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"There was one person who stood up to the F4. That there was one girl who made enemies of the entire school. As for me, when our company went bankrupt and our things got repossessed, I put on a fake front as I continued to go to school. I cowardly protected myself. If the truth was ever discovered I planned to run away with my tail between my legs. I can't be like that girl."
—Oto Edogawa[src]

Oto Edogawa (江戸川 音 (えどがわ おと) Edogawa Oto) was the daughter of Yukie and Makoto. After her father's bankruptcy, she and her mother lived alone while he worked off his debts. While attending Eitoku Academy, Oto worked at a Dowson. She was previously engaged to Tenma Hase, but ultimately fell in love with Correct 5 leader Haruto Kaguragi.


Early life[]

Born on December 15,[1] Oto was the only child of Yukie and Makoto Edogawa.[3] Her father founded Edo Quality Cosmetics and dreamed of someday "hav[ing] the world in his hands."[4] His business was successful for a short time after he developed a special beauty cream. However, the company became "riddled with debt" within a few years.[5] Following her father's bankruptcy, Oto and her mother began living by themselves in a small Tokyo apartment.[3] Her father went to Kyushu, where he worked for a distant relative to slowly pay off his debts.[6]

During her early childhood, she and mother would meet Miyoko Hase, Yukie's best friend, and her son Tenma once a month.[7] Their mothers shared a wish that they would someday "become family through [their] children."[2] Oto and Tenma were engaged, though it was only a verbal agreement between both families.[8] At Miyoko's funeral, Oto silently sat by Tenma's side for several hours.[7] Following the remarriage of Tenma's father, his stepmother agreed to continue the engagement only as long as Oto attended Eitoku Academy.[9]

High school[]

Oto first began attending Eitoku in junior high and moved on to the senior high division upon graduation.[10] She was placed in Class D where she became friends with Kyoko and Asami.[11] She spent much of her time and efforts trying to hide her family's poverty. Oto feared that the Correct 5 would force her to leave since they were systematically finding the poor students and issuing them withdrawal notices. By this time, Oto had also obtained a part-time job at a Dowson to help out at home.[12]

Meeting Haruto[]


Oto after hitting Haruto

"Telling us to come to your house and then lording it over us. I don't care if you're the king of the school or whatever, but there's one thing I do a human being, you're the worst. Don't ever invite me to anything again!"
—Oto stands up to Haruto[src]

One day, Oto lied to Kyoko and Asami about her driver being on vacation. The girls offered her a ride, which she could not refuse. Once they left, Oto ran off and accidentally found herself in front of the Correct 5's car. She was speechless for a moment, but was able to make up an excuse. Later that day, the group's leader Haruto Kaguragi came to her work, where his mail-order items had been delivered. They recognized one another and she realized that she would be kicked out of school. The following morning, Haruto confronted her and told her to leave. They then noticed another student being harassed. Oto went to help her and called Haruto "pathetic" for not trying. Within a few seconds, Haruto punched the guy as the other students cheered. Oto used the moment to threaten to expose Haruto's penchant for lucky items.[12]

Later at work, Haruto overheard Oto talking about a barbecue with her co-workers. He invited them to hold it at his house. Oto reluctantly went since her co-workers were excited. Haruto was condescending the entire time. Annoyed, Oto picked up a slab of meat and slapped him with it.[11] She left after telling him "As a human being, you're the worst." At work, she apologized to her co-workers. On her way home that night, another co-worker Tadashi Maeno followed her. She tried to get away from him, but he grabbed her arms. Haruto then came out of nowhere and kicked Maeno, who promptly ran away from the scene.[3] Haruto accidentally admitted to following her, which she called "creepy." Oto later realized that the situation might have been worse if Haruto had not shown up. She visited him at his home to thank him.[13]

Oto's co-workers later revealed that Maeno had quit. She suspected that Haruto had something to do with it, which he later confirmed. He then asked her to go with him to eat pancakes. Oto agreed in order to repay him for saving her from Maeno. On Saturday, Oto went on her monthly date with Tenma wearing the clothes his stepmother sent over.[14] The following day, Oto met Haruto near the pancake shop which he had purchased earlier. Haruto asked her about her reason for wanting to stay at Eitoku, before assuming it was because of the F4. He took her on a "pilgrimage" to their houses. At Tsukasa Domyoji's house, Oto admitted the real reason she wanted to stay was because she was engaged to Tenma.[15] Haruto laughed and called her life "pathetic." She replied "This sad life of mine has absolutely nothing to do with you."[16]

Out of hiding[]


Tenma rescues Oto

"While I was struggling every day at Eitoku Academy, there were a few times when I felt like my old self. I had suppressed my true self. But without realizing it, it had come out again. Because of that weirdo. Haruto Kaguragi, ironically, it was when I was around him."
—Oto Edogawa[src]

