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"If it happens, it happens. If not, it won't. There are some things you can't do anything about."
—Rui to Tsukushi[src]

Rui Hanazawa (花沢 類 (はなざわ るい) Hanazawa Rui) was a student at Eitoku Academy. He was a member of the F4 with his best friends, Tsukasa Domyoji, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka. Rui had feelings for Shizuka Todo and followed her to France, though he later returned home. He became good friends with Tsukushi Makino during high school.


Early life[]


Rui and Tsukasa as children

Rui was born into the wealthy Hanazawa family. His father was "super strict" with him, due to Rui being his only son and heir. Rui subsequently became extremely "introverted." His friends, Tsukasa Domyoji, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka, were unable to help him. Shizuka Todo, whom was two years their elder, came along and slowly "drew [Rui] out" of his shell.[4] Later during elementary school, he had a teddy bear which Tsukasa wanted. When Rui refused to give it to him, Tsukasa grabbed the bear and ripped it by accident. Instead of being mad, Rui told him "good morning" the next day with a smile.[5]

High school[]

He and his friends had gained the name, F4, by the time they were in high school. It stood for "Flower 4." The group was known for giving red cards to students who annoyed them. Rui had no interest in handing out red cards, being more concerned with finding a spot to nap.[6]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Rui meets Tsukushi at the emergency exit

"I like it here. You can't hear the noisy fighting in the halls. Oh yeah... Do you know the time difference between Japan and France?"
Shizuka's arrival puts Rui in a good mood while speaking to Tsukushi[src]

Rui had briefly made eye contact once with Tsukushi Makino sometime before her friend angered Tsukasa. Tsukushi protected her friend and got the red card instead. Rui next saw Tsukushi when she screamed her frustrations at the emergency exit. The two talked briefly. Later the same day, Rui saved her from being assaulted. She thanked him, but he responded "Don't get the wrong idea. I just don't like this sort of thing."[6] The next day, Tsukushi thanked him again. He coldly told her would have done otherwise if she was going to be a "pest." Tsukushi voiced hopes of seeing him at the emergency exit again. He responded "Then I won't go there again." Later that day, Rui ran into Tsukushi on his way home. She asked him if there was something money could not buy. He answered "air" and smiled.[7]

The next day, Rui's met Tsukushi at the emergency exit again. He was much nicer to her since he was in good mood about Shizuka's impending arrival. Later that day, Rui was kissing Shizuka's poster for her Tahiti campaign when Tsukushi happened by. She criticized his behavior. Rui then guessed correctly that Tsukushi had a crush on him. He kissed her on the cheek, saying "You were wishing for that, weren't you?"[4] Rui embraced Shizuka when she arrived at Eitoku Academy the next day. That night, Rui was somewhat "glum" seeing Shizuka interact with the other guys. When Sojiro and Tsukasa pointed out his mood, he became embarrassed. He attempted to cover it up by blaming it on Shizuka's "practically naked" photos. She assured him that it was just her job as a model.[8]

Later, Rui protected Tsukushi when she and her friend, Kazuya Aoike, were targeted by bullies. Tsukasa became angry with him but Rui was firm. He tried to grab Tsukushi out of Rui's arms, resulting in them both dropping her. Tsukasa then declared "Our friendship is over," before storming off. Tsukushi later thanked Rui and apologized about Tsukasa, to which he replied "It wasn't your fault." The next day, Tsukasa ran into Rui who asked him "Come to make up?" Tsukasa stormed off again.[9] During summer vacation, Akira, Sojiro, and Shizuka brought Rui to Atami on Tsukasa's yacht. Tsukasa did not know until the last second. Once there, they met Tsukushi on the beach. Shizuka invited her to that night's party and had Rui encourage her to come, which he did. At the party, Rui danced the first dance with Shizuka.[10]



Rui kisses Tsukushi's forehead before going to France

Rui: "You play with people's feelings, then smile as if it's all a game, and disappear when people get hurt."
Shizuka: "Rui, that's not what I meant..."
Rui: "You're toying with me! Stop it! You think I care about Tsukushi Makino? Get real. The only one I want in my arms is..."
— Rui becomes angry when Shizuka insinuates he likes Tsukushi[src]

The next night, Shizuka outright said that Rui liked Tsukushi. He laughed and accused her of playing with his feelings. He then dragged her into a room. He kissed her but stopped due to her calm demeanor. She told him that she was alright and leaned in to kiss him again, just as Tsukasa burst in and invited them to eat squid. Rui went upstairs by himself and spoke to Tsukushi whom revealed that she saw him with Shizuka. Crying, she said "Please don't hate me." He answered "If I hated you, would I have helped you?"[11] Back to school, Rui met Tsukushi at the emergency exit. He was a bit rude and seemed to have something on his mind.[12] A few minutes later, Shizuka walked up the stairs. She asked him to accompany her to a photo shoot to avoid being asked out by the guys there. He agreed to take her.[13]

