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New York, also known as New York City or NYC, is the most populous city in the United States. It is considered a cultural hub, influencing entertainment, art, and more. New York City consists of five boroughs. Currently, Kaede Domyoji and her son Tsukasa live in New York.




Central Park


Domyojis' New York mansion


Statue of Liberty


Times Square


Trailer where Kei lived

  • Airport — where Tsukushi Makino and Rui Hanazawa departed from New York. There she was seen off by the businessman. She was also visited by Kaede Domyoji, whom promised to grant her a wish, and then Tsukasa Domyoji.[1][2]
  • Businessman's building — the headquarters of an unnamed business said to be "one of the top American companies." It is headed by an unnamed businessman whom had some conflict with a client, Kaede.[3]
  • Café — where Rui treated Tsukushi as well as Thomas and his friends to lunch. However, he forgot his wallet and he and Tsukushi, as the others had left, were asked to clean the floor in compensation.[4]
  • Central Park — a well known landmark. Thomas brought Tsukushi to the park where she met a New York businessman.[5] Tsukushi later returned to the park with Rui and met the same businessman again.[3]
  • Domyoji Group building — the headquarters of Domyoji Group in New York, where Kaede conducts her business.[6]
  • Domyoji residence — a sprawling mansion not far from Manhattan.[7] It is the primary residence of Kaede and her husband. Tsukasa has stayed at the mansion since he began training for his future role as head of Domyoji Group.
  • Hanazawa residence — a condo owned by the Hanazawa family. Tsukushi stayed here with Rui during her trip to New York.[8]
  • Statue of Liberty — a famous monument. Tsukasa visited it with Tsubaki Domyoji during his first trip to New York.[9] Tsukushi and Rui later passed by the monument while riding a ferry.[8]
  • Thomas' and his friends place — a graffiti covered building where Thomas lives with his friends, including Bob and Cindy. He brought Tsukushi there when he ran into her in New York.[10]
  • Times Square — a popular tourist location where Tsukasa became lost. He met two street performers whom roped him into dancing with them.[9]
  • Trailer — as a young child, Kei Windsor lived in a trailer with his foster mother and her son, Mike. She mistreated Kei, forcing him to go outside while it was heavily snowing.[11]

Hana Yori Dango (2005-07)




Central Park


Tsukasa's apartment

  • Café — where Tsukushi Makino talks with the F4 just after they confronted Tsukasa Domyoji.[12]
  • Central Park — where Rui brings Tsukushi after finding her. The next day, she goes sight-seeing around the park by herself.[12]
  • Domyoji Group building — the headquarters of Domyoji Group in New York. Kaede Domyoji has a large office near the top.[13]
  • Times Square — a tourist attraction where Tsukushi finds herself lost shortly after arriving in New York.[12]
  • Tsukasa's apartment — a ritzy apartment complex where Tsukasa stays during his time in New York.[12]
  • Tsukasa's college — the school Tsukasa attends in New York. At one point, Tsukushi locates the college and confronts Tsukasa.[12]




Meteor Garden (2001)

Hana Yori Dango (2005-07)



Meteor Garden (2001)

Hana Yori Dango (2005-07)

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