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Roselyn Paramaanantra (Thai: รสลิน ปรมอนันต์) was the Chief Executive Officer of the Parama Group. She was the mother Tia Aiyawarin and Thyme Akira Paramaanantra.


Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]


Roselyn means "pretty rose" in English[3] Roselyn (รสลิน) in Thai partly means "taste," "flavor" (รส)[4] while the later half appears to be a suffix (ลิน).[5] Her surname Paramaanantra means "great" (ปรม)[6] and "countless," "infinite" (อนันต์).[7]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • In November 2021, Bishop revealed her first name to be Rosaryn via an Instagram post, though the spelling is actually Roselyn.[10]
  • Being born in 1978, Bishop is six years younger than her character who was born in 1972.



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