, what I said to you by the shoe locker? You never answered me."
—Shingo to Tsukushi[src]

Shingo Oribe (織部 慎吾 (おりべ しんご) Oribe Shingo) was the half-brother of Junpei Oribe. He attended the same middle school as Tsukushi Makino, whom he had had a crush on. In high school, he started dating a classmate who reminded him of Tsukushi. Shingo later went to a middle school reunion where he was attacked by someone Tsukushi knew.


Early life[]

His father had an affair which resulted in his younger brother Junpei being born. Shingo's mother and father adopted Junpei when he was three. The two were close as young children and found out in late elementary school that they were not full brothers.[2]

Middle school[]

In middle school, Shingo had a crush on Tsukushi Makino. He confessed his feelings to her, but she never answered him. They went on to different high schools.[3][4]

High school[]


Tsukushi visits Shingo at his home

"I guess I did gain something from getting hurt. I never thought you'd be coming to see me. Do you remember, back in middle school... What I said to you by the shoe locker?"
—Shingo reminisces when Tsukushi visits him[src]

In his second year of high school, Shingo went to a gathering with his former middle school friends. He mentioned to Tsukushi that his brother was attending Eitoku Academy and that he had told him "that [she] had kind of a rough time [there]." Shingo was then attacked by a stranger and rendered unconscious.[3] His friends helped him back home. He had little memory of what happened. The next day, Shingo was resting in bed when Tsukushi visited him. He was happy to see her and reminisced about confessing his feelings to her during middle school. He then revealed that he had a girlfriend, whom reminded him of Tsukushi. Junpei barged into the room shortly.[4] Shingo introduced him to Tsukushi and commented "We don't look alike, do we?" After talking for a bit more, Tsukushi headed out.[5]

Physical appearance[]

Shingo had a normal appearance with overall likable features. He often pointed out that he did not look like his brother, though there was a familial resemblance. In middle school, Shingo pretty much looked the same, even styling his hair in a similar fashion. His clothes were typically comfortable, casual clothing.

Personality and traits[]

He was generally a happy, easy-going person. For example, Shingo did not seem to be bothered about being attacked. He was sad about Tsukushi never answering his confession, though he did raise a fuss about it. Shingo instead focused on the present. His personality also made him popular as he had many friends. Junpei hinted that he had a strained relationship with Shingo, whom thought it "ridiculous" for him to go after Tsukushi instead of a model.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Shingo first appears in chapter eight-three of Boys Over Flowers.
  • In the Boys Over Flowers anime (1997), Junpei's brother is mentioned in two episodes. However, he has no connection to Tsukushi nor is he mentioned by name. Instead he takes the place of Junpei's friend who was hurt by Tsukasa in the manga.
  • He does not appear in Meteor Garden (2001), but Si (Tsukasa) attacks Xiao Shun (Junpei) in the same way that Tsukasa hurt Shingo in the manga.
  • Similar to the anime, he takes the place of Junpei's friend in Hana Yori Dango: The Musical (2016). Junpei targets Tsukasa in order to get revenge for his brother whom he injured.




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