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"She was serious and had a strong sense of justice. She was quick to get mad. When she got mad she'd hit me. Not with her, but with her fist!!"
Matsutaro describes Rika[src]

Rika (里香 (りか) ) was the girlfriend of Matsutaro Yoshimatsu. They met while attending school together in their hometown of Yokohama. During a trip, Rika and Matsutaro had a huge fight which resulted in her leaving him there. She returned for him several months later. They became engaged and Rika went to Italy with him to support his dreams.


Early life[]

Rika was from Yokohama.[2] She attended high school there and was president of her class. Rika was also in the same class as Matsutaro Yoshimatsu, whom she was always scolding. They began dating at some point.[3]

Young adulthood[]

After high school, Matsutaro was unable to get into art college and began doing odd jobs. Rika grew frustrated with him for running from his problems and not taking any action. They later went on a trip to a remote fishing village.[2] There they had a huge fight. Rika yelled at him "I can't put up with you any longer" and ran away, leaving him there by himself.[3] Some months later, Rika regretted her actions and returned to the village. She found Matsutaro on the beach. Rika jumped into his arms first, before punching him. They then smiled and embraced again.[4] Later, Rika moved to Italy with Matsutaro where he became a successful artist. They became engaged at some point.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Matsutaro said that Tsukushi Makino resembled Rika.[3] She had dark, shoulder-length hair which she usually wore down. Rika's face was oval-shaped with round eyes and a small nose. She was only shown wearing casual clothes, including pants, a long-sleeve shirt with a sweater over it.

Personality and traits[]

Rika, according to Matsutaro, was "serious" and "had a strong sense of justice." Whenever he made her angry, Rika would hit him and always with her fist.[3] Nonetheless, she was a caring person who was genuinely concerned about Matsutaro's future which was a bone of contention in their relationship. She eventually left him because of his attitude towards his future. Rika, however, deeply loved Matsutaro and returned to him. From then on, she supported him and his dreams.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes



Beatrice Hsu as Ah Xiang

  • In Meteor Garden (2001), the late Beatrice Hsu portrays a version of Rika, renamed Ah Xiang. Her personality and story is kept relatively close to the manga. In this version, she is given the added pressure of supporting her family. Like Rika, Ah Xiang breaks up with Ah Song (Matsutaro) at the beach of a fishing village and eventually returns to him. Additionally, she is the only portrayal of Rika in any Boys Over Flowers media.



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