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Yang Cheng Lin (Chinese: 楊丞琳; pinyin: Yáng Chénglín, born June 4, 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan), also known as Rainie Yang, is an actress, singer, and host. She made her debut in the industry in 2000. Yang has released twelve studio albums. She is also well known for her work in television, such as Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Hi My Sweetheart, and Life Plan A and B.

She played Xiao You in the television dramas, Meteor Garden and Meteor Rain, both in 2001.


Early life[]

Yang was born on June 4, 1984[1] in Taipei, Taiwan. Her father was from Guandong, China and she grew up speaking Cantonese.[2][3] She has an elder sister. In 1997, her father's business failed which caused the family to incur up to nine million New Taiwan dollars in debt. Yang, who was thirteen at the time, began pursuing a career in show business by appearing in television talent shows and contests. Her parents later divorced.[4] Yang graduated from the drama department of Hwa Kang Arts School.[5][6]

In 2013, Yang's father passed away. She was estranged from him at the time.[4]


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In 2000, she was recruited by BMG for the Mandopop girl group, 4 in Love. Yang was given the stage name "Rainie" to fit in with the group's weather theme. The group released two albums, Fall in Love (2000) and Who's Afraid of Whom? (2001), before disbanding. Yang had a supporting role as Xiao You in the megahit drama, Meteor Garden, in 2001. She reprised the role in the miniseries, Meteor Rain (2001). The next year, Yang had a starring role in Tomorrow. She followed with lead roles in Lavender 2 (2002), The Pink Godfather, and The Original Scent of Summer (both 2003).

She starred in Devil Beside You alongside Mike He and Kingone Wang in 2005. Yang released her first solo album, My Intuition, in 2005, featuring the theme songs to Devil Beside You. She reunited with He and Wang for the 2007 drama, Why Why Love. The theme songs to Why Why Love were included on Yang's album, My Other Self (2007). Also in 2007, Yang appeared with Isabella Leong in the lesbian-themed film, Spider Lilies. Her next drama, Miss No Good, costarring Wilber Pan and Dean Fujioka aired in 2008. In 2009, Yang appeared in the romantic comedy dramas, ToGetHer and Hi My Sweetheart, and Hong Kong horror flick, The Child's Eye.

Yang released her fifth album, Rainie & Love...? on New Years Day 2010. She also re-recorded her song "Ai Mei" (曖昧, lit. "Ambiguous") in Japanese and released it as her first Japanese single in 2010. To promote the release of her collection album, Whimsical World Collection (2010), she held a concert in Taipei with Jerry Yan as a guest. In 2011, she appeared in Love You and Sunny Girl. Yang reunited with Show Luo for the online miniseries, HeartBeat Love (2012). In 2016, she appeared with Johnny Lu in Life Plan A and B. She starred in The Ex-Man with Blue Lan in May 2018.

Personal life[]


Yang and her husband Li Ronghao

Yang's first love was Alien Huang, whom she dated while attending Hwa Kang Arts School. They later became friends.[5] In 2014, Yang was spotted vacationing with Prince Chiu.[7] The couple decided to break up amicably the following year due to their busy schedules.[8]

Yang first met Li Ronghao, a singer-songwriter and producer, in 2007 when he wrote a song for her to record.[9] Their relationship was exposed in early 2015, when Li accidentally uploaded a photo of him and Yang on his Sina Weibo account.[10] They officially went public in 2017 while performing together at one of Yang's concerts.[11] Li proposed to her on July 11, 2019, which was also his thirty-fifth birthday.[9] Yang announced that they had registered their marriage on September 20 of the same year.[12]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Meteor Garden Xiao You
Meteor Rain Xiao You Episode 2
Sunshine Jelly Rainie Guest
2002 Tomorrow Yuan Chen Mei
Lavender 2 Xiao Xiao
2003 The Pink Godfather Bao Xiao Ting /
Chen Tian Shi
The Original Scent of Summer Yang Pan Pan
2004 Love Bird Jiang Ding Han
The Legend of Speed Juliet / Gao Yun
City of Sky Lu Bin Yan
Strange Tales of Liao Zhai Zhao A Bao Episode: "A Bao"
2005 Devil Beside You Qi Yue
The Doctor Rainie Guest
2007 Why Why Love Tong Jia Di
2008 Miss No Good Jiang Xiao Hua
2009 ToGetHer Chen Mo Mo
Hi My Sweetheart Chen Bao Zhu
2011 Love You Lin Xiao Ru
Sunny Girl Yang Guang
2012 HeartBeat Love Yang Xiao Yu Web series
Wishing for Happiness Chen You Lan Web series
2013 Se . Qing Rainie Web series
2014 Love at Second Sight Fei Luo Luo
2016 Rock Records in Love Chen Li Xin Episode: "Love"
Life Plan A and B Zheng Ru Wei
2018 The Ex-Man Li Qin Ai
2019 Three Makes A Whole Liu Li Li Special


Year Title Role Notes
2001 Merry Go Round Carlily Pang
2007 Spider Lilies Xiao Lu / Jade
2010 The Child's Eye Rainie
2014 Endless Nights in Aurora Wang Ya Xi / Alisha
2017 The Tag-Along 2 Li Shu Fen
2018 The Tag-Along: The Devil Fish Li Shu Fen Cameo
2021 I Missed You Nan Zhi Yang's ex-girlfriend Cameo
Kidnapped Soul Chen Hui Lan



Yang dressed as Xiao You in her 2020 music video

  • In late April 2018, Yang shared Barbie Hsu's post about Shan Cai, adding "Meteor Garden is a drama from another generation. This generation's viewers just found out that I am Xiao You." In another post, Yang revealed that she was originally cast as Li Zhen.[13]
  • Yang's 2020 music video "Like a Star" chronicles her journey through show business. It features a scene of Yang dressed as Xiao You in a recreation of the bakery and a stand-in for Shan Cai.[14][15]

Yang-and Hsu

Yang with Beatrice Hsu

  • She was close friends with the late Beatrice Hsu. Yang regrets not saying sorry to Hsu after a misunderstanding occurred a few months prior to her death.[16] Periodically, she reminisces about Hsu on social media.[17]

  • Edward Ou also appeared in The Original Scent of Summer (2003) with Yang.
  • Yang has worked with Angie Chai on several projects after Meteor Garden, including City of Sky (2004), Devil Beside You (2005), Why Why Love (2007), Miss No Good (2008), and Hi My Sweetheart (2009).
  • She appeared in City of Sky (2004) with Ken Chu and Michelle Saram.
  • Wang Yue portrayed her mother in Hi My Sweetheart (2009). They also appeared together in the film, Endless Nights in Aurora (2014).
  • In 2018, she starred in The Ex-Man opposite Blue Lan.

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