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Nishikado Mansion (西門 邸 (にしかどてい) Nishikado-tei) is the residence of Sojiro Nishikado and his family in Tokyo. His mother, father, and younger brother also reside here. The home also doubles as the family's school to teach Japanese tea ceremony.

The Nishikado family also owns residences in Hawaii, Hokkaido, and Monaco.[4]


The Nishikados' home is over one hundred and eighty years old,[2] hinting that the family has likely lived their for generations. It is a large, traditional Japanese home surrounded by a towering fence. One of its features is a nijiriguchi, a small entrance going directly to the room where tea ceremonies are performed. The home also boasts a karesansui garden, which the family's servant rakes daily into different patterns. In contrast to the rest of the mansion, Sojiro Nishikado's room is "simple" and done in a "western-style."[5]


Behind the scenes[]




The house's garden in the anime

  • In the 1996 anime, the house is featured in one scene of the episode "It's Showdown Time!." Its appearance is very similar to how it is shown in chapter one hundred and two. In the episode, Sojiro brings his friends into one of the traditional style rooms. There they talk about Tsukasa's night with Tsukushi. Additionally, the traditional Japanese garden is featured.

Xi Men's house in Meteor Garden


Nishikados' home in Hana Yori Dango



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