A few days later, a customer reported that someone outside looked unwell. Oto went outside and found Haruto wearing a Momonozono Academy uniform. He asked her "Won't I do?" which confused Oto.[17] Arisa Konno then came outside. Haruto began complaining about a stomachache, leading Konno to invite him and Oto to her apartment. Oto ended up cooking dinner there. Konno stepped out to buy drinks. Oto asked him about his earlier question. She thought he was comparing himself to Tsukasa. Oto encouraged him to "cherish [his] own unique qualities." On their way home, Haruto apologized for his insulting her before. Oto easily forgave him with a smile after teasing him first. He then told her "Don't say that your life has absolutely nothing to with me," before leaving her behind perplexed.[18]

At school, Oto discovered fliers revealing her secret. The entire school began acting coldly, including Asami and Kyoko. Correct 5 member Airi Maya confronted her and said "Don't think you can go crying to [Haruto]." Oto asked her if Haruto was the one who posted the fliers, which Airi affirmed. While leaving, she met Haruto and told him "I don't ever want to see your face again!"[19] Oto went home, planning to tell her mother that she was going to quit Eitoku. However, she lost her nerve once her mother began reminiscing about the past and wanting to see Oto and Tenma married. Oto instead informed Tenma about her plans and told him "Now you can be free!" He asked her if she would go back to her former self if she quit. Oto said "That I can't say," but recalled that she "felt like [her] old self" around Haruto.[2]

The following morning, Oto walked to school and remembered a girl who once stood up to the F4 but thought "I can't be like that girl." When she arrived, a student poured water on her and another punched her in the face. Oto was beaten badly by the time Tenma found her lying on the ground. He quickly dispatched her attackers, before holding her in his arms. Tenma revealed that he paid a donation in her name which would allow her to stay. When Oto questioned why, he replied that he wanted to begin living for her "sake."[10] Tenma took her to the hospital and insisted that she stay overnight. He indirectly confessed his feelings by saying, "I never once thought of you as just a fiancée arranged by my parents." After he left, Oto reflected that she felt the exact opposite of what he just said.[20]

Trouble with Airi[]


Oto hugs Airi to keep her warm

"There was a beautiful purple flower... It had a really lovely scent and was such a beautiful color that it attracted people to it. But it swallowed anyone who came near it. I realize now that it was a carnivorous plant."
—A childhood storybook reminds Oto of Airi[src]

After Tenma left the hospital, Haruto visited Oto. He tripped and accidentally touched her breast, earning him a knock-out punch. As soon as he woke up, Oto decided to leave. Haruto followed her and apologized about her getting hurt. Oto knew that he was not the person behind it. She then attempted to apologize as well, but he told her not to, placing the blame firmly on himself. The next day, Oto discovered that donations were nonrefundable. Deciding not "to waste Tenma's generosity," she made up her mind to "return to how [she] used to be."[21] That weekend, Haruto showed up at Oto's job again. Konno invited them to hang out with her and her boyfriend, Mi-tan. Oto was hesitant at first. She ended up having a nice time with the three of them, first at the batting cages and then at a monjayaki restaurant.[22]

Still at the restaurant, Airi suddenly showed up and apologized to Oto. She forgave her saying "I shouldn't have lied either." Airi then embraced her and asked to be friends. After saying goodbye to the others, Airi brought Haruto and Oto to a department store, where Oto was given a makeover. Haruto was sent ahead to a café, while Airi took Oto to the basement for another "present." She instead locked her inside a room.[23] Inside, Oto found Tenma, who had been tricked by Airi hours earlier. Oto tripped while searching for a way out and Tenma fell on top of her. The two quickly sprang apart. Turning serious, he promised to help her whenever she was in trouble. Haruto unlocked the door and freed them seconds later. Two days after, Kaito Taira visited Oto's apartment to ask about Airi who had gone missing.[24]

Oto and Kaito went to Haruto's house to question him. He was not concerned, which irritated both of them. After Kaito left, Haruto mentioned a incident from their childhood and then picked a fight with Oto. She left mad and searched for Airi based on Haruto's story. It was raining when Oto found Airi at an old factory. Though frail, Airi tried to push her away. Oto wrapped her in her coat and hugged her to wrap her up. Airi fainted just as Haruto arrived and carried her to safety.[25] Oto caught a cold from the rain and was absent from school for some days. Airi made a surprise visit. Oto was taken aback at first, but liked that she being her true self. Airi asked Oto about Tenma and if Haruto still had hope. Oto did not give a clear answer to either question. Airi then dragged her to a beach resort, despite Oto's protests.[26]

Enter Megumi[]


Oto and Tenma meet Megumi

Haruto: "Did you hear that? Just now? I didn't think you needed to know. I was thinking I'd take a bath and they had just switched the genders signs...In a stroke of bad luck, someone was already.."
Oto: "What are you so anxious to explain all this? It has nothing to do with me. I couldn't care less."
— Oto overhears Haruto and Megumi talking[src]

At the resort, Oto ran into Haruto on the beach. Their conversation was a bit stilted due to their previous argument. Oto brought up him just saying he was thinking about her. Haruto hesitated to answer, before replying "That was just lip service." Oto was left annoyed. Airi then showed up to inform them that Issa Narumiya's flower arranging demonstration was starting. Oto watched it with Airi. Afterwards, the two relaxed together in the resort's hot springs.[27] Oto decided to return home instead of spending. Kaito and Airi tracked down Haruto, who was also leaving, and had him drive her home. Along the way, Oto told Haruto that she wanted to see her mother since she had gone for her first job interview. Once there, Haruto introduced himself to her mother. She later jokingly asked Oto if she was "two-timing Tenma."[28]

