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Por (Thai: โป้) was a student at Kocher High School. He and his two friends often did the bidding of the F4's leader, Thyme. Por tried to assault Gorya in order for her to drop out, which made Thyme angry. Later on, Thyme beat up Por randomly. Seeking revenge, Por joined Talay's group.


High school[]

Por and his two best friends were usually on the forefront of bullying the latest student to receive the F4's red card. Once victim Phupha Komolpetch reached the abandoned stadium, Por and his friends beat him up until the F4 arrived. They continued hurting Phupha once Thyme was done talking to him. Later, when Gorya received a red card, Por and his friends spent the day trying to find her. They waited for her after school and were about to leave when Por received a photo of a watch from Thyme. Feeling a sense of urgency, Por and others found Gorya and dragged her into a room. They were threatening to assault her when Ren forced them to leave her alone. The guys waited outside until the sprinklers were set off. At Thyme's home, he punished Por and his friends for trying to assault Gorya.[1]

Some time later, Gorya's friend Hana received a red card. Por and his friends brought her to the stadium, where the F4 were waiting. They first dumped trash on her. Por then proceeded to shave her head, but Gorya stopped him. Thyme took the razor from Por and pushed him. He then told Gorya to shave her head instead. However, Ren arrived and the situation de-escalated. Por left in a huff.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Por was a young man of average height and build. He had black hair, which framed his face like curtains. Por also had a pale complexion and dark brown eyes. He was mostly seen wearing his Kocher High School uniform.

Personality and traits[]

Based on his behavior, Por enjoyed bullying the students who received a red card. Like Thyme said, he was one of many who needed a "release." Por was also scared of Thyme and feared retaliation if he was not able to force Gorya to leave school. However, Thyme disliked his methods and punished him anyway for trying to assault her.

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