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"Breaking news that shocks Thailand's business scene. Billionaire Pakorn of the TN Group, the wealthiest man in Thailand, has passed away."
—News report on Pakorn's passing[src]

Pakorn (Thai: ปกรณ์) was the head of TN Group. He was known as Thailand's "wealthiest man" until his passing. Pakorn's death was notable for shaking up the business world of Thailand.


Pakorn was born on August 26, 1939. At some point in his life, he amassed a great amount of wealth through his company, TN Group. In his old age, Pakorn's health worsened until he passed away in the early hours of one June morning. His passing created a power vacuum among Thailand's wealthy. Stocks also went down by seven percent, spelling bad news for the country.[1]

Physical appearance[]

In his eighties, Pakorn had grey hair though still appeared robust. He had a slightly heavy weight, which accounted for his plump face. Being a businessman, he likely wore suits often.

Personality and traits[]

Pakorn appeared to be well respected by Thailand's "one percent." He was known as the "wealthiest man in Thailand" when he was alive. Pakorn's death caused Thailand's wealthy to begin jockeying for his position in the business world.

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