Some days later, Rui attended Shizuka's twentieth birthday party. He was blindsided when she announced her decision to return to France. Rui quietly left the party, asking Tsukushi to tell the others about him leaving. The following day, he briefly spoke about Shizuka leaving to Tsukushi. He told her "Once she makes up her mind, she's set."[14] Later the same day, Rui overheard Tsukushi begging Shizuka to remain in Japan for his sake. He confronted Tsukushi for speaking on his behalf, causing her to run off in tears. Frustrated with himself, Rui sat down and exclaimed "Damn it!" Sometime later, he watched Shizuka's departure from behind a pillar. When he appeared, Tsukushi yelled at him to go after her. He then revealed his ticket and kissed Tsukushi's forehead as a way of thanking her.[2]

Return to Japan[]


Rui surprises his friends when he returns home

"Shizuka started college again. During the day she went to school, and at night she worked as a secretary to a lawyer. From the time the door closed until it opened again, I twiddled my thumbs alone. I thought of the time you first told Tsukasa off. It was true. I realized that once I left our school I was completely helpless."
—Rui tells Tsukushi about his time with Shizuka[src]

To Tsukushi, Rui described his time in France as "the first time in my life that every single day was filled with happiness." It, however, was "short-lived." Rui was alone for long periods when Shizuka returned to school and began working. He returned to Japan shortly after rumors of Shizuka's engagement to a politician broke out.[15] Rui arrived at school the day after landing, wanting to surprise everyone. Tsukasa claimed that he and Tsukushi were dating. Rui replied "That's too bad." The next day, Rui and the others went out to a club where he flirted with a random girl. The day after that, Tsukushi met him at the emergency exit. She tried to ask about Shizuka, but he cut her off to ask if she was really dating Tsukasa. When she said no, he replied "Why don't you forget Tsukasa and go out with me?"[16]

Rui claimed that he was only "joking," though he continued to flirt Tsukushi anyway. He told her "You've gotten a lot cuter" as she left. Later that day, he accompanied the others on their way to Tsukasa's island. Rui went to beach that night. Tsukushi happened to walk up. He asked her to hold him.[17] After a few minutes, Rui let go and began telling her about his time in France. They were interrupted by Tsukushi's pager which she then left behind. The next day, he gave the pager to Tsukasa to pass on to Tsukushi. Kazuya arrived shortly with news of Shizuka's betrothal. When Sojiro questioned him, Rui replied "It's over." That night, Tsukushi met him at the beach again. She admitted that she could not stop thinking about him. He then kissed her, saying "Why didn't I fall for a woman like you?"[15]

Tsukasa discovered Rui with Tsukushi and proceeded to punch him in the face. In the morning, he and the others took Kazuya's boat home after Tsukasa departed on his jet. Rui held Tsukushi's hand, saying "Don't worry I'm here." When they returned to school, Akira and Sojiro confronted him. Rui admitted "I know what I did to Tsukasa was wrong." Tsukasa interrupted to declare that Rui was no longer in the F4. Later that day, Rui asked Tsukushi on a date.[18] Before meeting Tsukushi that weekend, Rui had his hair cut short since "it was getting too long." He told Tsukushi that their date was his first. They went to a restaurant, where he accidentally walked in on Tsukushi in the bathroom. He insisted it was not his fault. At the end of the date, Rui invited her back to his house. He soon fell asleep exhausted from the day.[19]

F4 Showdown[]


Rui kisses Tsukushi to distract Tsukasa during the match

Sojiro: "You're still not over Shizuka?"
Rui: "That's part of it. But I do have to try to forget her."
Sojiro: "So what else is there?"
Rui: "I just can't betray Tsukasa. He and I have been friends for thirteen years. Since we were kids."
— Rui decides not to pursue Tsukushi[src]

The next day, Rui overhead Yuriko Asai accusing Tsukushi of deceiving him. He interrupted and told her "Sounds like the pots are calling the kettle black." Before she could retort, Tsukasa arrived with the announcement "Rui Hanazawa is no longer a member of the F4."[20] He then revealed his intentions to have Rui and Tsukushi expelled. Rui seemed resigned to it. The next day, Tsukasa attempted to blackmail the principal but was stopped by his sister. Rui stepped in and said "I won't allow for Makino to be expelled." Tsukasa's sister suggested they settle the matter with sports and Rui proposed a game of three-on-three basketball. That evening, Tsukushi and Kazuya were nervous about their chances of winning. Rui reassured them and told Tsukushi "I won't let him expel us, I have something I want to protect, too."[21]

