"I want to stay friends with you. I came tonight because I wanted to tell you that. More than falling in love with Tsukasa, I'm glad that I met you."
—Shigeru to Tsukushi[src]

Shigeru Okawahara (大河原 滋 (おおかわはら しげる) Ōkawahara Shigeru) was a student at Eirin Academy and the heiress of Okawahara Corporation. Her parents arranged an engagement between her and Tsukasa Domyoji. Shigeru developed feelings for Tsukasa, but they ultimately parted ways. She then supported him being with Tsukushi Makino, whom she had befriended.


Early life

She was born into the wealthy Okawahara family, considered "one of Japan's great family fortunes."[3] Shigeru was the only child of her mother and father. Because of this, she tended to be self-centered which in turn made it hard for her to make friends.[4]

High school

Shigeru was a student at Eirin Academy, a school typically aimed for the rich. During her third year, she watched Teen of Japan and thought Tsukushi Makino's performance in it was funny.[4]

Dating Tsukasa

Shigeru cries from happiness after Tsukasa asks her out

"I've never been truly in love. I figured I'd end up in a marriage of convenience. I was so sure my parents would bring me a spoiled little rich boy, but Tsukasa's not bad. He's got class, but rough around the edges. I guess my life might not be all that bad. I've decided it's about time to have myself a real love affair."
—Shigeru quickly takes a liking to Tsukasa[src]

Her parents arranged her engagement to Domyoji Group heir Tsukasa Domyoji. Tsukasa stormed out of the dinner and grabbed Shigeru, before realizing he had the wrong person. His unapologetic attitude annoyed her. She jumped on his back and bit his ear. Embarrassed, he quickly walked off.[1] The next day, Shigeru was curious and went to Eitoku Academy. There she met Tsukushi, whom she recognized from the day prior. Tsukasa walked up shortly and shouted at her. Shigeru then punched him, saying "As your fiancée, it's my job to train you well!"[3] When Tsukushi walked away, Shigeru followed her and dragged her to a cafe to ask her questions. Tsukushi assured her that "nothing" was happening between her and Tsukasa. Shigeru apologized for "causing [her] trouble." Tsukushi replied it was only "a little," leading Shigeru to ask her for help regarding Tsukasa.[4]

After school, Shigeru met up with Tsukushi near her home and dragged her along on a shopping spree. She wanted advice on what kind of clothes Tsukasa liked. At one point, Shigeru saw Tsukushi admiring an outfit. She bought it and handed it to Tsukushi just as they said goodbye.[5] The next day, Sojiro Nishikado and Akira Mimasaka asked her on a date. She realized that they were "trying to make [her] give up on Tsukasa," so Shigeru essentially tortured them on the date. That night, Tsukasa asked her to go out with him, promising "to learn to love [her]." Shigeru later cried to Tsukushi as she recounted what happened.[6] She and Tsukasa then began meeting regularly, though the progress was frustratingly slow for her. Shigeru often sought reassurance from Tsukushi. Eventually, Shigeru told Tsukasa "Prove to me that you don't love Tsukushi anymore." He then kissed her.[7]

Later that day, Shigeru and Tsukasa were on a date when they ran into Tsukushi with Rui Hanazawa. Shigeru then sat with them, calling it a "double date." She invited Tsukushi and Rui to her family's villa since the next day was a holiday. They went there immediately in her car.[8] There Shigeru and Tsukushi went into the hot springs together. When Tsukushi passed out, Shigeru ran around yelling for help. Tsukasa pushed past her, but Rui saved her instead. Later that night, Shigeru tried to seduce Tsukasa by taking off her robe.[9] He told her put her clothes on, leading Shigeru to yell "Don't you feel anything?!" Tsukasa answered "No, I don't" and told her "You're not the one." Then Shigeru threw a chair through the window. She yelled at Tsukasa and pushed him down. Tsukushi happened to walk in and quickly left. Tsukasa encouraged Shigeru to hit him, but she had only tears to shed.[10]

Supporting Tsukushi

Shigeru and Sakurako reveal their group date plan

"Oh, Tsukushi. I didn't answer your question about why Tsukasa broke up with me. He said it's because he still loves you."
—Shigeru to Tsukushi[src]

Tsukasa left early the following morning, while Shigeru decided to remain at the villa. Tsukushi later came to her room to say goodbye. When she mentioned Tsukasa leaving, Shigeru lied to her by insinuating that she had slept with him. Once Tsukushi left, Shigeru started to cry.[11] Over the next few days, a depressed Shigeru stopped going to school. Her mother tried to question her about Tsukushi. Upset, Shigeru said "If you criticize Tsukushi, I won't forgive you." She then requested that the engagement be called off. Later, Shigeru went to Tsukushi's house. Before she could talk, Tsukushi told her "I don't think I'll be able to help you much anymore." Realizing the implication, Shigeru said "Do you hate me now?" She then confessed everything to her and told her "I want to stay friends with you." When Tsukushi said "You can remain my friend forever," Shigeru embraced her.[12]