The next day, Oto overheard her classmates talking about Megumi Nishidome. She later saw Haruto with Megumi. He attempted to explain the situation, but Oto said "It has nothing to do with me." A few minutes later, Oto ran into Airi, who said "I thought he was in love with you". Oto irritatedly replied "It doesn't matter."[29] At work, Haruto and Megumi remained on Oto's mind. She considered that she may be jealous but refused to admit it, saying "Why would I be jealous over him?!" At home, her mother showed her a kimono sash she had bought earlier. Oto yelled at her mother for spending money frivolously. She ran from the house and was found by Tenma, who happened to be driving by. Crying, Oto told him to go since she was "disgusted with [her]self." He refused to leave her alone and told her "I'm here for you."[30]

Oto calmed down as Tenma walked her home. Her mother was waiting outside. After saying goodbye to Tenma, Oto and her mother both apologized to each other. The next morning, she and Tenma met up for their monthly date. Oto wore her regular clothes and Tenma bought something casual at a thrift store. They went to an aquarium, where they saw Megumi who revealed her crush on Haruto and asked for Oto's permission to pursue him. She responded "Do whatever you want." Oto then pulled Tenma aside and asked him to date her for real.[31] Later, Tenma dropped Oto off at work. He asked her if she was sure about them dating. Oto told him "Please be good to me" with a bow and smile.[32] Noticing Oto's appearance, Konno asked if she was on a date with Haruto. Oto told her "No, not at all."[33]

Dating Tenma[]


Oto and Tenma meet Haruto and Megumi at an amusement park

Oto: "Oh! I apologized again...I can't help it. Apologizing has become so automatic for me."
Tenma: "It seems I'm the one always making you say that. Let's go slow. We've only just started dating. Anyway that's the Oto I like"
— Tenma and Oto after sharing their first kiss[src]

Some days later, Airi voiced her disappointment to Oto about her dating Tenma. That night, Tenma invited her to an amusement park. It would be their first date outside the usual time. At school, Megumi approached Oto to ask again about pursuing Haruto. Oto replied "I have nothing to do with him." That weekend, Oto and Tenma decided to ride the roller coaster first. Feeling nauseous, she lied on a bench and then saw Haruto and Megumi nearby.[34] Megumi suggested for the four of them to spend the day together like a "double date." Oto found the situation awkward, though she went along with it. The atmosphere turned tense when Haruto began challenging Tenma at every turn. Megumi later apologized to Oto for suggesting the date while they waited for the guys to come out of a ride.[35]

At the Ferris wheel, Haruto boarded the same carriage as Oto by accident. She told him to stop "stringing [Megumi] along" if he did not like her. Haruto replied "Aren't you stringing me along?" He was about to say something else just as the ride lurched. A child nearly fell out of a carriage below them, but Haruto climbed down and saved him in time. Haruto then fell onto a mattress on the ground.[4] Afterwards, Tenma and Oto left and ran into a few of his classmates, including a girl who had a crush on him. Oto was worried and asked Tenma about the girl. He snapped at Oto which startled her. She apologized and left. Making up her mind to stop being "wishy-washy," she went to Haruto's house and asked him if he liked her. He confirmed it and Oto thanked him, before saying "Now we can end this."[36]

Oto apologized to Haruto for not realizing his feelings and asked him to stop pursuing her. He questioned why she had to date Tenma and not him, asking "Don't you feel anything after hearing my confession?" She responded "There's nothing else for me to say." Afterwards, Oto sat at a fast food restaurant thinking about his confession. Near her house, she encountered Tenma. Oto apologized by reflex but Tenma told her "Don't ever apologize to me again" before kissing her.[37] At home, Oto jumped into the shower thinking about her first kiss and a "pain in [her] chest." The next day, Haruto ignored her at school.[38] Sometime later, Eitoku was vandalized. Oto was annoyed by the students' attitudes and began cleaning off the graffiti. She was helped by the Correct 5. Oto later agreed to meet Airi after school.[39]

Eitoku hunts[]


Tenma asks Oto to transfer to his school after she gets hurt

Oto: "Do you want to win against Eitoku so bad that you'll resort to dirty tricks? Why?"
Konoe: "I don't care about the rivalry between Momonozono and Eitoku. Stupid wench. There's only one thing I care about--making him victorious."
— Oto learns that Konoe is behind the attacks[src]

On her way to meet Airi, Oto was approached by three guys. They attempted to use spray paint on her clothes, but accidentally sprayed it in her eyes during the struggle. The guys fled when a group of Momonozono students, including Hitoshi Konoe, arrived. They brought her to a nearby hospital. Tenma arrived shortly and suggested that she transfer to Momonozono.[40] Oto reminded him of his stepmother's condition, to which he said "You don't have to worry about that." Tenma then asked Konoe to escort her to work. Konoe acted pushy about her transferring. Shortly after arriving at work, Haruto showed up. He became irritated when she mentioned of Tenma while she was telling him about what happened. Haruto said some hurtful words to her, leading her to tell him that she may transfer.[9]