Despite Rui's best efforts, Tsukasa's team lead for most of the game. He got an idea and kissed Tsukushi on her forehead, thus using Tsukasa's jealously against him. Rui scored several points due to Tsukasa's fouls. At less than a minute, Rui tried a two-point throw with Tsukushi but she missed. Kazuya scored one point, resulting in a near tie. Tsukasa then surprised everyone by calling off the match.[22] Afterwards, Rui and the others, except Tsukasa, went to the Domyojis' house to celebrate. Sojiro asked Rui how far he and Tsukushi had gone. Learning that they had only kissed, Sojiro and Akira locked them in a room together. There Rui told Tsukushi that he was unsure of his feelings for her and that he possibly used her to forget Shizuka. He apologized to her, though she insisted that she had "no regrets."[23]

The next day, Tsukasa told his friends that he was going to [[New York City|New York. Rui later asked Tsukushi if she wanted Tsukasa to leave, to which she answered "I have no right to stop him." He borrowed her voice recorder and recorded "Nothing happened between Makino and me" on it. Just before Tsukasa boarded the plane, Rui gave it to him.[5] A couple days later, Rui went with everyone to meet Tsukasa in Canada. Tsukushi later asked him if he saw her friend Yuki Matsuoka, whom Yuriko claimed she saw leave. After Tsukushi ran outside, Rui went to borrow the car keys and found Yuki. He confronted Yuriko for lying.[24] Tsukasa went out after Tsukushi. Rui was worried he would get lost too, but Tsukasa assured him "I'm going to save her." They returned safe the next morning.[25]

Tsukasa's mother[]


Tsukasa wakes up Rui to show off his present

Sojiro: "Tsukasa's mother... I've only met her three times, but she hasn't changed at all."
Rui: "Remember what she said when we visited during middle school?"
Rui, Sojiro, and Akira: "If you insist on associating with these boys, your brain will rot and melt away!"
— Rui discusses Tsukasa's mother with Sojiro and Akira[src]

The F4 returned to school sometime later. Rui noticed a blank look on Tsukasa's face after he had had a fight with Tsukushi earlier. He asked Tsukasa "What are you daydreaming?," leading the other two guys to tease him. Tsukasa then yelled at them.[26] A few days later, Tsukasa seemed to have gone missing. The guys went to his house to ask him about Tsukushi receiving a red card. When he seemed confused about it, Rui said "I figured it wasn't you." A message then arrived for Tsukasa to go alone to the old gym. After he had been gone for a while, Akira wanted to go after him but Rui insisted that they kept waiting.[27] Tsukasa and Tsukushi were sent to the hospital. Rui and the other two went to get revenge on Tsukasa's attackers. They brought him photos of them all beaten up.[28]

After Tsukushi was released from the hospital, she came to school with a strange new haircut. Rui offered to fix it for her. Tsukasa found him cutting Tsukushi's hair at the emergency exit. Rui ignored Tsukasa's annoyance and left after finishing her hair. That Sunday, he, Sojiro, and Akira greeted Tsukushi when she arrived at Tsukasa's party. They talked to her about Tsukasa's mother whom they all called "scary."[29] During the party, Kaede began interrogating Tsukushi. Rui lied to Kaede by saying Tsukushi's father was the "president of Makino & Co." The lie was soon exposed, leading to Tsukasa and Tsukushi escaping the party together. Later that night, Rui went to a bar with Sojiro and Akira. He brought up the time they first met Kaede and the guys grimaced, realizing the troubles ahead.[30]

The following morning, Rui was awoken early by a visit from Tsukasa. He came to show Rui the cookies Tsukushi had baked for him. Rui said "That's great" and took a bite of one. Tsukasa then kicked him and yelled at him to "spit it out!"[31] Afterwards, Rui and Tsukasa met the other guys at Sojiro's house. Tsukasa was still happily showing off the cookies. Sojiro and Akira asked him questions about his night with Tsukushi. Rui joined in a little but was mostly silent.[32] A couple days later, Rui did not sleep well and ended up going to school late. He met Tsukushi at the emergency exit. She offered to give him a head massage. After a few minutes, he noticed that her face was red and thought she had a fever. However, Rui soon realized she was blushing. He told her "Don't look at me like that" and quickly left.[33]

Enter Shigeru[]


Rui and Tsukushi hear a loud noise at Shigeru's villa

"You like to stuff everything inside of you like that, huh? Why don't you just be honest, for once? How long are you going to pretend you don't feel what you do? You and Tsukasa..."
—Rui criticizes Tsukushi for ignoring her feelings[src]

