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"I wanted to justify the jealousy inside me, so I blamed you for everything. I'm sorry for doubting you."
—Rie makes amends with Oto[src]

Rie Hase (馳 利恵 (はせ りえ) Hase Rie) was the second wife and former secretary of Kazuma Hase. She allowed her stepson, Tenma Hase, to remain engaged to Oto Edogawa, though she disliked it. Rie also tried to sabotage the engagement at one point. She later made amends with Oto and her mother.



Sometime after the death of Kazuma Hase's first wife, he and Rie were married. Rie became a stepmother to Tenma upon her marriage to his father. She allowed the engagement between Tenma and Oto Edogawa to continue under the condition that she stayed at Eitoku Academy. Once a month, she would send clothes to Oto for her to wear on her dates with Tenma.[1] Rie was unhappy about the union, though she never voiced her displeasure outright. She instead made small comments, such as suggesting that Tenma did not have to meet Oto every month.[2] Later, Rie eavesdropped on Oto and Tenma talking. When Oto said "There are so many people who would make a better match for [Tenma]", Rie stated to herself "You just realized?"[3]

Later, Rie was out shopping when saw Oto with Haruto Kaguragi, heir to Kaguragi Enterprises.[4] She hired a person to follow and take photos of the two together. Rie sent the pictures to Oto's mother and told Tenma about it. He told her it was only a misunderstanding. At her husband's work event, Rie met Haruto's father. She slyly told him about Oto, saying she and his son were "getting along very closely."[5] Later, Tenma informed her that he and Oto were officially dating and that Rie no longer needed to prepare outfits for her.[6] Rie later had dinner with Tenma and Oto at a restaurant. She apologized to Oto about the photos and admitted to disapproving of her, while Tenma was away from the table. Rie believed that Oto truly cared about Tenma and planned to support their engagement from now on.[7]

Rie thought that Oto was trying to "push off" Tenma, when she postponed her transfer to Momonozono. She and Kazuma set up a meeting to talk. Oto showed up late with Haruto, who explained what happened. Rie and Kazuma were both satisfied.[8] A couple days later, Rie visited Oto and her mother to apologize. She admitted that she had been jealous of Oto. Rie then burnt the photos she had had taken of Oto and Haruto.[9] Later, Hase Live was planning to open a makeup department and hire Oto's father as its head. Rie also arranged a new home for the Edogawas.[10] Some days later, Rie was upset when Tenma lost his competition with Haruto, feeling his reputation would be hurt. Oto's parents explained that Tenma had reached his "answer." She later called Tenma to say "We will do whatever you say."[11]

Physical appearance[]

Rie was a pretty woman likely in her early to mid-thirties. She had short, brown hair in a bob cut style. Her wardrobe consisted of a wide range of stylish clothing.

Personality and traits[]

Despite being cold and calculating at times, she showed a genuine love for her husband and stepson. Rie was insecure about the presence of her husband's first wife in their lives. She took out some of this insecurity on Oto by telling herself Tenma could make a better match. Once Tenma pointed this out, Rie realized the way she was treating Oto was wrong. She then was a bit overzealous in insisting to Oto that they were going to "family" someday.

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