Haruto left after telling Oto to "hurry up and transfer." After work, Oto ran into Konoe. He revealed that he saw her and Haruto, and warned her "Try not to do anything that might be misconstrued." Oto was taken aback by his rudeness.[41] She went her mother's job and waited until the end of her shift. Oto asked her about transferring. Her mother promptly said no, saying that she always wanted her child to attend Eitoku. Oto was surprised by her mother's refusal.[42] The following day, she received a uniform from Konoe. She immediately went to return it. Outside Konoe's home, she saw him talking to the guys that attacked her. Oto quickly realized that he was behind the Eitoku attacks. Once the others left, she confronted him about his actions. Konoe told her that he wanted to make Tenma "victorious."[43]

Konoe called Oto "unsuitable" for Tenma and then walked off. She began experiencing a sharp stomach pain as she headed towards Tenma's house. Some hours later, Tenma arrived along with Konoe. She pointed at Konoe and accused him of being behind the attacks, which he denied. Tenma told her that she must be "mistaken." Konoe then made insinuations about the reason for her not transferring. Oto slapped him and ran off.[44] Shortly later, Haruto found her crying and offered to take her home. She declined but then collapsed. Haruto brought her to a hospital, where she was given a diagnosis on her stomach pain. Haruto walked her home, and Tenma and Konoe showed up along the way. Tenma asked her why she thought Konoe was behind the attacks. Haruto questioned why he would not believe his girlfriend.[45]

Haruto vs. Tenma[]


After the contest, Haruto asks Oto to be with him

Oto: "If he ever says anything to you, just let it go. There's no reason for you two to fight each other."
Haruto: "What? There's lots of reasons for us to fight. I'll take him on."
— Oto tries to warn Haruto not to fight Tenma[src]

When Haruto defended Oto, she thought "Why is he the one who actually believes me?" The three guys began arguing amongst themselves until Oto yelled at them all to go home. She walked to a park to wash her face and Haruto followed her. There Oto told him that she was not transferring which made him happy. She said goodbye and turned to leave. Haruto hugged her from behind and said "I can't stop being in love with you."[7] At that very moment, Tenma walked up and saw them together. Oto tried to tell him that Haruto was "just joking," which he refuted before declaring that he had not given up on Oto yet. Tenma walked Oto back to her home. Despite being calm before, Tenma described how angry he felt. The next day, she warned Haruto not to fight Tenma since he was a martial arts champion.[46]

Three days later, Oto was unable to get a hold of Tenma and told Airi her worries. She then learned from Kaito and Issa that Haruto was at Sugimaru Eibi's house in Kyoto. Konoe later visited her at her job and informed her about Haruto and Tenma's decision to compete in the "Manly Man Festival." He voiced his plans to spread the news in order to humiliate Haruto.[47] Oto begged him not to announce it. Konoe was annoyed by her attempts to protect Haruto. Later, she discussed it with Airi, Kaito, and Issa. She told them that she felt responsible for everything.[48] On the day of the contest, Oto and Airi traveled there together. Airi asked her to cheer for Haruto and not for Tenma. Oto recalled that she was the reason Tenma desired to become strong. She knew she could not "betray" him to "cheer on [Haruto]."[49]

After Tenma won the first round, Oto decided to ask him to quit. She then received a video from Konno of her confrontation with Konoe. In it he confessed to the attacks, which Tenma overheard.[50] Oto later reflected "Even though we had spent so much time together, we hadn't been truly communicating with each other." Tenma ended up forfeiting the contest to Haruto.[51] Afterwards, Haruto asked Oto to break up with Tenma and "be with [him]" instead. He promised to wait for her at Shijo Ohashi Bridge.[52] She refused to go and went to see Tenma at his house. He asked her about Haruto and could tell from her reaction that she cared deeply for him. Tenma expressed his wish to end their engagement. Three guys then attempted to rob them and stabbed Tenma, while he was protecting Oto.[53]

Looking after Tenma[]


Oto and Konoe cheer up Tenma on Christmas

Tenma: "Oto. Don't you have plans? I can explain by myself."
Oto: "Plans? What are you going on about? You think anything else matters? How long have we known each other? D-did you think I was the type of person, who would leave you in this situation?! Stupid!"
— Oto stays with Tenma after he gets hurt[src]

Oto accompanied Tenma to the hospital, though he protested causing her to shout "Did you think I was the type of person who would leave you in this situation?!" At the hospital, Tenma was taken into surgery. Oto thought about Haruto while she was waiting. She wrote him a note and asked a taxi driver to deliver it to him. After Tenma's surgery, he revealed to Oto that he had no feeling in his right hand.[54] Tenma's parents arrived from Tokyo soon. His stepmother blamed Oto for the accident. Oto already felt that it was her fault, despite Tenma's reassurances that it was not.[55] She decided to stay in Kyoto with Tenma. Sometime after Tenma's parents left, Oto ran into Konoe, who was also being treated at the hospital. She stopped him from jumping off the roof by telling him that "Tenma [would] think it [was] his fault."[56]