That night, Rui was at Tsukasa's house with Sojiro and Akira. Sojiro felt that they had to get Shigeru Okawahara away from Tsukasa. Rui refused to "get involved." Tsukasa then arrived home after walking home in the rain and passed by without acknowledging them.[34] Some days later, Tsukushi told Rui about Shigeru's visits. She asked him to talk to Tsukasa about being nicer to Shigeru. He refused to get involved again. They then overheard Tsukasa and Shigeru arguing below them.[35] After seeing them kiss, Rui asked Tsukushi if she was shocked. She denied it and began to ramble. When Rui pointed that out, she threw her shoe at him. Some days later, he met Tsukushi and stopped for tea. They ran into Shigeru and Tsukasa there. She invited them to her family's villa, which Rui accepted because of the hot springs.[36]

Shortly after arriving at the villa, Rui left Tsukushi with Shigeru and Tsukasa to go to the hot springs. Once his bath was over, Shigeru ran past Rui shouting about Tsukushi passing out. He carried her still unconscious to a room, which Shigeru said they were to share. Tsukushi woke up and was embarrassed about Rui seeing "all of [her]." He insisted "I couldn't help it in that situation."[37] Once they laid down to go to sleep, Tsukushi asked him to hold her hand and he obliged. They then heard a noise coming from Tsukasa and Shigeru's room. Despite Rui's warnings, Tsukushi went to investigate and returned in nervous state. On their way home in the morning, she talked to Rui about seeing Tsukasa and Shigeru together. He told her "You feel bad because it was Tsukasa," which she denied.[38]

Later, Rui told Sojiro and Akira about what that happened at Shigeru's villa. Tsukushi became angry with him for telling them about it. Rui started to criticize for "stuff[ing] everything inside" such as her feelings for Tsukasa. She then suddenly said "You came running back from Paris." Now hurt, Rui explained that she had "something precious" but refused to reach for it, adding "How can you possibly understand how I feel?"[39] The next day, Sojiro and Akira invited him and Tsukasa to a new club. They both declined, disappointing the other two. Rui played his violin in the courtyard the next day. Tsukushi commented that he had not played in a while, leading him to confess he felt he could not hear the "violin's voice anymore." She questioned if it was because of Shizuka, but Rui replied "No. I'm the one who ran away."[40]

Shizuka returns[]


Rui and Shizuka are reunited

Rui: "I hear you're taking the exchange program exam. Why would you do that?"
Tsukushi: "You're going away. I want to go away and reinvent myself, too."
Rui: "Is that really what you want? Going far away won't guarantee that you'll change. Don't run away. Take stock of your feelings."
— Rui's advice to Tsukushi[src]

The next day, Tsukushi informed Rui about Shigeru transferring to their school. Shigeru herself joined the pair shortly. She suggested for them to go on another trip. He agreed as long as there was a hot spring bath.[41] Then Shizuka walked up saying "I've come for you." Tsukushi and Shigeru quickly left, allowing Shizuka to say that she wanted him to come back with her. Rui told her "I can't do anything for you." She smiled and said "You can play your violin for me." Rui then embraced her, saying "From now on, I'll always stay by your side." He later told Tsukushi about his plans to leave school to be with Shizuka in France. He then played his violin for her, able to hear it once more. Sometime later, Rui learned about Tsukushi's plans to study abroad. He questioned her about it and advised her to "take stock of [her] feelings."[42]

When the exam results were posted, Rui and Tsukasa were both silent upon seeing that Tsukushi had passed.[43] The following day, Tsukushi asked him, Sojiro, and Akira if they had seen Tsukasa. None of them had. Later, Shigeru informed them that she was turned away at Tsukasa's house. After school, they all decided to go see him. Tsukushi had a confrontation with Tsukasa's mother there. Ultimately, she ended her relationship with Tsukasa after he jumped through two windows to get to her.[44] Rui later departed Japan to be with Shizuka in France. However, he still played a part in Shigeru's scheme to bring Tsukasa and Tsukushi together. Rui forged a letter in Tsukasa's handwriting, believing it was the only way to make Tsukushi angry. He was right and it lead to the couple finally being together.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Like his friends, Rui was known for being handsome. Their group was dubbed "F4," meaning Flower Four, because of their good looks. Rui had short, brown-colored hair which paired well with his down-turned, blue eyes. His wardrobe consisted of stylish but comfortable clothing.

Personality and traits[]

Rui was a quiet, introverted individual. He first developed these qualities as a child, due his father's strictness. His family became worried he would need psychiatrist, before Shizuka helped him come out of his shell. Rui could come off as callous at times. This was due to him having little interest in strangers. He generally only cared about his small group of friends. It was rare that he opened himself to new people, making Tsukushi an exception.

Behind the scenes[]

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Rui in the film

  • Yamamoto also voices Rui in Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997).[47] It is set in a different universe, in which Rui is a talented songwriter and musician at a dance studio, where his friends work as well. Rui has feelings for Shizuka, a ballerina who asks him to come to Paris with her. He kisses her though their ending is kept ambiguous. Rui also develops a friendship with Tsukushi, an aspiring dancer.



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