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Nakatsuka (中塚 (なかつか) ) was the ex-boyfriend of Yuki Matsuoka. They first met when he approached her on the street.[1] Later, Tsukasa Domyoji punched him when he insulted Tsukushi Makino. Nakatsuka stopped contacting Yuki afterwards.


High school

Nakatsuka and Yuki began dating after he talked to her on the street. He was her first kiss.[1] They later went on a double date with Tsukushi Makino and Tsukasa Domyoji to a zoo. Nakatsuka almost immediately began irritating Tsukasa, whom he called "a super rich boy". Partway through the date, Nakatsuka suggested that they split up. They met back up a few hours later. Nakatsuka approached Tsukasa on his way from the bathroom about meeting up with a girl. He went on to insult Tsukushi, which was the last straw for Tsukasa. He punched Nakatsuka just as Tsukushi and Yuki walked up. After Tsukasa left, Nakatsuka lied about why he punched him.[2]

After being punched by Tsukasa, Nakatsuka stopped responding to Yuki's messages. One night, he met up with a girl. Yuki coincidentally happened to see the exchange. Nakatsuka pretended that he did not know her, before going to see a movie with his date. At the movies, Sojiro Nishikado drew Nakatsuka's date away from him. As he left, Sojiro put his arms around Yuki, who repeated Nakatsuka's words back to him. Sojiro then threatened him to never hurt Yuki again. Nakatsuka passed by Tsukushi and told her what he said to Tsukasa. Tsukushi, realizing why Tsukasa refused to explain what happened, punched Nakatsuka.[3]

Physical appearance

He was a normal, regular-looking guy. Nakatsuka had long, brown hair, which he constantly covered with a cap. His wide, brown eyes often betrayed his true emotions. He dressed in a comfortable street style, including jeans, jacket, and a t-shirt.

Personality and traits

Nakatsuka was generally a rude and inconsiderate person. Tsukushi was surprised that Yuki was not dating a "more decent person". He was able to pretend to be nice in order to charm girls. Nakatsuka grew tired of Yuki, calling her a "drag". He did not break up with her formally, opting to ignore her texts instead. Nakatsuka proved his rudeness further, when he pretended to not know her.

Behind the scenes


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