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"I've never been truly in love. I figured I'd end up in a marriage of convenience. I was so sure my parents would bring me a spoiled little rich boy. But Domyoji's not bad. He's got class, but he's rough around the edges. He's a breath of fresh air. I thought, maybe my life won't be so bad, after all."
—Shigeru to Tsukushi[src]

Shigeru Okawahara (大河原 滋 (おおかわはら しげる) Ōkawahara Shigeru) was the only child of the Okawahara family. She was a student at Eirin Academy and later at Eitoku Academy. In high school, her parents arranged an engagement between her and Tsukasa Domyoji. After he rejected her, Shigeru schemed to get him back together with Tsukushi Makino.


Early life[]

Her family was known as "one of Japan's greatest family concerns" and had ties to an American oil company.[1] Shigeru was an only child, which she acknowledged made her self-centered at times. She also had a hard time making friends because of her personality.[2]

High school[]

Shigeru attended Eirin Academy, an elite all girls' school. She seemed bored there, describing the other students as "no fun at all."[2]

Dating Tsukasa[]


Shigeru and Tsukasa share their first kiss together

Shigeru: "What are you saying? Why are you apologizing?! This isn't funny! You make me so mad! Say what you mean! Tsukasa!"
Tsukasa: "You're not the one."
— Shigeru becomes enraged at Tsukasa[src]

Her mother brought Shigeru to meet her fiancé, Tsukasa Domyoji. Shigeru was against it at the time. Tsukasa suddenly grabbed her and dragged her outside, while she was standing next to Tsukushi Makino. Despite her being barefoot with no money, Tsukasa did not feel bad for leaving her. Shigeru jumped on his back and bit his ear before being thrown off. Shigeru became interested in Tsukasa and later went to his school, where she met Tsukushi formally. They were chatting when Tsukasa walked up.[1] Shigeru punched him and said "I suppose I can fall in love with you." When Tsukushi walked off, Shigeru followed her and invited her to tea. She confided in her about wanting a "real love affair." Shigeru sensed that she had annoyed Tsukushi, but she said "Only a little." She then asked for help with Tsukasa.[2]

Shigeru met up with Tsukushi after school and dragged her shopping. The next day, Tsukasa's friends Sojiro Nishikado and Akira Mimasaka invited Shigeru out. She realized they were trying to get her to "give Tsukasa up," though she only mentioned this after forcing them to take her to several places.[3] That night, Tsukasa asked her to date him. She was so happy that she immediately told Tsukushi. However, she soon became impatient with Tsukasa. He showed her little affection, despite promising to "learn to love [her]." She often went to Tsukushi for advice and reassurance.[4] Shigeru later confronted Tsukasa at his school. She told him to kiss her to prove that he did not love Tsukushi. He did so after hesitating. On their next date, they ran into Tsukushi and Rui Hanazawa. Shigeru invited them all to her family's villa.[5]

At the villa, Shigeru and Tsukushi went into the hot springs together. Tsukushi told her "It's great about you and Domyoji." After a while, she found Tsukushi unconscious and yelled for help. Rui ended up saving her. After showing them to their room, Shigeru went to her and Tsukasa's room. He insinuated that he wanted to choose whom he loved, causing her distress.[6] Shigeru took off her robe in a last ditch effort to keep him. He told her to put it back on, before admitting "You're not the one." She threw a chair through a window and pushed him down. Tsukushi came in at that point and quickly left. Shigeru started to cry, saying "I loved you. How could you?" The next morning, after Tsukasa had left, Tsukushi came to say goodbye to Shigeru. She lied to her, claiming that Tsukasa was "passionate last night."[7]

Shigeru's scheme[]


Shigeru wearing the Eitoku uniform

Shigeru: "I did a great bit of acting, if I do say so myself. It made it worth my while to transfer schools. Since Tsukasa turned me down, I felt I had to get you two together. I went through so much trouble."
Tsukushi: "Don't tell me. This wedding..."
Shigeru: "Of course! It's to outsmart Tsukasa's mom! Tsukasa was so shocked at being rejected by you that he became his mother's puppet. So, I got some friends together to put on a show."
— Shigeru explains her scheme to Tsukushi and Tsukasa[src]

Shigeru later transferred to Eitoku and, in order to do so, had her parents donate money for a new hall.[8] She told Tsukushi "I just never wanted to be separated from Tsukasa." She found Tsukasa in the cafeteria and annoyed him by clinging to his arm. Shigeru asked "Can't I stay near you?" to which he said "Are you crazy?" He seemed to accept it when she told him "But I still love you." Later, Shigeru saw Yuriko Asai and her friends corner Tsukushi. She confronted them about saying mean things to her "best friend" and threatened to have them expelled if they continued bullying her. After school, Sakurako Sanjo asked Shigeru to meet on the rooftop and waited to talk until Tsukushi arrived. She declared "I won't let you have Domyoji." Finding Sakurako "interesting," Shigeru hugged her and said "I love people like you!"[9]

Later, a woman walked up while Shigeru was talking to Tsukushi and Rui. She dragged Shigeru inside and explained who the woman was. When Tsukasa walked up, an argument broke out between him and Tsukushi. Shigeru was unable to calm them down, leading to them storming off in opposite directions. Later, Shigeru learned that Tsukushi was planning on studying abroad. She could not convince her otherwise, nor could she get Tsukasa to stop her. The night before the test, Shigeru held a party at Tsukushi's house, perhaps to cause her to fail.[10] When Tsukushi passed, Shigeru asked her "Are you really going?" She replied "I've made my decision." Teacher Urara Aoi, having overheard, wondered why Shigeru wanted Tsukushi to stay and told her to meet her later if she needed help.[11]

The next morning, Shigeru went to pick up Tsukasa from his house but was turned away by Nishida. Shigeru later reported this to Tsukushi and the F3. That afternoon, they all went over to Tsukasa's house. There Tsukushi confronted Tsukasa's mother. Tsukushi decided to end her relationship with Tsukasa. Shigeru shouted at him to go after her, but he did not move.[12] After being pulled from Eitoku, preparations for Shigeru and Tsukasa's wedding were made. Shigeru implemented the last part of her plan after the ceremony. She and Tsukasa boarded a cruise ship. Tsukushi jumped aboard, prompted by a forged letter. Shigeru explained her scheme to bring the couple together, before jumping off the ship. She was pulled onto a smaller boat by their friends as they all waved goodbye to Tsukushi and Tsukasa.[13]

Physical appearance[]

Tsukushi thought of her as pretty, commenting "Any guy would fall for her if she told him she liked him." Shigeru had short, light brown hair which required little to no styling. She had small, thin build. Shigeru's wardrobe consisted of bright, comfortable clothing in a mix of feminine and tomboyish styles.

Personality and traits[]

Due to her background and being an only child, Shigeru had a tendency to be self-centered. She was used to getting whatever she wanted, which made her pushy at times. Tsukushi found her off-putting at first, but grew to like her for her honesty and straightforwardness. Shigeru was also playful and enjoyed joking around, which sometimes caused others not to take her seriously. She used this side of herself to her advantage while scheming to bring Tsukasa and Tsukushi back together.


Shigeru (滋 ; しげる) means "nourishment."[14] Her last name, Okawahara (大河原; おおかわはら), has three kanji. The first kanji means "large" (大),[15] the second "river" (河),[16] and the third "meadow," "field," etc. (原).[17] The kanji can be combined to mean "large river" (大河)[18] and "dry riverbed" (河原).[19]

Behind the scenes[]

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