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"Conscience. It's what we call 'moral courage'. It's the most basic quality mankind should have. In Chinese history, Confucius had the strongest conscience. Today, we'll discuss his core thinking. It focuses on benevolence. By benevolence, it means you do unto others what you would want them to do unto to you."
—One of the professor's lectures[src]

A professor (Chinese: 老師; pinyin: Lǎoshī)[1] at Ying De Academy, who likely taught philosophy. He was noted for his short temper and cowardliness. Because he was afraid of the F4, the professor never helped his students when they were bullied because of the F4's actions.


The professor, who worked at Ying De Academy, was also a tutor to Ah Shu. When he learned Ah Shu was dropping out after angering the F4, the professor encouraged him to "start afresh" and not be a "black sheep." Ironically, his lecture that day was on Conscience. Dong Shan Cai walked out in the middle of it to use the bathroom. The next day, the professor spilled soda on F4's leader Dao Ming Si. He immediately apologized and rushed away when he thought Si was going to hit him. Sometime later, he was presiding over a test and suspected Shan Cai of cheating. He dismissed her from class when she threw books at him, though it was an accident.[2] After photos of Si and Shan Cai were posted on the school's notice board, everyone believed they were dating. He treated her very nicely and even applauded when she answered his question wrong.[3]

Physical appearance

He was of a short stature, middle-aged, and a bit overweight. His wavy hair was long enough to reach his collar. He also wore wire-rimmed glasses. The professor was typically shown wearing button-down shirts with slacks. He was also shown wearing a zip-up sweater.

Personality and traits

The professor pretended to care for his students, such as when he showed concern for Ah Shu. However, his cowardice won out and he did not nothing to help Ah Shu at all. He ultimately cared more for his own well-being. For this reason, he was deeply scared of the F4 and avoided situations involving them. He often contradicted himself, saying one thing to one person and saying the opposite to another. The professor also had a short temper and would yell at others about little issues.

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