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"A good life can lack freedom like a bird in a beautiful cage."
—Mira Renita Asavarattanakul[src]

Renita Asavarattanakul (Thai: เรนิตา อัศวรัตนกุล), better known as Mira (Thai: มิรา), was a former model and socialite. She was a long-time friend of the F4, particularly of Ren. On a trip back home, Mira decided to leave her life of luxury. She returned to France, where she pursued her dreams of being a human rights lawyer and later found love.


Early life[]


Mira and Ren as children

When she was young, Mira befriended Ren Renrawin Aira, Thyme Akira Paramaanantra, Kavin Taemiyaklin Kittiyangkul, and MJ Methas Jarustiwa. Because Ren was a very "weak" child, Mira took care of him and had the others adjust the activities to suit Ren.[2]

Young adulthood[]

Mira spoke at Kocher High School's 2021 open house, encouraging the students to follow their dreams.[3] She subsequently went overseas to France to study abroad. During this period, Mira began modelling and appeared in a campaign for a perfume.[4]

Return to Thailand[]


Mira reveals Gorya inspired her decision

"Ren, I've made up my mind to live in France and follow my dream. It's very important to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't leave home to live as an ordinary girl. I've found the future I want. I know the world I've experienced is not it."
—Mira breaks the news to Ren[src]

Upon returning to Thailand, Mira was overjoyed as she was greeted by Ren and the others. She was escorted to her welcome home party by Ren later that night. They spotted a girl, Gorya Thitara Jundee, being bullied by three girls. Mira tricked the girls into falling into the pool. She then brought Gorya up to her room to change. Unfortunately, when they returned to the party, Thyme and Ren had a fight.[4] A few days later, Mira talked to Ren about the fight. He changed the conversation to her future. Mira then revealed her plans to become a human rights lawyer in France. Ren was devastated, feeling he was being left behind. Some time after, Ren brought Gorya to see Mira. Gorya suddenly asked her to stay in Thailand, but Mira remained firm in her decision. The F4, except Ren, and Gorya later saw Mira off at the airport.[2]

Life in France[]

Physical appearance[]

Mira was a particularly beautiful woman, which allowed her to become a model. She had long, light brown hair and brown eyes. When Mira decided to follow her dreams, she cut her hair short to show her resolution. Mira was also fashionable and sported all kinds of clothing. She was most often seen wearing high heels.

Personality and traits[]

Unlike the people around her, Mira did not believe in treating people differently based on financial or social status. She felt stifled by her life, feeling "like a bird in a beautiful cage." Despite being both strong-willed and brave, Mira thought she was unable to change certain things. After meeting Gorya, she was finally able to take a drastic step in changing her life. Mira then forgoed all the luxuries she had grown up with, deciding to become a human rights lawyer. She believed that there were people outside of Thailand who needed her and thus even gave up her love for Ren.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Similar to Japanese series, Mira inspires Gorya to attend Kocher High School.
  • Unlike previously, Mira's age is never revealed. It is also hard to guess because it is not stated whether she is about to graduate from high school or college, though the latter may be more likely.



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