Some time later, Sojiro invited Shigeru to a party to "cheer up" Tsukasa. Sakurako Sanjo was annoyed and said "[Shigeru had] nothing to do with this." In response, Shigeru said she was Tsukasa's ex-fiancé and Tsukushi's best friend. When Tsukasa arrived, she greeted him cheerfully. Everyone chatted normally until he voiced his annoyance at the whole party. Tsukasa and Sojiro then began fighting. Sakurako quickly pulled Shigeru out of the restaurant. On their way home, Shigeru wondered where Tsukushi had gone.[13] The night before Tsukushi returned, Shigeru and the others all gathered to determine who should lend her a place to stay. It was decided that she would be more comfortable borrowing Shigeru's place. Tsukushi refused at first, but Shigeru eventually talked her into staying. That night, she spent the night there with Tsukushi, Sakurako, and Yuki Matsuoka.[14]

Now good friends, Shigeru and Sakurako organized a group date for themselves, Tsukushi, and Yuki. They met several groups of college students, but rejected them all. Shigeru was not interested in the final group. Sakurako was going to send them away too, until seeing one of the guys whom greatly resembled Tsukasa.[15] The girls were taken aback at first, but tried to carry on with the date as normally as possible. Tsukushi proceeded to make several blunders, resulting in him pouring his drink on her. An angry Shigeru walked out with the others. Outside, the girls were talking before noticing that Tsukushi was gone.[16] Tsukushi was missing for two days, when Tsukasa and Akira met up with her and Sakurako. The girls told him about his look-alike, whom he identified as his supposed cousin. Afterwards, they decided to see if Tsukushi was home.[17]

Moving on

At Tsukushi's house, Shigeru greeted her with a hug. She then encouraged Tsukasa to say what he wanted to say to Tsukushi. When they started arguing, Shigeru, Sakurako, and Akira went into the dining room for tea. Once Tsukushi and Tsukasa joined them, they started talking about his cousin. To everyone's surprise, Tsukushi defended him.[18] After leaving Tsukushi's, the others went to Tsukasa's house. Shigeru was excited about playing "detective." Tsukasa was not interested in her help investigating his cousin. The next day, she dragged Sakurako along to do her own investigation.[19] The girls happened to meet two of the guys from the group date whom revealed they were paid by Tsukasa's cousin to go on the date. Shigeru said to Sakurako "Somehing's a little fishy here, isn't it?" She thought that he had likely fallen in love with Tsukushi, but Sakurako was not so sure.[20]

Later, Shigeru and Sakurako met the F4 at a café. Akira and Sojiro explained to the girls that Tsukasa's so-called cousin was actually an imposter. Tsukasa eventually left.[21] Shigeru went after him, though he told her to "go home." When two guys tried to approach her, Tsukasa's glare sent them running. Shigeru commented on him having "grown gentler" and attributing it to "Tsukushi's influence." Tsukasa asked her why Tsukushi went off with "that guy." Shigeru did not have a real answer, leading Tsukasa to snap at her. He then walked off. Undeterred, Shigeru continued following Tsukasa and brought him some coffee. They both declared it was "awful." Shigeru segued into saying that this was the "norm" and that their world was "a little different." Then, referring to Tsukushi, she said "There's no reason for you to blame yourself for this." On impulse, she hugged him.[22]

Shigeru quickly extricated herself from Tsukasa. She attempted to laugh off the hug as a joke. Tsukasa said her name, but Shigeru interrupted to say that she was going home. She then ran a considerable distance, before collapsing to the ground. Shigeru pictured Tsukushi and said sorry, followed by "I couldn't stand to see Tsukasa like that."[23] About two days later, Tsukushi asked Shigeru to meet. She was self-conscious about what happened with Tsukasa, but Tsukushi only gave her the rent. As Tsukushi left, Shigeru shouted "I love you" which she reciprocated. A couple minutes later, Tsukasa walked in. He told Shigeru "Find yourself a nice guy" and that he still loved Tsukushi. She responded "Oh, that's a relief." Shigeru then asked what his plans. He was unconcerned about his obstacles. Impressed, Shigeru stated "Tsukasa power, full speed ahead."[24]

Continued support

A few days later, Shigeru was invited to a party at Akira's house. There she and the others got dressed in kimono with Sojiro's help. Everyone was happy to see Tsukasa and Tsukushi bickering as usual. Shigeru and Sakurako drank a lot of alcohol and became drunk. She then tried to keep Sakurako awake.[25] Later on, Tsukasa decided to leave the party. Shigeru was opposed to him leaving, saying "Let's drink some more." Tsukushi then burst into the room and then to everyone's surprise declared her feelings for Tsukasa and that they were dating.[26] Tsukushi passed out while Tsukasa hugged her. In the morning, Shigeru was there when she awoke. She told Tsukushi that she was "proud" of her for telling Tsukasa her feelings. When Tsukasa showed up, Shigeru got up to leave to give the couple some time alone. Tsukasa gave her a thumbs-up, which she gave in return, as she was leaving.[27]

Physical appearance

Much like Tsukushi, Shigeru was considered pretty though not overly so. She had short, light brown hair which she always had styled the same way. Tsukushi described Shigeru as having "good figure" with "curves in the right places" and legs that were "slender and long." Shigeru herself also had confidence in her body. Regarding her wardrobe, she liked traditional feminine clothing such as dresses and skirts.

Personality and traits

Being an only child, Shigeru could be self-centered and was use to getting whatever she wanted. As such, she could come off as a pushy person and sometimes even thoughtless. For these reasons, Shigeru had a hard time making friends. Tsukushi initially had these same thoughts of her. However, after getting to know Shigeru, Tsukushi realized that she was actually a nice person, feeling "Girls like her are rare."

Financial strength
Queen attitude

Behind the scenes

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