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"If you're not careful with what you say, you'll be in big trouble!"
—Sun-ja to Jan-di[src]

Park Sun-ja (Hangul: 박선자), also called Sunny (써니), was a member of Jin Sun Mi, a group she formed with her friends Choi Jin-hee and Lee Mi-sook. She was also a student at Shinhwa School. Sun-ja and her friends all disliked Geum Jan-di and bullied her relentlessly.


High school[]

Sun-ja attended Shinhwa School with her best friends, Choi Jin-hee and Lee Mi-sook. The trio formed a group they dubbed, Jin Sun Mi.[1]

Bullying Jan-di[]

The girls overheard Geum Jan-di, a new student, call Gu Jun-pyo a "crazy person." Sun-ja, in particular, was offended when Jan-di called the F4 "notorious" instead of "famous." As she was unfamiliar with the F4, the girls agreed to "let [her] off" this time. The next day, they were disgusted with Jan-di's lunch though their attention quickly turned to the F4. The day after that, they watched Jun-pyo being offered a cake from a female student. They laughed when he smashed it in her face. After Jan-di received a red card, Sun-ja and her friends bullied her along with their classmates.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Sun-ja's brown was long and curly. She usually wore it down or in pigtails with accessories like hairbands or ribbons. Sun-ja liked to dress up her school uniform with sweaters worn under her blazer and knee-length socks.

Personality and traits[]

Behind the scenes[]

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