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"That means I have a chance. Tsukushi's 17 and I'm 5. A 12 year age difference isn't so bad!"
—Ryusuke has a crush on Tsukushi[src]

Ryusuke Hayama (葉山 龍介 (はやま りゅうすけ) Hayama Ryūsuke), nicknamed Ryu (リュウ () ), was the heir to the Hayama Konzern. He was a lonely child due to his parents often being away from home. During the Teen of Japan contest, he met Tsukushi Makino and developed a crush on her. He later spent Christmas with her and Tsukasa Domyoji.


Early life

Ryusuke was born into a wealthy family as the future heir of the Hayama Konzern.[2] His parents were often busy and spent a lot of time overseas, leaving Ryusuke by himself in Japan.[3] He had three close friends, whom he was also considered the de facto leader of.[1]

Meeting Tsukushi

Tsukasa carries Ryusuke on his shoulders

Tsukushi: "Why don't you have your mommy and daddy play with you?"
Ryusuke: "My mommy and daddy aren't in Japan. I just get a big present from them at Christmas."
— Ryusuke comes to spend Christmas with Tsukushi[src]

Ryusuke and his classmates served as judges in the final round of Teen of Japan. The contestants, Tsukushi Makino and Ayano Kurimaki, were tasked with playing with the children whom would then pick who they liked best. Ryusuke and his friends first approached Tsukushi. They were extremely rude to her. She challenged Ryusuke to play kendama, which he was unable to do. He then challenged her to do several other stunts, earning his respect in the process.[1] Afterwards, the contestants and children were brought back to the stage. They were asked to chose one contestant, which Ryusuke refused to do. He yelled "I can't pick one! We all played together!" Several other children followed suit, refusing to pick either contestant. In the end, the judges chose the winner based on overall points.[4]

The next day, Ryusuke obtained Tsukushi's address and went to her house to spend Christmas with her. He told her that his parents were away from Japan, leading her to bring him along to meet Tsukasa Domyoji. Ryusuke and Tsukasa got off to a rough start.[3] They first went to eat parfaits. Ryusuke asked Tsukushi and Tsukasa if they were "lovers." Based on their reactions, he said "That means I have a chance." Tsukasa squabbled with him, eventually resulting in Ryusuke crying. Next, they went to the zoo where Tsukasa carried him on his shoulders.[2] He fell asleep in Tsukasa's arms and accidentally peed. Tsukasa threw him in the air, but Tsukushi caught him. She brought him to her house and cheered him up there. Before he went home, Ryusuke told her not to tell anyone about what happened.[5]

Physical appearance

Ryusuke was an adorable young child with a round face and big brown eyes. His short, brown hair was combed to left side of his face. During Teen of Japan, he wore his school's uniform like his classmates. On Christmas, he wore a white button-down shirt and sweater with a bow tie.

Personality and traits

Upon meeting them, Tsukushi compared him and his friends to the F4. Ryusuke was the most like Tsukasa, whom was also the leader of his friend group. Like Tsukasa, he hid his loneliness behind a false sense of superiority. This was first shown when he was rude to Tsukushi, whom he thought below him since her family was poor. He later developed a crush on her, claiming a twelve-year age difference was not too bad. Ryusuke also used his family's wealth to show off, something Tsukasa was prone to do.

Behind the scenes

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Snoopy Yu as Xiao Long

  • A version of Ryusuke, named Wang Xiao Long, appears in the eighth episode of Meteor Garden (2001). In this account, Xiao Long is the son of Shan Cai's neighbor, who asks her to babysit. Like in the manga, he accompanies Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si to the zoo, and falls asleep while Si holds him. Xiao Long is played by now singer, Snoopy Yu.
  • Four kids similar to Ryusuke and his friends appear in the final episode of Hana Yori Dango (2005). Tsukushi exclaims that they are "just like the F4" upon seeing them during the TOJ contest. She eventually wins them over.

Wang Yi Nuo as Xiao Long

  • In the Meteor Garden remake (2018), Ryusuke is also named Xiao Long and is played by Wang Yi Nuo in two episodes.[8] His mother drops him off at Shan Cai's house. She takes him on her date with Dao Ming Si, which irritates Si. Xiao Long later falls asleep in Si's arms and accidentally pees on him. Shan Cai promises to not tell his mother, though she jokingly does so anyway.



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