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"I like to hear the stories of guys like that. They tell me about how they lost their jobs. How they ended up living on the streets. They show how fragile people are. When something happens, if someone isn't beside them, they fall to pieces. That's why you should take good care of your dad. This is hardest on your dad, you know."
—Seinosuke's advice to Tsukushi[src]

Seinosuke Amakusa (天草 清之介 (あまくさ せいのすけ) Amakusa Seinosuke), also known as Kinsan (金さん (きんさん) ), was the former heir of the Amakusa family. He gave up his family name to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. Seinosuke befriended Tsukushi Makino by helping her through hard times. He later developed unrequited feelings for her.


Early life[]


Seinosuke as a child

Seinosuke was born and raised in the Asakusa district of Tokyo.[5] He was the first of two sons.[6] Seinosuke came from a long-line of politicians. His grandfather was once Prime Minister, while his father became a parliament member. Seinosuke was expected to follow in his father's footsteps one day. From his early childhood, he gradually grew tired of the attention he got because of who his father was.[3]

When he was a child, he promised to marry his childhood friend Ayano Kurimaki. He told her about his aspirations to become a sushi chef and she agreed to work alongside him.[7] Their parents had also informally had them engaged, because of the political connection.[8]

High school[]

Seinosuke was a student at Eirin Academy, a rival of Eitoku Academy.[3] He was popular with the girls there, but he took no notice of them.[9] During this time, Seinosuke began working various part-time jobs including one as a ramen delivery person.[10]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Seinosuke scolds Tsukushi after rescuing her

"I was afraid you'd look at me differently. Your dad lost his job, your family was in trouble, and you were working so hard for them. I couldn't leave you alone. Seeing how positive you were, even though you had no one to support you. You were so different from the girls around me who spend their fathers' money like water. I thought I had met the perfect girl."
—Seinosuke to Tsukushi[src]

While delivering a ramen order, Seinosuke saved Tsukushi Makino from three men. Afterwards, he lectured her for getting herself into a dangerous situation, but sympathized with her after she explained her troubles to him.[10] He offered to help her find a job and brought her to a fast-food restaurant. He had helped out there before, so they agreed to hire her.[11] The next day, he volunteered to help Tsukushi when she was struggling with her work. A customer, Tsukasa Domyoji, then ordered two hundred burgers. The ridiculous request angered Seinosuke, who confronted Tsukasa. Tsukushi stepped in and stopped the fight, which ended in Tsukasa storming off.[12] Afterwards, Seinosuke apologized to Tsukushi for fighting with her friend, especially since she was not going to see him for a while.[13]

The following day, Seinosuke noticed that Tsukushi was feeling "down." He invited her to go somewhere on her day off to cheer her up. They met up the next day by the restaurant.[5] The two first visited a shrine in Asakusa, before going to eat soba. At some point, Tsukushi mistakenly thought that Seinosuke was from a similar family as her. He attempted to correct her, but was unable to get a word in. That night, the two parted ways near Tsukushi's home. He still had her handkerchief and followed her to return it. He found her with Tsukasa, who then exposed Seinosuke's background.[1] Tsukushi felt deeply betrayed, yelling "Did you feel sorry me?" He tried to explain himself, but was interrupted by her mother's arrival. Tsukushi followed her mother and Tsukasa back to her house, giving one passing glance to Seinosuke.[14]

Seinosuke waited for Tsukushi by her school's gate the next day. He was able to clear up the misunderstanding. Seinosuke told Tsukushi she was "perfect girl" for him and then invited her to a party his father was holding for him.[3] At his party the next day, Seinosuke announced "I have no desire to follow in my father's footsteps."[15] His father was shocked, but Seinosuke ignored him. He then approached Tsukushi and asked her to be his girlfriend. Tsukasa punched him, before she could reply. The resulting brawl between him and Tsukasa made the national news.[16] The next day, Seinosuke found some girls from his school cornering Tsukushi. He then apologized to her for all of the media attention. She forgave him. Before leaving, he asked Tsukushi to think about being his girlfriend.[9]

Teen of Japan[]


Seinosuke meets Ayano and Tsukushi backstage

"How about you and me repaying that loan together? Of course, I have no intention of going to my father for help so I don't know how long it'll take. I want to be there for you. If there's anything that you don't like, I want to protect you from it. Please. Leave everything to me."
—Seinosuke's offer to Tsukushi[src]

