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Qing Yong (Chinese: 清永; pinyin: Qīng Yǒng) was the cousin of Dao Ming Si and Zhuang. He was the son of Feng's only sister. Qing Yong had little to no contact with his family.


Qing Yong was the only child of Dao Ming Feng's sister. His parents divorced when he was in high school. Neither parent wanted to live with him. They provided financial support so he could live on his own. Qing Yong also visited the Dao Ming mansion when he was younger.[1]

In his 20s, Ms. Yu brought Dao Ming Si to see Qing Yong. Si began tugging on his face, saying "aren't we supposed to look alike?" Unknown to Qing Yong, Feng had hired Ya Men to impersonate him in order for him to seduce Si's girlfriend, Dong Shan Cai.[1]

Physical appearance[]

He was heavyset for his age and even commented to Yu Sao that he had grown "wider" since he was child. Qing Yong had short black hair, cropped closely to his head on the sides. He also had a round face with dark brown eyes and a pronounced nose.

Personality and traits[]

Despite his situation in life, Qing Yong was a happy and good-natured person. He was almost the exact opposite of the hot-tempered Dao Ming Si, who was around the same age as him.


Qing Yong (清永) is written identically to the given name of his manga counterpart. The first character (清) means "pure," "clear," etc.[2] The second character (永) means "eternal," "to prolong," or "forever."[3]

Behind the scenes[]


  • Guest actor Ceng Bai Yun (曾柏雲) plays Qing Yong in one episode of Meteor Garden (2001).

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