Tenma was later temporarily released from the hospital. Oto and Konoe stayed with him at his family's Kyoto home. On Christmas, she went along with Konoe's attempt to cheer up Tenma by dressing in a reindeer costume. She later opted to stay in Kyoto, when Tenma decided to see Haruto in Tokyo on New Years' Eve.[57] Sometime in January, Tenma had surgery on his right arm again. Oto and Konoe continued to stay with him for six more months. Despite her numerous absences, Oto was able to begin her final year of high school that summer. She and Airi happily reunited. Airi asked her if she was going on the joint summer trip between their school and Momonozono. When Oto said no, she attempted to get Haruto to convince her. He looked at her coldly and said "If she doesn't want to come then don't make her."[58]

After Haruto walked away, Oto was shocked by his coldness. When Airi declared that she would no longer be friends with him, Oto pleaded with her not to "break up [their] friendship over [her]." Airi spent the afternoon trying to cheer up Oto. At a café, she revealed to Airi that she and Tenma broke up since she could not be her true self with him. Airi took Oto to her house, where they looked at photos. Seeing pictures of Haruto, Oto cried when she realized that she could "show [her] true emotions" with him.[59] Some days later, Oto decided to go on the summer trip. She was worried about seeing Haruto again, though she eventually resolved to enjoy herself. At the resort, she signed up for a snorkeling tour. Haruto happened to be in the same group as her. The two were stranded, when the boat left by mistake.[60]

Friends again with Haruto[]


Haruto greets Oto when she returns home

Oto: "That day at the bridge, how long did you wait for me?"
Haruto: "I forget. Anyway, don't talk about that."
Oto: "If we don't make it home, I'll regret it forever, so I'm going to say it. I'm sorry. For not going that day, I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you for so long."
— Oto and Haruto while they are stranded in the ocean[src]

Haruto refused to talk to Oto for four hours while they were stranded. She eventually grew tired and started to pass out. Haruto offered his help, which she refused due to his earlier attitude. He told her that he did not want her to die, so he held Oto to keep her from sinking.[61] Before falling unconscious, she apologized to him for not meeting him on the bridge that day. She woke up at the resort, having been rescued by Tenma and Airi. Haruto decided to return home that night. Oto ran after him to thank him and also promised to help him in the future. She watched his plane take off.[62] Two days later, Oto went home early from the trip. She received a phone call from Konno, who said Haruto was waiting for her at their job. He reminded Oto of her promise, before asking to stay at her house.[63]

After learning Haruto was "kicked out" of his house, Oto agreed to let him stay at her place. Her mother was away on a trip, which made Oto nervous about being alone with Haruto. He later explained a bit more about his situation, including his father's decision to adopt a new heir. The two then settled down to bed separated by a sliding door. They started talking about that day on the bridge. Hearing his feelings about the situation, Oto cried and told him about the note which he apparently had not received.[6] The next day, Haruto's replacement Kei Windsor confronted Oto at her job. He demanded for her to take him to see Haruto, which she refused to do. Kei began giving the other employees marketing tips. She asked him to stop, to which he said "This doesn't have anything to do with Haruto," leaving her unable to argue.[64]

That night, Oto attempted to tell Haruto about Kei. He interrupted her by informing her it was his birthday. She then started looking around for something to give him. Coming up with nothing, she offered to do "anything." He asked for a kiss, which flustered her. Once he said it was a joke, she became indignant and tried to hit him. She accidentally fell on top of him, just as Airi entered the apartment crying.[65] Airi asked whether they were "doing it," which Oto vehemently denied. Changing the subject, she demanded to know what Airi was crying about, saying "Tell me and I'll do something about it right now." Airi hugged her and told her that it was just because she missed them. Haruto left with Airi, deciding to stay at her home instead. A few seconds later, Oto's mother returned home from her trip.[66]

Kei's manipulation[]


Kei comforts Oto

Oto: "I want to speak to Kaguragi one more time."
Kei: "Do you realize what you're saying, Oto?"
Oto: "I do. I know it's foolish. But, I want to see him. I really want to see him!"
— Oto wants to talk to Haruto one more time[src]

The next day, Oto's manager asked her and Kei to shop for decorations for the store. While shopping, they ran into Haruto.[5] He refused to listen to Oto's explanations and snapped at her, yelling "You're always trying to please everyone!" Kei then defended Oto, leading Haruto to call them both "shifty." After work, Oto wanted to talk to someone, but Konno was busy and Airi did not answer her call. She ended up alone in a park, thinking over Haruto's harsh words.[67] Kei then sat down next to her and told her "It's my fault he said those horrible things to you." She said it was not his fault. On her way home, she ran into Kaito who told her about Airi's crush on Tenma. Oto realized why Airi had been acting strange. She thought that she had had hurt Airi and was consumed with guilt. Kei walked up and found her crying.[68]

