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"Even if you're not perfect. You're frantically trying to become perfect. That kind of Kaguragi must have his own good points. You know, if you take muddy vegetables, wash them and cook them carefully, you'll get a delicious veggie stir fry. Just like that."
—Oto to Haruto[src]

Oto Edogawa (江戸川 音 (えどがわ おと) Edogawa Oto) was a student at Eitoku Academy. Her family's company, Edo Quality Cosmetics, went bankrupt and changed their lives drastically. She worked part-time at a convenience store. Oto was engaged to her childhood friend, Tenma Hase. In her second year of high school, she met Haruto Kaguragi.


Early life[]


Oto and Tenma as children

She was born on December 15, 2001 to Makoto and Yukie Edogawa. Her father was the founder and CEO of Edo Quality Cosmetics. The business was successful, allowing the Edogawas to live a comfortable life. Oto was close to her childhood friend, Tenma Hase, and an engagement was agreed upon by their parents.[1] Shortly before Tenma's mother passed in 2016, Oto promised to stay by her son's side.[2] When Tenma's father was remarried to Rie, she allowed their engagement to continue though she stipulated that Oto had to stay enrolled at Eitoku.[3]

High school[]

Oto was excited about attending Eitoku Academy and ordered her uniform six months early. About a year later, Edo Quality went bankrupt and the family's possessions were taken away. Her father left to work on a fishing boat, while she and her mother moved into a small apartment. Oto began working part-time at FamilyMart, where her coworker Arisa Konno took her under her wing. She kept her financial status a secret in order to avoid being forced to leave the school by the C5.[1]

Meeting Haruto[]


Oto after hitting Haruto

Haruto: "Relying on your fiancé to escape for poverty, huh? Don't you have any pride? What an awful life. So miserable."
Oto: "I already knew that without you telling me. It's really pathetic. But, you don't have anything to do with my pathetic life, do you?"
Haruto insults Oto after she reveals her engagement[src]

She first encountered Haruto Kaguragi, the C5's leader, during her second year at Eitoku when she accidentally stepped in front to his car. Oto was speechless, but quickly excused herself and left. The next day, he happened to visit the store where she worked. In the morning, Haruto attempted to intimidate Oto into leaving Eitoku. Nearby, a girl was being bullied. Oto called Haruto a hypocrite for not helping the girl. A few minutes later, he managed to beat up the guys. Oto took the moment of celebration to blackmail Haruto, meaning she would reveal his penchant for "lucky" items if she was not allowed to stay. That night, he invited Oto to his house and Konno insisted on going along. Konno accidentally spilled food on Haruto. When he insulted Konno, Oto hit him with a slab of meat and called him "pathetic."[1]

After Haruto protected Oto from her coworker, he forced said coworker to quit his job. Oto thanked Haruto and he asked her to got eat pancakes with her as a thank you gift. That weekend, they met at Yebisu Garden Place. After eating, Oto asked him why he was "paying attention to [her]" and promised to keep his secret if she could remain at Eitoku. Haruto assumed her reason for staying was related to the F4 and took her to Tsukasa Domyoji's house. There Oto revealed that she was at Eitoku so her engagement with Tenma could continue. Haruto then insulted her by calling her a "loser". Her response was that he has nothing to do with her "pathetic life". A few days later, Haruto showed up outside Oto's job. Konno invited them to her apartment for dinner. Haruto later promised to not force her out of Eitoku.[3]

Troubles with Airi[]


Airi tells Oto about her childhood

Airi: "If I'm going to be pitied by you..."
Oto: "Shut up, Airi! I said I'll do it so I'm doing it. I'm going to save you. You were my friend when I thought I'd never have another friend."
— Oto carries Airi out of an abandoned factory[src]

A message revealing Oto's secret was sent out to the entire school. Oto thought Haruto was the one to blame at first, though it was actually Airi Maya who did it. After considering the situation, she decided to quit Eitoku and told Tenma that he could be "free" now. The following day, a group of students began attacking Oto, while she was trying to turn in her withdrawal form. Tenma arrived soon to save her. It was also revealed that he had paid her tuition, enabling her to stay at Eitoku. Afterwards, he brought her to the hospital to make sure she was okay. He then confessed his feelings, revealing he never thought of her as just a fiancée. Haruto later visited Oto to apologize, though she admitted that she knew he was not to blame. That weekend, Oto and Haruto went out with Konno and her boyfriend, Mi-tan.[2]