A few days later, Seinosuke was on his way to see Tsukushi when he coincidentally met her at the park. She explained to him about getting a loan from Tsukasa to cover her father's debts and entering Teen of Japan to pay it back. Seinosuke asked "Why is it Domyoji you turn to at a time like this?" He then questioned whether she was in love with Tsukasa, before advising her not to enter the contest. Ayano, whom he had just been speaking about, then showed up and introduced herself to Tsukushi.[17] The day before the contest, Seinosuke apologized to Tsukushi for how "emotional" he had become the other day. He then offered to help her pay back the loan, saying "I want to be there for you." Tsukushi thanked him for "the thought," but refused his offer. Seinosuke wished her "good luck" as they parted ways.[18]

On Christmas Eve, Seinosuke watched the first round of Teen of Japan play out from the back of the auditorium. He was amazed when Tsukasa held up a banner to encourage Tsukushi.[19] After the second round, Seinosuke went backstage to meet Tsukushi and Ayano who were just declared the finalists. He asked Ayano why she left home without telling her parents. She became emotional and reminded him of his promise to marry her. He looked to Tsukushi and said "It's her that I..." Tsukushi then interrupted and asked him to meet her after the contest was over.[7] After the final round, Tsukushi met Seinosuke by the moat outside the venue. She confessed that she liked him, but something was not "quite right." Seinosuke took it calmly and told her to call him if she ever needed help as he walked away.[20]

Living on his own[]


Seinosuke meets Tsukushi on an overpass

Tsukasa: "You plan to become a sushi chef after you graduate?"
Seinosuke: "What else would you expect? Well, there was a little trouble before I got to this point. But, my little brother's going to be taking over the business, so... I'm not made to stand in the front lines."
— Seinosuke and Tsukasa chat[src]

Seinosuke decided to leave his family's home after a fight with his father. He moved into his own apartment and started training at night to become a sushi chef, while still attending school by day.[6] Some months later, Seinosuke saw a person who appeared to be trying to commit suicide. He grabbed the person and shouted "If you jump here, you'll cause a car accident, idiot!" It took him a few moments to recognize Tsukushi.[21] He brought her back to his apartment, where she explained that she was not trying to hurt herself. She told him that she was now homeless due to her apartment floor caving in. He asked her about Tsukasa, leading her to admit "I don't dislike him, but I just can't open up my heart." After she fell asleep, Seinosuke called the Domyojis'. Tsukasa's sister came and picked her up.[6]

One day, while working at Hanazushi, Seinosuke's boss had asked him to deliver an order just as he spotted Tsukasa on television. He was shocked by Tsukasa's decision to go to New York to train in running a business for four years.[22] Seinosuke later invited Tsukasa to Hanazushi at his boss's urging. Tsukasa came by with Tsukushi that evening. Seinosuke greeted them and declared "I'm going to make you some tasty sushi you'll never find in America." As they sat down, he and Tsukushi began reminiscing about the last time they saw each other. Ayano walked in shortly and began chatting with Tsukushi. Tsukasa and Seinosuke started discussing their futures casually. He ended with telling Tsukasa "If you break her heart, you'll have to answer to me." Seinosuke then invited the girls to start eating.[4]

Physical appearance[]

Seinosuke had short, brown hair which he wore in a spiky style, likely using some hair product to keep it up. When his hair became wet, his bangs would fall down onto his forehead. Seinosuke was handsome, though according to Tsukushi, his clothes looked like they "belong[ed] in a period drama." This could have distracted from his looks somewhat. Tsukushi also thought he looked two to three years older than his actual age.

Personality and traits[]

He was particularly notable for being a kind and helpful person, whom always looked out for others in need. Tsukushi nicknamed him "Kinsan" after Toyama no Kinsan, an Edo era samurai whom supposedly helped commoners.[24] Seinosuke was proud of his heritage, his family having lived in Tokyo for several generations. He also credited his ancestry for his fighting skills, which rivaled Tsukasa's.

Seinosuke had no interest in politics or becoming a politician like his father. He additionally disliked the attention he got because of his father's position. Seinosuke had a strong respect for hard workers, taking a liking to Tsukushi because of her devotion to her family.

Financial strength

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Seinosuke plays an important role in the "Kinsan" and "TOJ" arcs of Boys Over Flowers. He debuts in chapter fifty-two.
  • Yoko Kamio was asked which of her characters she would like as a boyfriend. Though she did not like the question, she answered "If I had to choose I'd pick Seinosuke."[25]
  • Xiao Shun from Meteor Garden (2001) is partly based on Seinosuke. He shares actions with Seinosuke, such as saving Shan Cai (Tsukushi) from some photographers and helping her find a job.


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