Kei brought Oto to a café, where she told him "I didn't want to hurt anyone." She admitted that she was "lonely" when she avoided others but that it was "easier." Kei then convinced her that "[she] should just cut ties" and asked her to go with him to America.[69] Later, Oto told her mother about her breakup with Tenma. She cried but told Oto "I have no right to dictate your life." The next morning, Oto met Kei at the airport. However, at the last second, she decided that she wanted to speak to Haruto again. Kei became angry and was dragging her, when Haruto arrived.[8] Haruto revealed that Kei had been researching them. Kei tried again to convince Oto to come with him, but Haruto refused to let her go. After Haruto and Oto argued for a bit, Sojiro Nishikado and Akira Mimasaka appeared and offered them a ride home.[70]

On the drive, Sojiro invited Oto and Haruto to go to Akira's house. There they gave the pair a tour of the garden. Sojiro and Akira then trapped them in the guest house. Oto was attempting at small talk, when Haruto asked whether she really wanted to go to America. He interrupted her answer and then made a comment about her possibly having feelings for Kei. Oto gathered the courage to say "I wanted to see you," having decided not to "deny [her] feelings anymore."[71] Haruto was taken aback by her declaration, causing Oto to falter. She told him "I know that it's all over for you" and started to cry. Haruto then embraced her and made an attempt to kiss her, but was interrupted by the phone. Before Sojiro and Akira returned, Haruto called her by her first name and told her that he wanted to spend time with her soon.[72]

Settling things with Tenma[]


Oto says goodbye to Tenma

"I made a decision to be true to my feelings from now on. But, it's so hard. I have so many memories with Tenma. Inside my heart, there's a big lump even now. But in the end, I'm hurting everyone."
—Oto feels guilty for hurting Tenma[src]

After Haruto dropped her home, her mother informed her that Tenma's father wanted to speak to them. Airi had also called, leading Oto to realize "Nothing's really been settled." She then received a text from Haruto, which gave her courage. Later, Airi visited her at work.[73] She begged Oto to be with Tenma, telling her "Hase only has you." Later, Oto went to Tenma's house by herself since her mother had a cold. There his father asked her reason for breaking the engagement. She answered "I have fallen in love with someone else."[74] He was disappointed but took it well, saying "Both of your feelings should come first." On her way out, she and Tenma stumbled upon his mother's old parlor. He asked her if she had realized her feelings for Haruto, which she confirmed. Oto went to leave, but Tenma suddenly grabbed her arm.[75]

Tenma soon let her go, admitting that he was scared of her leaving. Oto was about to apologize when he pushed her out of the room. After returning home, she received a text from Haruto inviting her to a summer festival at his house. Wearing the yukata he sent, Oto arrived with Konno and Mi-tan.[76] She enjoyed being around Haruto, but found that could not stop thinking about Tenma. She recalled a memory of him from their childhood when Haruto leaned in for a kiss, causing her to pull away.[77] Airi arrived soon and Oto took her inside when she hyperventilated. Oto admitted to her that she was having trouble forgetting Tenma. Haruto interrupted saying "Let's make our own memories from now on." Once Airi left, he asked her to go out with him officially. She hesitated until he said "I like you just as you are."[78]

At Eitoku's start of term address, Oto was hiding in the back with Airi, who was trying to avoid Kaito. Airi revealed to her that Kaito liked her, to which Oto simply replied "I thought so." Afterwards, Haruto walked up to Oto and asked if she liked his speech. Being busy with Airi, she did not hear a word of it. Kaito then approached Airi and confessed his feelings to her in front of everyone.[79] Later at work, Konno asked Oto if she was dating Haruto. She advised Oto to be honest with him. Oto thanked her for being a good friend. The next morning, Haruto suddenly came to her house and put her into a car outside. He told her that Tenma was leaving for Los Angeles.[80] Oto arrived at the airport in time to say goodbye to Tenma. Unable to hold back her tears, she promised to smile next time they saw each other.[81]

Issues with her mom[]


Oto and Haruto share a kiss

"I was jealous. I was wondering what went on when you were dating Megumi. Even though it's all over, you may think I'm being stupid but I was ticked off. Sorry for making you unsure about us all this time. I do love you. Really."
—Oto finally reveals her feelings to Haruto[src]

When Oto returned home, she found Haruto waiting outside for her. She thanked him for telling her. Her mother interrupted and dragged her inside. She told Oto "I don't like this boy" and accused him of hindering Tenma somehow. Oto yelled at her mom to stop, which upset her. A week later, she told Airi that the fight which was still ongoing. Airi then drove Oto to her family's reclusive vacation home. She took away her phone and drove off as Haruto arrived by helicopter.[82] Due to a storm, the two were stranded. Oto made up her mind to express her feelings to Haruto, but became irritated when Haruto mentioned Megumi. She denied being jealous. He then expressed feeling insecure in their relationship. Wanting to clear her head, Oto ran outside into the rain and Haruto followed. She apologized to him, before declaring "I do love you."[83]

Soaking wet, the two headed back inside. Oto went to have a bath first, but could not find a change of clothes or robe. She asked Haruto and promptly ran away upon finding him changing. He knocked on the door to tell her that there was a robe underneath the sink. Afterwards, Oto found Haruto reminiscing about some writing on a wall. One thing he had wrote was "I wish tomorrow wouldn't come." Haruto called himself "dumb" for thinking so, and leaned in to kiss her.[84] A few minutes later, her mother walked in with Airi. Incredibly angry, she refused to hear Oto's explanations and dragged her away. In the car, she informed Oto that she had called her father and asked him to return home. The next day, a girl walked into Oto's work to ask for directions. Oto was surprised to see that she was heading to Haruto's house.[85]