Airi later surprised Oto by apologizing and asking her to be her friend. Oto felt that it was "suspicious" that someone like Airi would want to be friends. She, however, won Oto's trust by telling her about her childhood which she usually kept secret. A few days later, Oto went on a outing with Airi and Haruto. Airi accidentally spilled a drink on her at lunch and took her down to the kitchen to wash up. She instead locked her in a walk-in freezer where Tenma was also trapped. Some minutes later, Haruto freed them. The next day, Kaito Taira told her that Airi had went missing. Oto then went with him to see Haruto, who refused to help search. Using a few clues, she found Airi at a vacant factory just before Haruto arrived. Oto was sick in bed when Airi visited the next morning. She now wished to real friends.[4]

Dating Tenma[]


Tenma and Oto's first kiss

Oto: "Are you really okay with this me?"
Tenma: "I like this Oto."
Oto: "No matter who asks me, I want to be able to proudly say "My boyfriend is Tenma". It's weird to say this to my fiance, but... Please go out with me."
— Oto asks Tenma to be her official boyfriend[src]

The next day, Airi brought Oto to Issa Narumiya's ikebana exhibit. Haruto took her home afterwards, giving the two time to make up from their previous argument. At school, Haruto asked her to go with him to visit Tama. She decided not to go after seeing him with Megumi Nishidome, which made her jealous though she would not admit it. Oto then dismissed Haruto's attempts to clear up the situation. That night, she had a fight with her mother who thought she was cheating on Tenma. Oto ran outside where she found Tenma. He told her mother that it was a misunderstanding. That Sunday, she and Tenma went on a date to an aquarium. Megumi was there and revealed her crush on Haruto. Oto told her "It has nothing to do with me." Outside her job, Oto asked Tenma if he would be her real boyfriend. He happily agreed.[5]

The next day, Megumi transferred to Eitoku and was placed in Oto's class. She immediately tried to befriend Oto and later asked her again if she could date Haruto. Oto reiterated her earlier statement. That weekend, Oto invited Tenma to an amusement park. She was surprised to see Haruto and Megumi there. Megumi suggested to make it a "double date." Oto and Haruto later ended up in a Ferris wheel together. He nearly confessed something before the ride stopped. Alone at a café, Tenma alluded to being jealous of Haruto. Oto left, deciding that she had to settle things with Haruto. At his house, she asked whether he liked her which he confirmed. She thanked him for his feelings, but made it clear that she was dating Tenma. Oto then met back up with Tenma, who kissed her before asking her to transfer to Momonozono.[6]

At school, Kaito and Haruto made an announcement, planning to restart "peasant hunting" at Eitoku. Oto began to think that it was her fault, especially after her classmate Asami Kanda was targeted. She made up her mind to confront Haruto but Issa and Sugimaru Eibi intercepted her. Issa then told her the story about how the C5 began "peasant hunts." Still uneasy Oto agreed not to do anything. That night, Oto had dinner with Tenma and his stepmother. She apologized for her previous actions and voiced her support for Oto and Tenma's relationship. A few days later, Oto had made up her mind to withdrawal from Eitoku. A group of students began bullying Asami, who was pleading to stay at Eitoku. Haruto stepped in and made a speech, promising to stop "peasant hunts." His speech lead Oto to decide to remain at Eitoku.[7]

Friends with Haruto[]


Haruto surprises Oto by suddenly hugging her

"Since my father's company went bankrupt, I've been running away from myself. Doing things in secret, lying to others, and turning my eyes away from situations. Even though I can release myself from all of this because of you, I can't keep turning my eyes away from Eitoku. I've just been hiding behind you. From now on, I don't want to run away from myself anymore."
—Oto decides to remain at Eitoku[src]

