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Peng Xin (Chinese: 彭歆; pinyin: Péng Xīn, born October 6, 1994) is a former child actress. She portrayed Xin Xin in Meteor Rain. Peng is currently pursuing a career as a musician.


Early life[]

Peng Xin was born on October 6, 1994. She is one-eighth Dutch.[1]


In 2001, Peng appeared alongside Jerry Yan in Meteor Rain. Later that year, she was in Poor Prince with Vic Chou and Ken Chu. Peng also appeared in over two hundred commercials. After graduating from high school, Peng quit acting to focus on her studies.[2]

Peng appeared in a reality competition show, Zui Qiang Nu Tuan (最強女團), searching for female musicians to form an idol group. She was one of the top twenty contestants, but was eliminated.[1]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2001 Meteor Rain Xin Xin
Poor Prince Liu Mei


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