Amei's return[]


Oto sees Amei hugging Haruto

"It seems like things aren't going smoothly. How many days has it been since we started dating? I thought it'd be more fun. If only we could be together more. I feel like an outsider. It's really depressing."
—Oto begins feelings anxious soon after meeting Amei[src]

Later that afternoon, when Airi and Haruto returned, they brought Oto to a café. They discussed strategies on getting her mother to accept Haruto. Oto felt sure about her mother changing her mind. Outside, Haruto told her about their double date with Airi and Kaito. The girl from before suddenly appeared saying Haruto's name. She leaped into his arms and he pushed her away.[86] The girl, revealed to be Amei Hanawa, eventually recognized Oto from earlier. Haruto introduced Oto as his girlfriend shocking Amei, who claimed to be his "first crush." He then rushed off with Oto and explained that he had not told her about Amei before because it was such a long time ago. Despite acting fine, it bothered Oto and she could not stop thinking about Amei's upbeat personality, which contrasted with her own.[87]

On the day of the double date, Oto was accosted by Amei, who asked to come along. Haruto was against it, but Oto said it was okay. The group decided to go out onto the pond. A game of rock-paper-scissors decided that Oto was in a boat with Airi and Kaito with Haruto and Amei in another.[88] Airi revealed to her that Amei had recovered from a serious illness. Afterwards, Oto went home while the others went to Amei's welcoming party. That night, Haruto called her to tell her he was outside her place. He then asked her to go to his house.[89] There Haruto explained his history with Amei. Oto was about to ask whether he would be with Amei if things had turned out differently. He interrupted her, saying "I'll always pick you in the end." The two then shared a kiss, before he walked her home.[90]

The next morning, her mother informed her that her father was coming home that night. He also requested to meet Haruto the next weekend.[91] That weekend, the Edogawas got ready for Haruto's arrival. Oto received a call from him shortly, telling her that he was at the hospital with Amei. Haruto was held up for several hours, but Oto asked her parents to continue waiting.[92] When he finally arrived, Oto's father took him outside for a chat. He then returned to the apartment without Haruto. Oto felt that she could not leave the situation like that and went after Haruto.[93] She caught up with him near his house, where she saw Amei hugging him. Oto listened to them talk, before slipping away. On her way home, she received a video from Konoe. He and Tenma asked her to come visit them sometime.[94]

Los Angeles trip[]


Oto arrives in Los Angeles

"I also wondered, after coming here an seeing Tenma, was I living true to myself? At the time, I felt I was missing something. I thought about what it could be. It was you. You don't need to compare yourself to anyone else, Haruto Kaguragi. I think you're wonderful just the way you are."
—Oto to Haruto[src]

The next day, Oto flew out to Los Angeles and went to Momonozono's campus there. She was greeted by Konoe and Tenma. Konoe had suspicions about her sudden appearance, though Oto dodged him by saying she had a "long weekend."[95] The two guys then brought her to the beach, before taking her out to eat at a café. Tenma received a call from the school about a "suspicious person," who turned out to be Haruto. Once Tenma and Konoe left, Oto and Haruto were able to quickly make up. He then asked her if she wanted to stay with him at his hotel.[96] Nervous, Oto went with him since she wanted to tell him her feelings again. Haruto declared to her "I'll become the best version of me and be worthy of you." She told him "I think you're wonderful just the way you are." Oto then fell asleep next to him, after saying "I love you."[97]

In the morning, the rest of the Correct 5 barged into their hotel room. Oto noticed Airi and Kaito acting strangely and voiced her concerns to Haruto. At Tenma's school, Oto found Kaito after he separated from the group. He confessed that he found the situation "difficult" and "the thought of losing Airi" made him upset.[98] Kaito then left after asking Oto to make up an excuse for him. She returned to the group and told them that he went back because of jet lag. Airi saw through the excuse and told Oto "He says he likes me, but then he disappears when it counts."[99] Later, Oto and Haruto went back to the hotel and found Kaito. He told them that Airi wanted to study in Los Angeles after graduation. Oto asked him how he responded and then became angry, saying "Why would you say something you don't mean?"[100]

After Kaito ran off, Oto and Haruto left the hotel to search for him and Airi and saw them embracing. Haruto then suggested that he and Oto go on a date. The couple wandered around having fun until they came upon a woman yelling on the boardwalk.[101] Haruto recognized her as Tsukasa's girlfriend Tsukushi Makino. He and Oto were shocked to learn she had no idea where Tsukasa was. That night, Oto had a sad dream about Tsukushi. The next day, they went with Tenma to meet his friend, who turned out to be Tsubaki Domyoji. At her house, they met Tsukushi again.[102] Oto introduced herself to Tsukushi, before she went off to bed. Later, Tsubaki learned about Oto's connection to Tenma which reminded her of the old days of the F4. Tsubaki then made a speech about destiny which touched everyone there.[103]

