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"How could we tolerate a humble and ordinary girl making sheep's eyes at them all day long? They will never fancy an ordinary girl like you."
—Qian Hui insults Shan Cai[src]

Qian Hui (Chinese: 千惠; pinyin: Qiānhuì) was Bai He's best friend. They were both students at the elite school, Ying De Academy. Qian Hui and Bai He became jealous of Dong Shan Cai for receiving attention from the F4, which they both craved. The girls bullied her and were often rude to her, though they sometimes pretended to be her friend.



Qian Hui attended Ying De Academy with her friend Bai He. They shared the same homeroom as Dong Shan Cai.[1]

Bullying Shan Cai[]


Qian Hui being punished by Si

Bai He: "Our college is finally getting rid of all lower-class people. No more eyesores for us."
Qian Hui: "Great! Our wish has finally come true. Heaven has finally granted us a purely upper-class college."
— Qian Hui and Bai He happy that Shan Cai may be expelled[src]

Over winter break, Qian went to Beverly Hills for plastic surgery. She returned with a brand new nose, much to Bai He's jealousy. The girls watched a student leave after being bullied due to the F4's red card, which Qian Hui explained to their professor. Later, she and Bai He participated in bullying Shan Cai when she received a red card.[1] Qian Hui and Bai He spread rumors about Shan Cai, but pretended that they liked her. The girls invited her to a party, where they embarrassed her. Shan Cai, however, turned it around on them and poured a drink on Bai He before leaving. The next day, the girls taped Shan Cai with Hua Ze Lei. They later told her about Lei's love, Teng Tang Jing. Dao Ming Si then interrupted and threatened the girls with red cards if they did not leave Shan Cai alone.[2]

For spring break, Qian Hui and Bai He went on a cruise with the F4. At that night's party, Qian Hui made up a game to provide an opportunity for Bai He to kiss Dao Ming Si, which failed. Back at school, she and Bai He showed Si a video of Shan Cai and Hua Ze Lei talking on the ship. The video made Si so angry that he smashed Qian Hui's camera.[3] Several days later, photos of Shan Cai and Si were posted on the notice board. Qian Hui asked Shan Cai why she had not told them, saying "We're like sisters."[4] That night, Qian Hui and Bai He invited Shan Cai dancing and ended up leaving her at the club. Qian Hui later received photos of Shan Cai going into a hotel with a guy. Qian Hui showed the photos to Si, but was not responsible for spreading them around. Shan Cai later believed her and stopped Si from torturing her.[5]

Some days later, Qian Hui and Bai He were talking about Shan Cai possibly being expelled. She was happy that their school would become "purely upper-class." A few minutes later, the girls spotted Dao Ming Zhuang whom they admired. They then became annoyed to see her with Shan Cai.[6] Several days later, Qian Hui went to check out some fashion magazines with Bai He. She asked Qian Hui about her date with some billionaire, which apparently went badly. The girls then noticed Shan Cai in a magazine photo. Qian Hui commented on how "trashy" the magazine was and stated "We actually treated her as one of us."[7] Several days later, she learned from Bai He that the latest red slip given to Shan Cai was not from the F4. Qing He confronted the girls for saying bad things about Shan Cai, but Qian Hui told him off.[8]

Physical appearance[]

She had long, straight black hair, which she often wore down. Additionally, Qian Hui had plastic surgery done on her nose to resemble Julia Roberts' nose. According to her, it was a limited quantity. Her clothes were supposedly expensive and from well known brands, much like Bai He's clothing.

Personality and traits[]

Qian Hui had a similar personality to her best friend, Bai He. They were both extremely materialistic and greedy. Qian Hui's goal in life was to marry a rich guy. However, she drew the line at fat and bald guys unlike Bai He. Qian Hui discriminated against Shan Cai for being poor. She thought of her as a lesser person and believed that she should not even be able to speak to guys like the F4. Occasionally, Qian Hui and Bai He pretended to like Shan Cai. Qian Hui even tried welcoming her into their group after she started dating Si.


Qian (千) means "thousand" or "several,"[9] and Hui (惠) means "benefit," "favor," or "kind."[10] Neither of these characters are borrowed from her manga counterpart.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Qian Hui is featured in the opening credits of every episode of Meteor Garden, despite not appearing in the latter half of the series.



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