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"After a win, we deserve to celebrate. We compete, we win, and we celebrate together."
—Aum to MJ[src]

Natnada Saentaweesuk (Thai: ณัฐณดา แสนทวีสุข), better known as Aum (Thai: อุ้ม), was a professional basketball player. She befriended MJ after meeting by chance on a basketball court. Unfortunately, Aum had the wrong idea about MJ's background and felt betrayed after learning the truth. A year later, they reunited and made up.


Young adulthood[]

Aum dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player, but did not attend school or belong to any basketball clubs. She formed an informal basketball team with her friends, while supporting herself by working at KFC. Aum practiced daily in order to tryout for a professional basketball league.[1]

Meeting MJ[]


Aum apologizes to MJ

"I have to try harder. Just following my dream. I want to be a pro basketball player. I'm not in school or belong to any club. But an open tryout for the pro league is coming up soon. If I made it, I wouldn't have to work and practice like this anymore."
—Aum tells MJ about her dream[src]

One day, during a match, Aum's team was suddenly short a member. She spotted MJ and called him over to play. He helped them win. Afterwards, Aum ordered KFC to celebrate and introduced herself to MJ. She ended up assuming that MJ was of a similar background to her.[2] MJ subsequently became a regular player on Aum's team. They won often and Aum always ordered KFC to celebrate.[3] Aum's team was later challenged by a rude guy. Thanks to her and MJ's teamwork, they easily beat the guy's team.[4] Some days later, Aum was surprised to see MJ while serving a customer at work. They later talked at the basketball court. She revealed that she practiced and worked so hard in order to become a professional basketball player. MJ agreed to help her practice for an upcoming tryout.[1]

A few days later, Aum called MJ to ask if he was coming to play. He was busy at the moment, but promised to stop by later. While eating KFC again, the rude guy from earlier demanded a rematch. Aum ended up hurting her leg because that guy's team played unfairly.[5] The following day, Aum learned that MJ challenged the same rude guy.[6] She promptly rushed over to the court, where she stopped MJ from hitting the guy. When the guy's father showed up, Aum realized who MJ and his friends were when he forced his son to apologize. Feelings foolish, she told MJ "I don't want to see you anymore." Over the next year, Aum fulfilled her dream by signing a contract for a team in South Korea. She later returned to the basketball court. After apologizing to MJ, they played basketball and shared KFC again.[7]

Physical appearance[]

Aum was an athletic young woman. She had long, brown hair that she wore in a variety of styles. Aum was usually seen wearing basketball jerseys and shorts while playing sports. Her everyday style was simple and casual.

Personality and traits[]

Aum had a bright personality that made it easy for her to befriend others. She was hardworking, having to support herself and her dreams. Aum loved the game of basketball, which she took quite seriously because her dream was to become a professional player. Nevertheless, she made time to laugh and hang out with her friends. Aum had a particular dislike for the students of Kocher High School, with whom she had some bad experiences.

Behind the scenes[]

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