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Patha Thongpan (Thai: ปัฏฐา ทองปาน), also known by his nickname O (Thai: โอ), is a Thai director, screenwriter, and producer at Parbdee Taweesuk. He is best known for his work with The Gifted and its sequel. Thongpan served as the main director of the 2021 series, F4 Thailand.


Early life[]

Thongpan studied communication arts at Chulalongkorn University.[1]


In 2014, Thongpan directed two episodes of the drama, ThirTEEN Terrors. He went on to direct Malee: The Series (2015) and Gasohug (2016). Thongpan served as the director and screenwriter of Notification: The Series in 2018.[1] The following year, he was one of four directors of the well-received series, The Gifted.[2] In 2019, Thongpan co-directed Sucker Kick with Pat Thachai Komolphet.[3] He directed F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers in 2021.[4]


As director
Television dramas

Year Title Notes
2014 ThirTEEN Terrors "Pu Som," "Wanida"
2015 Malee: The Series
2016 Gasohug Also screenwriter
2018 Notification: The Series
The Gifted
2019 Sucker Kick
2020 Club Sapan Fine
2021 F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
2023 Enigma

As producer
Television dramas

Year Title Notes
2020 The Gifted: Graduation
2021 F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
2022 Club Sapan Fine 2
Good Old Days Executive
2023 This I Promise You
UMG Executive


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