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"There's nobody else that cares this much about me. That's how I truly feel right now."
—Sara tells Sojiro about her fiancé[src]

Sara Hinata (日向 更 (ひなた さら) Hinata Sara) was a childhood friend of Sojiro Nishikado, whom was her first love. She taught a tea ceremony club for a while in Tokyo. Sara became friends with Yuki Matsuoka when she joined the club. She later moved to the countryside after getting engaged.


Early life[]

Sara and Sojiro Nishikado were childhood friends. She was close to his family, including his older brother Shoichiro. When Shoichiro left the family, Sara cried due to the shock of the situation. In 2006, Sara asked Sojiro to meet her at a certain building on Valentine's Day. She had planned to confess her feelings to him. However, Sojiro did not show up and the two lost contact shortly after.[1]

Post-high school[]

Her father was a real estate agent and Sara sometimes helped him out with his business.[2] At some point, Sara began teaching a tea ceremony club. Yuki Matsuoka joined in January 2007.[3] Sara later helped Yuki's friend, Tsukushi Makino, find an apartment.[2] One day, Sojiro and his friend Akira Mimasaka visited the club. Seeing him, Sara quickly hid before he could notice her. She then gathered her things and watched him leave a few minutes later.[4] The next day, Sara quit the club and went away to live in the mountains. She began dating the son of her father's friend. He was a potter and had already "drawn a lot of attention in the world of ceramics." A week later, Sojiro found Sara at her new home. They talked for a bit and she told him that she was thinking about getting married to her boyfriend.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Sara was a young girl in her late teens. She had a medium-length bob cut and the ends curled toward her face. Sara used a hair clip to keep her bangs away from her eyes. She usually wore warm, comfortable clothing, such as sweaters, coats, and scarves.

Personality and traits[]

She was a kind and caring person with a quiet manner. Sara liked to offer her help to others, such as when she found an apartment for Tsukushi. She was also knowledgeable about Japanese tea ceremony. Sara probably picked up this skill by being around Sojiro's house as a child.


Her given name Sara (更; さら) can be written with a variety of kanji.[5] She uses one kanji (更) which can mean "again," "further," "renew," etc.[6] Her surname, Hinata (日向; ひなた), is a common given name as well as a surname.[7] It contains two kanji. The first (日) means "day" or "sun"[8] and the second (向) means "yonder" or "beyond."[9]

Behind the scenes[]

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