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Renrawin Aira (Thai: เรนรวินทร์ ไอรา), also known by his nickname Ren (Thai: เร็น), was a student at Kocher High School. He and his friends, Thyme, Kavin, and MJ, were members of the F4.


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Early life[]


Ren and Mira as children

Born on March 22,[2] 2003,[3] Ren was from a well respected family that ran the number one health center in Thailand.[5] As a child, Ren was "very weak" and had a hard time keeping up with his friends, Thyme Akira Paramaanantra, Kavin Taemiyaklin Kittiyangkul, and MJ Methas Jarustiwa. Their female friend, Mira Renita Asavarattanakul took special care Ren and made the other boys adjust their activities for Ren.[6] Around this time, Ren had a stuffed bear he adored. Thyme took it from him one day and the bear was torn while they fought over it. Instead of getting mad, Ren quickly forgave Thyme.[7] He and his friends attended Pucheng International School.[8]

High school[]

For upper-secondary school, Ren and his friends attended Kocher High School. They had earned the moniker, F4, by this time. Thyme instituted the red card, a "game" that signaled all students to start bullying the student who received the red card. Ren was much less interested in this game than the friends and barely participated. For example, he left in the middle of Thyme beating up Phupha Komolpetch, who was plotting to expose the F4.[5]

Meeting Gorya[]


Ren thanks Gorya before leaving Thailand

Gorya: "Have you asked yourself what you want to do, instead of telling yourself there's nothing you can do?"
Ren: "What can I do?"
Gorya: "You can't or you're just avoiding a problem?"
Gorya confronts Ren about letting Mira go[src]

One day, Ren's nap was interrupted by a girl, Gorya Thitara Jundee, shouting. The next day, Ren witnessed her stand up to Thyme. After she received a red card, she went up to the roof again where Ren helped her hide. Later in a storeroom, he was awoken by some students attacking Gorya. He forced them to leave and set off the sprinklers to assure her. The day after that, Ren watched as Gorya kicked Thyme.[5] The next day, he met Gorya on the roof again. Thinking of Mira, he asked about the time difference between Thailand and France, which she answered when she ran into him later. However, she ended up being wrong and Ren interrupted Thyme bullying her to say this. That night, the F4 picked up Mira from the airport and brought her to a party. There Ren and Mira saved Gorya from a group of girls.[9]

After fighting with Thyme at Mira's party, Ren avoided seeing him for several days. When Mira mentioned Thyme, Ren switched the conversation to her future after graduation. Mira revealed that she was planning on returning to France. Ren was upset, telling her "But the world you're about to leave behind has me in it." The following day, Gorya met Ren on the roof while he was making paper airplanes of his drawings. He then invited her over to Mira's home. There he overheard Gorya beg Mira to stay for his sake. Ren confronted her outside, criticizing her for not thinking of Mira's feelings. Gorya fired back that he was not thinking of his own feelings and instead was "avoiding a problem." Ren thought over Gorya's words and decided to go to France. Before leaving, Ren thanked Gorya and then made up with Thyme.[6]

Physical appearance[]

Standing at one hundred and ninety centimeters, Ren was the tallest of his friends.

Personality and traits[]

Ren was noted for being quiet, leading others to think of him as being "mysterious." He spoke little to strangers and cared only for those close to him.


Spelled เร็น in Thai, Ren translates to "hide"[11] which may be a reference to his character being mysterious.[12]

Behind the scenes[]

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