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"If a person who has done wrong is ready and willing to change, I'll forgive him."
—Phupha Komolpetch[src]

Phupha Komolpetch was a former student of Kocher High School. He was a good friend of Talay, whom was like his brother. In his final year, Phupha plotted to expose the F4 but was discovered and given a red card. Ultimately, his plot failed and Phupha had to be hospitalized for the injuries he sustained from the other students beating him.


Early life[]


Phupha (white shirt) with his father and Talay

Phupha's father was the owner of a steel factory, giving his son a comfortable life. As a child, he witnessed Talay Mahasamut being robbed by two teenagers. When Talay grabbed a screwdriver, Phupha stopped him from hurting the boys. They then turned on Phupha and began hitting him, before the police finally arrived and arrested them. Phupha and Talay then decided to become friends.[1]

High school[]

Phupha attended Kocher High School, where he was considered a top student.[2] By this time, Phupha and Talay had become close enough to consider themselves brothers. One day, two employees from the factory tried to use Talay for his hacking skills. He managed to send a message to Phupha, who quickly came to help him. Phupha tried to stop the men from leaving to evade the police. Talay was stabbed while trying to protect him. After Talay was treated, Phupha and his father invited to attend Kocher.[1]

Red card[]


Phupha devastated by Thyme's words

"What the hell is wrong with you all? Why would you let F4 force us to play this game? Open your eyes. If we work together, we can stop this game."
—Phupha makes a final plea to his classmates[src]

During his final year, Phupha gathered evidence of the F4's bullying game. His plan was discovered by the F4 whom sent him a red card. One student grabbed his phone, forcing him to chase them to the old stadium. There Thyme Akira Paramaanantra confronted Phupha and erased all of his evidence. He punched Thyme, earning him several hits in return. He yelled at the students in the stadium for them to "work together" to end the F4's game. None of the them stood with him. Thyme then told him that the students wanted to bully him. The F4 left as some students continued hitting Phupha.[2] He nearly drowned in the stadium's stagnant water. The school called it an "accident." Phupha's father was unable to find a lawyer and lost the factory, causing him to go into debt to pay for Phupha's treatment. Talay remained by his side during his recovery.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Phupha was a teenager of average height and build with an unassuming appearance. He had short, black hair which was the same length all around his head. Additionally, Phupha wore glasses with wire frames though not always.

Personality and traits[]

"He taught an orphan like me everything. He gave me knowledge. He found odd jobs for me to earn some money. He took care of me like his own brother. To me, Phupha makes silly decisions. He doesn't think things through. But I respect him from the bottom of my heart."
Talay describing Phupha[src]

Overall, Phupha was a kindhearted soul who believed in doing what was right. He often acted impulsively, leading Talay to call him an "idiot" on several occasions. As such, Phupha sometimes got himself into dangerous situations. Later, due to his moral compass, he decided to expose the F4 but apparently was not careful enough with his plan. When all was lost, Phupha hit Thyme despite knowing the immediate repercussions. He was devastated when none of the students sided with him in the end. Additionally, he was a top student at Kocher and his peers considered a "teacher's pet."


Phupha's first name (ภูผา) means "rocky mountain,"[4] while Talay means "sea."[5] Young Phupha calls their names a "coincidence" since they compliment each other.

Behind the scenes[]


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