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Peter Mak Tai-Kit (Chinese: 麦大杰, 1957 – March 26, 2023) was a Vietnamese-born Hong Kong director and actor. He is well known for his work in Hong Kong cinema, such as To Spy with Love!!, The Wicked City, and Enemy Shadow. For his later career, Mak shifted to working in television for Taiwan and China. He passed away in 2023.

Mak served as one of the four directors for Meteor Garden II.


Early life[]

Mak was born in 1957 in Saigon, Vietnam (now Ho Chi Minh City). His family immigrated to Hong Kong during the Vietnam War. In 1979, he went to Taiwan for college. After graduation, Mak returned to Hong Kong to work in advertising and art design.[1]


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Personal life[]

In the later years of his life, Mak settled in Taiwan where he lived with his wife and two children.[1] He often traveled between Taiwan and Hong Kong.[2] Mak had two brothers, Mak Ho-Wai and Mak Dai-Shing, who also entered show business. Dai-Shing passed away in a plane crash in 1982 and Ho-Wai died of complications from blood cancer in 2022.[3]


Mak passed away on March 26, 2023 at the age of sixty-six. The news was confirmed by his son on his father's Facebook account. Former colleagues, such as Meteor Garden II producer Angie Chai, shared their condolences.[4] Instead of a funeral, Mak's family decided to set up a mourning hall for family and friends to pay their respects.[5]

Selected filmography[]

Television dramas

Year Title Notes
2002 Meteor Garden II
2007 Dreams Link
2008 Love Catcher
2010 Fall in Love


Year Title Notes
1985 The Loser, the Hero
1986 Abracadabra
1988 Sir, Tell Me Why
1989 All Night Long
1990 To Spy with Love!!
1992 The Wicked City
1995 Enemy Shadow



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