Oto was inspired by Haruto's speech to remain at Eitoku. She informed Tenma that she would transfer to Momonozono when she started to like Eitoku. After helping the C5 clean up graffiti on Eitoku's sign, she became friends with Haruto again. Later, Megumi invited Oto to her birthday party. The same night, Oto learned that Tenma's father and stepmother had some concerns and was wanted to have lunch to discuss the situation. As it was the same day as Megumi's birthday, she had to inform her that she could not go. On her way, she saw a live broadcast of Megumi's party and spotted a suspicious waiter. Oto then rushed to Eitoku and arrived just as the cake exploded. The waiter tried to run away, but Oto and the C5 cornered him. Afterwards, Haruto went with Oto to explain what happened to Tenma's parents.[8]

A day later, Oto was attacked by a stranger who sprayed mace in her eyes. The assailant said "Eitoku has no future", the same words written on Eitoku's sign. A group of Momonozono students, including Jin Konoe, happened by and brought her to a hospital. Tenma advised her to speak to Haruto as the incident seemed to link to the previous attacks. Oto decided to tell him after his date with Megumi. Two days later, she overheard Konoe speaking to two guys about the attacks and realized he was behind it all. After confronting him, Oto told Tenma who felt she was mistaken. She then left and passed by Haruto a few minutes later. The two later ran into Tenma and Konoe, resulting in a huge fight. Oto dismissed everyone, but Haruto returned to cheer her up. He hugged her just as Tenma arrived.[9]

Haruto vs. Tenma[]


Oto returns Haruto's charm for good luck in the contest

"It's too late. Haruto already has Megumi. And I, will spend more time with Tenma. There are a lot of things I have done. I should not have these feelings. I have to properly face Tenma's feelings."
—Oto to Konno, deciding to ignore her feelings for Haruto[src]

The same night, Oto realized she had feelings for Haruto which she admitted to Konno. She decided to continue dating Tenma, despite Konno's misgivings. Tenma later informed her about his competition with Haruto, which he described as a "friendship game". A couple days later, the C5 attempted to convince to have Tenma end the contest. Oto became upset with them for not believing in Haruto. Over the next few weeks, Oto supported Tenma at his practices. The two later ran into the C5 at kyudo practice. Airi caught Oto smiling at Haruto and confronted her about it. She brushed it off. The next day, Megumi informed her that the contest was about Oto. She discussed this with Tenma as "this [was] not like [him]." Oto then grasped that she had brought about this drastic change in him.[10]

After Haruto lost the first round, Oto approached his father who seemed convinced that his son would continue losing. She questioned why he felt so. The next day, Oto returned Haruto's gold pig to him. They then overheard Konoe being confronted by the men who attacked her. Tenma also witnessed the scene, making him realize that Oto was telling the truth. In the second round, Tenma was distracted while Haruto performed well and won. Afterwards, Oto helped Tenma find Konoe. Oto encouraged the remorseful Konoe to try again at being a good person. Tenma later lost the whole competition to Haruto. Oto brought him to her house after. There he broke off their engagement and thanked her for staying by his side. He then told her to follow her feelings, so she ran to Yebisu Garden Place where Haruto was waiting for her.[11]

Physical appearance[]

Oto was a cute girl with a round face and soft, doe eyes. Before her family's bankruptcy, she wore her long, black hair in a ponytail, which was tied with a ribbon. Oto later cut her hair into a short, bob style to save money on shampoo. She mostly wore comfortable clothing outside of school, including her long, navy blue coat. Her Eitoku uniform was one of the last remnants of her old life.

Personality and traits[]

Before her parents' bankruptcy, she was a cheerful and happy-go-lucky girl. Oto quickly adapted to her family's new lifestyle, becoming a capable and responsible person in the process. In contrast, her mother was not suited for their poor life. Oto ended up taking care of her mother and encouraging her to get a part-time job, which she eventually did. In general, she was a hardworking and agreeable person, though a bit quiet and occasionally moody. She tried her best not to hurt others' feelings.


Her given name, Oto (音; おと), means "sound" and uses the kun'yomi pronunciation of the character.[13][14] Edogawa (江戸川; えどが) translates to "Edo River;" Edo being an old name for Tokyo. Edogawa is also one of the special wards of Tokyo.[15] Separately, the kanji mean "bay," "inlet" (江),[16] "door" (戸),[17] and "river" (川).[18]

Behind the scenes[]

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