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"With Tsukushi Makino out of the picture, Tsukasa's feelings for her should fade."
—Nishida to Kaede[src]

Nishida (西田 (にしだ) ) was the loyal secretary of Kaede Domyoji. He assisted her with her work for Domyoji Group. Nishida traveled to Japan with Kaede for her son's, Tsukasa, eighteenth birthday. From then on, he was in charge of surveilling him and Tsukushi Makino. Nishida also helped with the arrangements for Tsukasa's engagement.


Adult life[]

Nishida worked at Domyoji Group under Kaede Domyoji as her personal secretary. He likely lived in New York City for his job and traveled with Kaede wherever she went.[1]

Working for Kaede[]


Nishida watches Tsukasa confront Kaede

Kaede: "Are things going well?"
Nishida: "Yes. Shigeru is more aggressive at present. They seem to be meeting 2-3 times a week."
Kaede: "I see. Then Tsukasa has finally come to his senses. And what about Tsukushi Makino?"
— Nishida makes a report to Kaede[src]

When his boss Kaede returned to Japan for her son's birthday, Nishida accompanied her. He assisted with gathering information on Tsukushi Makino, whom Tsukasa Domyoji was infatuated with. Kaede declared that she wanted to proceed with her plan for Tsukasa's future early.[1] The following morning, Nishida went with Kaede to visit the Makinos'. She offered them fifty million yen for Tsukushi "to give Tsukasa up."[2] Her mother rejected the offer by pouring a tub of salt on Kaede, which Nishida rushed to brush off. They left shortly. That afternoon, Tsubaki Domyoji asked him about her mother's plans but he could not tell her.[3] Some days later, Nishida made a report to Kaede about Tsukasa and his new fiancée Shigeru Okawahara. He told her that they were meeting regularly and also revealed that Shigeru visited Tsukushi often.[4]

A couple days later, Nishida gave another report to Kaede about Tsukasa visiting Shigeru's family's villa. He also informed her that Tsukushi accompanied them, which he found worrying.[5] Kaede later arranged for Tsukushi to pass the exam for the student exchange program. Nishida assured her that Tsukasa's feelings for her would "fade." Tsukasa overheard them and became angry.[6] When Tsukasa returned, Kaede had him shut up in his room. Nishida informed her the following afternoon that Tsukushi and his friends had arrived. He showed the visitors into a room.[7] Three months later, Nishida went to watch Tsukasa and Shigeru depart after their wedding. Tsukushi somehow managed to get on their cruise ship. Kaede asked Nishida for her phone, but choose to let Tsukasa and Tsukushi leave.[8]

Physical appearance[]

Nishida was a middle-aged man with dark black hair. He had a normal, unimposing face with overall proportional features. His eyes were light brown and deep-set. Nishida favored suits which were likely the required uniform for his job.

Personality and traits[]

He was a loyal and diligent employee to his boss Kaede, whom he worked for in an assistant position. Nishida went along with whatever his boss asked him to do, showing little to no qualms.


His surname, Nishida (西田; にしだ) has two kanji. It translates to "west" or "Europe" (西)[9] and "paddy" or "field" (田).[10] The second kanji is read as da instead of ta due to rendaku.

Behind the scenes[]

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