Tsukushi and the F4[]


Oto with the Correct 5

"No, it's not about strength. You were amazing, Haruto. Your words will resonate with that boy. The only person who can change you is yourself. It was the same for me. Because of you, I was able to change. I like the person I am now the most."
—Oto to Haruto[src]

That night, Oto and the Correct 5 returned to Tokyo. They discovered that Tsukushi had snuck onto the plane. Oto invited her to her home which irritated Haruto, who wanted to have a serious talk with her parents. There they were joined soon by Rui Hanazawa and then Oto's parents.[104] Sitting down together, her parents told the couple that they would not object to their relationship. They then revealed that they would be moving to Kyushu soon. Oto and Haruto went outside to talk. Tsukushi encouraged them "If you two need to be together then I don't think you should separate."[105] Oto and Haruto told her parents that they did not want to be apart. Her father then revealed that they had planned for this, informing her that they had arranged everything with her aunt. Afterwards, the couple shared the news with Tsukushi.[106]

The next day, Oto and the others went to see off Tsukushi who was returning to Los Angeles. She received a phone call from Haruto asking her to stop the plane. Oto promptly pulled Tsukushi off. A few minutes later, the F4 arrived.[107] Tsukushi and Tsukasa started to argue, leading Oto to say "This isn't the warm reunion I had pictured in my head." Nevertheless, they settled things and hugged. After Tsukushi and the F4 left, Oto and the others all celebrated. Later, she received a text from Tsukushi saying "Let's both do our best!!"[108] A few days later, she said goodbye to her parents at the train station. Oto's father told her that he was proud of her. She went to her new apartment to get ready for her friends to come over. After Haruto's arrival, they realized that the others were not going to show.[109]

Oto's aunt interrupted the couple and checked on her niece briefly before leaving. Haruto then told Oto about their future together which he predicted would be dificult. He said "I want you to come with me," and she answered "I'll try my best."[110] Oto decided to go with Haruto to his house. Along the way, someone tried to rob them, but Haruto saw himself in the guy and encouraged him to change. At his house, Kobayashi cried after learning that Oto was spending the night. Oto was happy that Kobayashi approved of her. She and Haruto then spent the night in each other's arms.[111] On Christmas, Oto attended Konno's wedding. She and Haruto left during the reception. He gave her a ring as a promise for a future proposal. Oto accepted it sure that the day would come as long as she stayed by his side.[112]

Physical appearance[]

Oto was considered pretty though perhaps not overly so. She was of an average height, standing at 163 centimeters. Oto had medium length, brown hair. In her second year of high school, she had it cut in a sort-of choppy style. She gradually grew it out but kept the overall shape of it the same. Oto had an oval-shaped with clear, round eyes, a small nose, and a pointed chin. Her wardrobe consisted of mostly casual, comfortable clothing, when she was not wearing her school uniform.

Personality and traits[]

"I used to try to live my life without getting too deeply involved with others. I didn't want to hurt anyone. Everyone's so kind and nice."
—Oto's fear of hurting others[src]

Overall, Oto was kind, caring, and hardworking. After her family went bankrupt, Oto became a responsible person and was practical with money. Unlike her mother, she did not particularly miss their former lifestyle. Her attempts to hide her financial status from the Correct 5 made her quiet and secretive as she always had to make up excuses to her friends at school. Tenma described Oto prior to Eitoku as someone who was "always laughing," "enjoyed life so much," and "said what [she] thought." After her secret was exposed, Oto was able to be herself more but was still reserved.

From an early age, she hated hurting anyone which lead her to hold back her own feelings. She usually went along with what others wanted for her, including her parents' setting up her engagement to Tenma. For a long time, Oto did not make her decisions before she learned hurting others was not always avoidable. Her father was proud of her when she started dating Haruto, which was the first decision she made.


Oto (音; おと) means "sound." Her name uses the kun'yomi pronunciation of the word.[113][114] Her last name Edogawa (江戸川; えどが) is made up of three kanji and means "Edo River;" Edo being an old name for Tokyo.[115] Individually, the kanji mean "bay," "inlet" (江),[116] "door" (戸),[117] and "river" (川).[118]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Oto is the heroine of Boys Over Flowers Season 2 and makes her first appearance in chapter one of the series.
  • Her hobbies are listed in her character profile as reading books, watching movies, lounging around, sleeping, and dreaming of having a pet. Oto's favorite word is "serenity."[1]
  • She appears in nearly every chapter, excluding only two short bonus stories.
  • In June 2019, Oto placed fourth in the series' character poll. She was featured in the opening illustration of chapter one hundred.


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Hana Sugisaki as Oto

  • Hana Sugisaki portrays Oto in the drama, Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season (2018).[119] Sugisaki's hair was cut by thirty centimeters for the role.[120] In the drama, Oto works at FamilyMart instead of Dowson and has a genuine crush on Tenma, whom she calls her "first love". She, however, becomes unsure about her feelings after meeting Haruto. Her personality largely remains intact in the drama, including her kind, hardworking side and her unwillingness to hurt the feelings of others.



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