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This man was an enterpriser (NYの企業家 (NYのきぎようか) )[1] based in New York City. He had a successful business, which was later merged with Domyoji Group. The merger nearly failed due to a conflict with Kaede Domyoji. However, thanks to Tsukushi Makino, the merger went through.


The businessman was a president of a successful company in New York City. There were talks to merge the company with Domyoji Group. However, it was halted after he clashed with Kaede Domyoji.[2] The businessman visited Central Park often to think about his fight with Kaede. One day, a girl, Tsukushi Makino, suddenly handed him a burger while speaking to him in Japanese, which he did not understand. She then shouted at her friend, appearing to demand something from him. The businessman began clapping, saying he admired her and wished he could solve his own problems "just like that." Thomas translated for him. Tsukushi encouraged him to have "kiai," meaning "spirit," before departing.[3]

A couple days later, the businessman ran into Tsukushi again at the park. Rui Hanazawa translated his question about whether they hated someone. Tsukushi offered him some encouraging words and tossed a baseball with him. Afterwards, the businessman brought them to his building to have lunch. There he fought with Kaede again. Tsukushi stepped in, revealing that she also hated Kaede. She still encouraged him to "make up" with her since he regretted their fight.[2] The merger subsequently went through. The businessman with an interpreter rushed to the airport to meet Tsukushi. He first thanked her, before returning her baseball she left with him by accident. The businessman told her to "Take good care of [her]self" and left after promising to have lunch together someday.[4]

Physical appearance[]

He was an older man, possibly in his forties with an unassuming manner. He had light-colored hair, which he kept short. His face was lined with wrinkles, particularly on his forehead. He also wore wire-rimmed glasses. His typical outfit consisted of a suit and overcoat.

Personality and traits[]

A successful businessman, he valued good working relationships. He was distressed when he felt he could not work with Kaede. The businessman regretted fighting with her, but was unsure of how to move forward. He admired Tsukushi's straightforwardness and ability to solve her problems. Ultimately, he needed Tsukushi in order to proceed with Kaede.

Behind the scenes[]

Character notes



Gaku Yamamoto as Toyama

  • A version of the enterpriser, named Toyama, is portrayed by Gaku Yamamoto in Hana Yori Dango Returns (2007). In the drama, he is Japanese and the president of an IT company with a new invention. He decides to kill himself since his company is not doing well. Tsukushi saves him and encourages him to continue living. His company later begins to do well and partners with Domyoji Group, which he chooses because their heir is engaged to Tsukushi.



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